Your home is your nest

A place truly blessed

Your personal retreat

Even if a little offbeat

It offers more than shelter

It is the heart and center

Of family and friends

And so often blends

Days weeks years decades and more

Memories contained we can’t ignore

Awe yes, a family nest

All walk here, truly are blessed


November Notes – Anna Nalick (Wreck of the Day)

Love isn’t supposed to hurt

Or leave you laying in the dirt

I ask myself every single day

Why I feel like such a castaway

Alone with myself or in pain

Why do I need to complain

If love isn’t supposed to hurt

Or leave you laying in the dirt

I ask myself every single day

If there is another way

I’ve loved you for so long

I don’t want to play along

If love isn’t supposed to hurt

Then let me heal my heart




Blindsided 160

“Yeah, I think he’s it for me.  I can’t wait to see that pretty face in the morning, and he’s certainly someone I yearn to have cuddled close at night.”

“I’m happy for you Maggy.  I think he’s pretty smitten with you too.”

“You think so?”

“Yes, I do.  And before you say anything, no, I don’t think it has much to do with the circumstances, outside of having met you and been given the opportunity to see and interact with you on a daily base which is a bonus if you ask me.  He’s seen you at your worst and your best.  You haven’t been hiding anything.  You’ve been yourself the entire time.”

“Not that I would anyway, but this seems right.”

“What about you and Max?  Think there could be anything lasting there?”

“I’m not sure, I hope so, I’m a little leery is all.”

“Why?  Why not take some of your own sage advice and apply it to yourself?  The circumstances are right.”

“Part of me thinks so, well, most of me agrees but I don’t know if I’m ready to give up my shop and I don’t know if he’d relocate.  Time will tell, and it’s a bridge we’re going to cross at some point I guess if this gets serious.”

“Anyway, I had to get out of the house for a while.  It’s difficult enough, the sight thing, but more than that, it’s the loss of freedom, it is seriously driving me crazy.  I didn’t realize how frustrated I was until we got back from the camp-out.”

“I wished there was something more I could do, Cassy.  You know I’d do it in a heartbeat.”

“Thanks, Mags I know you would.”

“I keep taking satisfaction in the little things, like not having to travel down island every week, having great company to share my time with, and rejoicing in the fun time we’ve spent together because it’s been terrific. In some ways that almost makes it surreal, you know?  It’s almost too good to be true.  Even though it’s happening.  There’s still this gray cloud hovering over everything.”

“I want my home back.  I want my life back!”

“We’re getting there, Cassy, I know we are!”  Maggy said, giving her arm a squeeze.  Given the situation, it was all the assurance she could muster.



It’s easy to get stuck in the muck and mire

When life is full of ups and downs feels dire

A loved one is not doing well

It’s easy to get lost and dwell

On the down side full of sludge

Sometimes all it takes is a nudge

To realize it won’t always be this way

And tomorrow is a brand new day

So important to find a bright spot

Keeping on even keel, the up shot

Taking control captaining our ship

Never let loose our firm grip

Easier said than done for some

It will help us lest we succumb

And find ourselves lost in sludge

With nowhere to go cannot budge

Lost in the quagmire of doubt n pain

That can consume us once again

Vigilent determined strong and bold

Keeping our path our stronghold






November Notes – Jacob Lee (Chariot)

You said you’d forever be

In love with only me

Yet here we are far apart

Like abstract pieces of art

We’re frozen in time

And its such a crime

The look in your eyes

Says I’m no longer your prize

As another has taken my place

Sadness now rests upon your face

Too much baggage to unpack

I fear we could never go back

To a time when friendship was key

And our lives were filled with glee


Blindsided 169

Dinner consisted of burritos, a salad, mushroom cap appetizers,  a bottle of wine and home made pineapple turnover cake for dessert after which they settled together watching the news.

“Let’s get those photos off tomorrow for development,”  Cassy suggested, “I can’t wait to see them all.”

“Yeah, we need groceries as well, so we can drop them off at the same time.”

He was livid – caught between anger and despair, indecision and panic.   Panic had driven him until he could no longer resist.  Twice he’d sauntered past, as bold as you please and no one was any the wiser.  He’d even clambered across two adjoining yards and into hers.  Although the constant patrols around her yard were making it more difficult to get inside, he’d still managed, astounded to find she was gone.   What’s more, it looked like she’d been gone for a couple of days.  Where the hell could she have disappeared to?

He paced.  He dragged his fingers through his hair.  He paced again.  He bit his fingernails.  What the hell was he supposed to do?   He’d checked all his resources.  No one knew anything.  Jesus Christ!

Because he hadn’t wanted to arouse suspicion, he’d moved out of one Hotel and into the next.  He’d thought about a bed and breakfast, but that could be dicey, if they kept tabs on his coming and going.

God, he remembered the good old days when it was just him and Cassy.  Pulling photos out of a shoe box, he looked them over.  She was as beautiful now as she had been then.  Hers was an ageless beauty he thought, she’d look fabulous at 85 he figured.  He traced his fingers lightly down the side of the picture, and soon, very soon, she’d be all his.

Cassy was uneasy. Though she’d had protection now for weeks and a thorough ongoing investigation was well under way, they were no closer to finding the perp that had stolen her life.  Her frustration level was rising and she found it was increasingly difficult to keep a handle on it.  She understood what Max meant when he said that at some point all she’d want to do was rant and rave at the lunatic.  Well, the time was now.

Deciding her best course of action was walking it off, she asked the others if anyone wanted to join her.  Maggy agreed and they headed out.  She’d been a little surprised that Max or Craig hadn’t joined in and said as much to Maggy.

“They’re probably going over stuff, we’ve been gone a few days.  Presumably they have some catching up to do.  Anyway, I appreciate the alone time and having you all to myself for a change.”

Linking arms with Cassy, she continued, “Well, I know I said I didn’t think the day would ever come, but I think Im fallen in love.”



When it comes to fine arts,

Specifics touch our hearts

Rembrandt over Picasso,

Music solo,  alto or soprano

The undefinable photograph,

Black or white it makes us laugh

Humourous dry wit or bawdy joke,

Attracts some and can evoke

Falling on the floor laughter,

Always amusingly sought after

Soft spring rains freshens the air,

Some wander about without a care

Others prefer the crunch of fall leaves,

Brisk fresh air and delightedly believes

Its indeed the best season of the year,

While others herald winter with cheer

Indeed there is much to enjoy,

Being particular brings great joy










Blindsided 168

The following morning while wandering the 2400 meter long beach, they took hundreds of pictures of breathtaking scenery, while the rich aroma of mother earth wafted on the light breeze swirling around them.  The white sandy beach made walking easy for Cassy.

“We don’t have that much further to go before we get to the lighthouse,” Cassy piped up.

“It’s about two k from here to Experimental Bight and another two and a half k to Guise Bay with great camping then three and a half to the lighthouse.”

“I figure we could stop at Guise Bay, leave our gear and hustle on up to the light house for a quick look, then back to Guise Bay for the night.”

“Sounds good,” agreed Craig.

“Ok, then let’s do it,” they all concurred.

A quickly shared look between the others spoke to whatever ghosts had hovered around her last night had been dismissed through the night.

They met the caretakers of the lighthouse and snapped a couple of pictures before heading back to Guise Bay where they spent the night.

The return trip wasn’t as pleasant as going in as the weather had taken a turn drizzling with grey skies taking considerably longer to move as Cassy’s vision was truly impaired due to the dim light. All in all it had been a wonderful trip but it was time to head home. They were a happy if tired bunch of campers when they reached Cassy’s house.

Max got out immediately checking with the officer sitting in the look-out car to see if he had anything to report.

“Nothing, it was quiet.  We took regular walks around the perimeter and the glass was replaced earlier today.  A cleaning crew arrived, one sanctioned by us, cleaned top to bottom.  I went in and checked, its good.”

Upon entering the house, they pulled out the remainder of their food, placed it in a cabinet above the fridge and stored the rest of their gear in the garage.

“Maggy, where are the candles?”

“They should be in the cupboard above the laundry machines,” Maggy replied.  “I know that’s where we left them.”

“They aren’t here now.  I was going to use them for dinner, but they don’t seem to be anywhere.”

“That’s odd.  I know that’s where we put them after the power outage.”  Together they searched but the candles were gone.

“Oh well, another night,” Cassy said, as an uneasy feeling assailed her. He must have taken the candles when he planted the bees, how else was it possible?  And what did it mean for not only her protection, but that of her friends?

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Emotions running wild

Nothing reconciled

Whispering wispy clouds

Cloaking the sky like shrouds

While hints of sun and warmth

Peek through transformed

Sending shafts of sheer delight

Softly caressing us with light

The setting now divine

Creating such sublime

Moments that we treasure

Bringing us such pleasure

Morphing all it touches

Bringing with it luscious

Tranquillity peace and calm

Acting like an instant balm






November Notes – Sarah McLachlan (Possession)

So confused, your words unclear

An unexplainable veneer

Your smile says one thing

Your eyes don’t say anything

Safest in the dark of night

Shrouded, out of sight

I walk alone and yet want more

It’s what I’m always look for

The meaning of what is real

Even though nothing is ideal

Yet I make my own way through

And for now, simply make do

Your promises they meant nothing

I try to learn to be trusting

I’m so very sad I want to cry

And this I myself deny

Until that fateful day so far ahead

When nothing can be misread

And everything is clear

With heartfelt words sincere

And promises given will be kept

And the words I can now accept





Blindsided 167

“You ok, Cassy?”

“Yeah, sure, just a little tired, is all.”


“Nite everyone.”

Cassy crawled into bed feeling peacefully tired, but try as she might, she couldn’t settle those concerns that wouldn’t be quieted and which continually whispered through her mind.  The other trips she’d enjoyed with romping good fun, while this time she could barely see well enough to walk the trail. Without Max’s arms wrapping around her waist, she couldn’t have managed.

Still, on the bright side, she was with her best friend and great companions, and they were making it as easy on her as they could.  She was all about making a concerted effort to get them all back here, a year from now, to do this over again, in victory.  With that, she fell asleep unaware the others huddled around the fire, worried.

“She’s not herself,” Maggy whispered.  “She’s worried.  She hasn’t said anything about what’s happening with her eyes either.  I’m beginning to wonder just how much she can actually see.”

“I was wondering the same thing.  Perhaps we should take it easy tomorrow,” Craig responded without hesitation.

“Perhaps we should turn around and head back,” Maggy murmured.

“We can do that too,” Max agreed.

“I’m concerned she’ll overdo it, as a sign of bravado. If she makes herself worse, or sick, it won’t accomplish anything!”

“Let’s keep an eye on her tomorrow, see how it goes.  If it looks like she’s slowing down at all, we’re heading back.” Max stated firmly.

“Absolutely!” Maggy and Craig agreed.

Craig and Max put the fire out before heading to bed.

Craig slid inside the tent and crawling into his sleeping bag said,  “Don’t worry, Maggy, we’ll all watch her.  If she’s overdoing it, we’ll turn right around and head back.  We’ll take care of it”

“She caught me out earlier when I tried to fake it, needing a rest etc, she definitely knew something was up.”

“She’s a smart woman, and she knows you care about her.  She’ll remember that too,” Craig assured her.

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No middle ground

It’s love all round

Eat them with steak

Instantly partake

In soups stews or salad

You might sing a ballad

Or hate with passion

Take instant action

Throw them away

They’re not gourmet

Love them or hate them

You might even overcome

A dislike of them as a kid

Instead use. not get rid

Of these delectable fungi

Grown in dark or light





November Notes – Birdy (Words As Weapons)

No you won’t see me cry

I won’t give in nor die

You used to hurt me bad

It seemed to make you glad

But I’m stronger than you

And all the hatred you spew

You won’t see me break

Nor witness my heartache

For I won’t give in or give up

One day from a different cup

I will drink and you’ll be gone

And I will certainly move on

To find a much better life

With a husband that loves his wife

I will not give you a thought

Nor all the sadness you wrought

A very distant memory

Is all that you shall then be.


Blindsided 166

“Maybe, but that’s different.  Hiking doesn’t use the same muscles.”

“You’re a sweetheart, Maggy. Thanks,” Cassy winked at her friend.

“Just sayin’.”

They ate quickly, eager to be on their way.  They covered ground faster than expected in some areas and slower in others. The scenery was the show stopper.  About twenty minutes out, they came upon a Giant Sitka Tree. Cassy got her camera out.  “Someone please take a picture for me?”  Craig volunteered, and the rest stood arms stretched out at their sides. “I’m trying to fit you all in.”

The tree she was referring to was gigantic, seven meters in circumference.  “God, would you look at that!”  Craig said, upon seeing the picture.  “That’s dynamite.  Who says the California Redwoods have all the big ones.”

“When we get back, I want a couple of copies of this trip.  My mom won’t believe it!”  Craig remarked.

“Ditto for us!”  Max suggested, nodding at Maggy.

“You got it.”

Time past quickly.  At the fork, they headed to Nels Bight where they planned on camping for the night.

Every hiker they met along the way, encouraged them on while providing tid bits of information about how many others they’d passed along the way.  “Man!  That was worth the effort.”  They heard again and again.  They listened to several accounts of bear and cougar sightings with several reminding them to use one of the thirteen caches provided for their food.

Fearing they might insist on turning back she remained silent.  Cassy was feeling more tired than usual and sat quietly as the others gabbed.  As soon as it got dark, she could see next to nothing and said her good nights.  Heading for bed when she tripped, went sprawling and would have landed in the fire if Craig hadn’t managed to grab her.

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November Notes – Dave Barnes (Headlights)

Do you remember when

When we were young and then

We held each other tight

Spooning together at night

Wrapped up in our love

Like a couple of

Dreamers entwined into one

We didn’t need anyone

I remember those days so full

Together alone in a room full

Of friends acquaintances too

I only had eyes for you

I loved that feeling warm and sweet

Sitting together on a love seat

Feeling delight quiver on through

Neither of us willingly withdrew

Our hands entwined together as one

No one else existed not anyone


November Notes – No Doubt (Don’t Speak)

Sometimes we don’t want to know

As if life were a game show

A crescendo a concert

Holding back the tide of hurt

Ignorance is bliss

And we dismiss

All the signs we were over

With no friendly takeover

Until all that’s left is pain and sorrow

That bleeds into tomorrow

Endless agony and hurt

Suffering trampling the dirt

Rain clouds inside my head

Creating such awful dread

Will we break through the impasse

Or forever remain in this crevasse






November Notes – Wolf Larsen (If I Be Wrong)

‘What if’ will stop you in your tracks

No way forward and no way back

Indecision is it’s cruelest sport

Leaving you alone and in short

Frozen in place no way to move

With nothing lost nothing to prove

Living alone with no sacrifice

Adrift on the cold endless ice

Colder and colder as time passes by

Never a hello, never a goodbye

Time to break through and take a chance

Live life to it’s fullest, and yes dance!



November Notes – Sam Smith (Too Good At Goodbyes)

I’d rather say goodbye

Than open up and fly

Accepting your love I try

But I’m way too good at goodbye

I push you to leave instead

Never bothering to look ahead

Willing to find the love you give

I go on alone and so live

A lonely existence

Without resistance

Too afraid to take the chance

Unwilling to engage and dance

Im far too good at shutting down

Alone I go on completely shutdown



November Notes – Pink (What About Us)

When everything turns to dust

When we’ve lost all sense of trust

When we question what’s happening

Will we ever find a sense of meaning

Will we find lost pieces of ourselves

Will we be left standing alone on bookshelves

Will anyone hear our mournful cries

Will they respond as we agonize

The answers are as yet unknown

As we reach the next milestone

Can we reach out as humankind

Try for peace for all mankind

Leaving our children a legacy

Of pure and honest integrity

One which they will look at with praise

Or will they see us through the haze

Of emptiness that remains

Amid hopeless false claims