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Little Black Book

Sari Montgomery opened her office door, moved inside, and shut it with a decisively quiet snap. Although she’d been a detective for eight years, few saw beyond the statuesque elegant woman with rich auburn hair and intelligent green eyes. Consequently, people tended to underestimate her abilities which worked in her favour, guaranteeing the breathing room required to gather pertinent evidence necessary in building a solid case to convict a perpetrator.

Assiduous (Tears of Rage 2)

They’d been friends for over 40 years. The last thing he’d expected to do was stand over his dear friends dead body at a crime scene. It only made him even more determined the scum bag wouldn’t get away and he was eve more fastidious than usual if that was possible to gather every piece of possible evidence at the scene. If it took all night, so be it!


Everyone had one foible, didn’t they? Macy thought them adorable as she reflected on Stacy and how she chewed her bottom lip while Sandy quirked an eyebrow, and she herself tended to pull on her earlobe when she was concentrating. Although some considered them pretentious, she’d long ago decided they were habits that had developed somehow at some point at some time for some reason. Not great in a poker player, she thought, but she wasn’t playing poker.

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