Blindsided 27

“Inform friends, family and neighbours of the situation, so they can keep an eye out for you.”

The magnitude of the situation punched Cassandra in the gut. “My God, this is outrageous!”

“Checking your home security is a must.  Be absolutely sure every door and window is locked and all your keys are accounted for.  In fact, I suggest you call in a locksmith and have the entire place re-done with new locks, since he’s obviously already gained entry.”

“I guess as long as we’re at Maggy’s, that doesn’t present much of a problem,” Cassandra said, “but I fully intend moving back home.  I will not allow him to destroy my life.”

“Since I doubt I could talk you out of it, then make sure someone is there with you. If you avoid being alone, you’ll feel less vulnerable while limiting the possibility for weird creepy people to make advances.”  Cassandra and Maggy exchanged knowing glances.

Cassandra interrupted long enough to explain about the objects in her house that had been moved.

“So, he/she has been watching you for a while and has taken advantage of your current condition.  He’s bold.”  Myerson reflected.

“Your actions will push his buttons, it’s important you remember that, and his response won’t always be predictable either which means you must be ready and vigilent.”

“I strongly suggest you reconsider your daily routines and re-arrangewhat you can and vary your movements.  The less predictable you are, the harder it is for anyone to track you down.”

“That one won’t be difficult since it has changed completely already,” Cassandra mentioned the plans for the store.

“I’ll contact Shawna and explain the situation and for now, have an officer checking every few hours unless the situation escalates.”

“There are many complex reasons why someone becomes drawn to stalking. Every situation is unique, but whatever motives your personal-botherer, aim to keep all contact to a minimum. Any form of communication risks fuelling his conviction that his attention is justified.”

“Even attempting to reason with him could make things worse, which is why the most effective thing you can do, is what you have already done, to notify us. At this point, we can’t take any risks.  The sooner we identify him, the sooner we can catch him.”

“For example, should he start calling you, try not to sound startled or alarmed.  Simply put the receiver to one side, leave it like that for a couple of minutes before replacing it – that way the caller gets a taste of his/her own medicine without any encouragement from you.  This is much easier said than done, believe me.  Because at some point, despair, frustration or rage is going to war with what you know you should do.”

“I’ve already informed the phone company and they prepared and waiting.  Your phones are tapped, and all incoming calls are monitored.”  Cassandra was staggered by the information he’d imparted.

“God, I didn’t realize the situation was this serious and definitely not this involved.”

“It’s as serious as it is complex,” he said, compassion momentarily overshadowing concern.




In some cases making new friends

Lifestyles we are able to blend

Whether local or far away places

Exchanging meaningful embraces

Sharing cultures both old and new

Fresh delights too many to pursue

Learning customs of faraway places

Opening ourselves up in new stages

Incorporating new always considerate

Refreshing exciting and although different

A welcome insight into how we can change

Adding what’s new no longer seems strange
















I follow in your footsteps

I run in your wake

I shake in your truth.


I smile at the thought

I laugh at the pain

I howl at the reality.


I cringe at the sound

I shudder at the sight

I quake at the taste.

My despair is complete.

Maxine made me laugh and I had to add a thought on the aches and pains of getting older 🙂  Cringing with every step.


Blindsided 26

“Ready to continue?”

“God there’s more?”  Maggy asked disgustedly. “I mean a stalker has black marks up the wazoo.  What more could you possibly add?”


“Mostly, stalkers use harassment or annoyance to obtain their goal.  Don’t forget, stalkers can be extraordinarily dangerous.  If they become frustrated in their quest for the love of their victim, they can become violent.”

“The majority of cases don’t end in murder, but enough do every year that victims must not brush aside the possibility.  Don’t make the mistake of taking the crime lightly no matter who the stalkers are or how close they have been emotionally.”

“Am I trying to scare you?  You bet!  Your life depends on it.  Remembering what I am telling you can and will save your life. The person stalking you, will eventually make it clear that if he can’t have you, then no one will.”

“You lost me!”  Cassandra said perplexed.

“The damage in your home told us that.  He wants to destroy anything and everything outside the world he perceives he has with you.”

“I’ve brought some printed material that outlines what I’ve just explained and I want you to read it, feel it, believe it, think about it, whatever it takes to remember it and engrave on your mind.  This is your bible from now on! I can’t stress this enough!”

“What’s more, it’s going to become a bible for every close associate, acquaintance, family member, and friend you have.  Spend time with or interact with on a regular basis.”

“No matter what you consider as unusual, consider it a problem and contact us immediately!  We’ll be monitoring the situation and we’ll have officers dispatched asap.”

“Look carefully again at the traits listed, memorize them and be wary of anyone that seems to fit the bill. Keep them foremost in your mind.  Don’t be afraid of feeling paranoid; it will keep you alive.”

  1. Won’t take no for an answer
  2. Has an obsessive personality
  3. Above average intelligence
  4. No or few personal relationships
  5. Lack of embarrassment or discomfort at actions
  6. Low self esteem
  7. Sociopathic thinking
  8. Has a mean streak

“You’ve already enlisted our help.  That was a very important first step.  Next step is starting a diary and recording every incident in detail. Think in terms of evidence when you write, it will help later.  Don’t worry about what you report, it’s your personal safety that is at risk.  We won’t take anything lightly, I assure you.”

“Do you have an answering machine?” at Cassandra’s nod he continued, “I want you to tape every call, and keep every letter or package and anything else you think may have come from him; it can all be used later to prosecute him.”




Some would say all life is illusion

Thereby creating constant confusion

The difference between magical tricks

And real life that need not be fixed

Is embodied by experiences beliefs

Even love and understanding seals

A lifetime of experiences opens the door

To understanding what is real and more

Trust your instincts they are undeniable

As real as it gets and very reliable







Chocolate Zucchini Loaf

This is a personal recipe I find quite delicious so thought I’d share it with you.  I’ll type the original recipe and my additions in quotations as I always play with a recipe and so far the additions have been a phenomenal  hit.  So hopefully it will work out well for you.  Enjoy 🙂

Beat together:   3/4 C. Butter, 2 C. Sugar

Beat in:                   3 Eggs (large) one at a time, beating well each time

In seperate bowl:  2 1/2 C. Flour, 1/2 C. Cocoa ( 3/4), 1 tsp Cinnamon

Add:  2 C. Grated Zucchini (3) and 1/2 C. Milk ( 3/4) to  sugar and butter and stir well

Add to dry ingredients alternately beating well after each addition (not runny but smooth and liquidy)

Stir in:  2 tsp Vanilla ( 2 1/2), 1 C. Nuts if desired.

Divide into 2 loaf pans and bake 350 for 1 hour or until done.

Ice with a mixture of Icing Sugar and Lemon until smooth and drizzle over top.

All that’s left is to enjoy! 🙂

Blindsided 25

“The reaction of family or friends can be equally devastating. ” He paused significantly.  “Some stalkers are known to the family and have been completely taken in by the stalker.  Should the stalker successfully convince the family the victim is paranoid and overreacting,  they may attempt to convince the victim of the stalker’s innocence.  It can be the worst cut of all.”

Stunned Cassy gasped, “You mean they side with a stalker rather than a family member they’ve known their entire life?  Is that true?”

“Yes, it has happened and the result has been devastating.  Since they’ve known the individual, he’s been a part of all their lives, they feel they know him or her well, they can’t wrap their mind around the reality of the situation.  One case I worked, the family thought the victim was overreacting, looking for attention, had cold feet since the relationship was heating up.  Suddenly they were agreeing with the stalker.  After all, they reason, they know this guy, he’s not so bad and he or she couldn’t possibly behave this way. If it suits their purposes, they will turn close friends and loved ones into disbelievers.“

“Most stalkers are loners.  They don’t have any relationship outside the one they are trying to re-establish or the one they imagine exists between them and their victim.  Because they are usually loners, stalkers become desperate to obtain this relationship and will do anything, I repeat, anything to secure it.”

“Stalkers suffer from low self-esteem feeling they must have a relationship with the victim in order to have any self-worth.”

“They display other sociopathic thinking – they cannot learn from experience – and they don’t believe society’s rules apply to them. They most certainly don’t see their actions as threatening or intimidating. In their mind, it’s you that has misread the situation. They are simply trying to show you they are the right one for you. Few stalkers are able to understand how their actions are hurting others.  While to the victims of stalking, it is like a prolonged rape.”

“Like rapists, stalkers want absolute control over their victims and they don’t regard what they’re doing as a crime, or even wrong.  With enough persistence, stalkers believe they will eventually convince the victim of their love.”

“Stalkers often have a mean streak and will become violent when frustrated.  How violent?  Often deadly.”

“I know this must be overwhelming.  Do you need a few moments to digest all I’ve outlined?  Any questions you wish to ask?”

“I wouldn’t mind a few minutes. And yes, I’m perturbed! About everything you’ve outlined.”  She rose to retrieve her drops and use the bathroom.  “Back in a few minutes.”

“Ms. Davidson, you have any more coffee?”

Rising Maggy assured him she did and added, “Call me Maggy.  I’m not ancient yet.”

Appreciating her sense of humour, he smiled and nodded before walking to the front window, to admire the view.  “Really quite lovely.”

“Not bad.  I’m thinking about buying, in fact, Cassy and I went over a few possibilities earlier.”

“Somewhere close by?”

“Not sure yet, I’ve narrowed the possibilities down, but I really won’t know until I see a few places in person.”

When Cassandra returned poured herself another coffee, and grabbed a cookie, Myerson took his seat again.

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Some are afraid to commit

Fearing entanglement they admit

Yet commit means  to accomplish

Possibly finishing that which will astonish

Whether it be a poem of hope

A love letter in a floral envelope

That novel you one day will write

Bringing satisfaction, personal delight

The man/woman you commit to

Years of affection you now accrue

Completing that university degree

Looking back drinking afternoon tea

You realize you accomplished much

Not a wasted life, since you have touched

Many along the path you have chosen

Filling your life with depth of devotion

Committing wasn’t so bad in the end

People friends family you now blend

Into a lifestyle of joy and overall peace

Thanking your lucky stars you did not cease

To commit to your future and all it entailed

Yourself in the long run you have not failed






Thank you. Conservation is important!

Saskatchewan’s 19th Native Prairie Appreciation Week June 18-24, 2017! “Everyone can play a role in the conservation of prairie landscapes and a great first step is learning more about them,” Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan’s manager Carolyn Gaudet said. “We are encouraging all Saskatchewan residents to explore and experience what native prairie has to offer.paNOW” […]

via Native Prairie — stbarbebaker

Blindsided 24

“Unless you’ve had reason to be concerned or involved in a stalking situation, most would agree with you feeling it was some wild Hollywood attention grab.” Detective Myerson told Cassandra, “However, it is real, very real and happening much more frequently than you’re aware.”

“Because of the prevalence of stalking, several agencies have worked in conjunction with psychologists and more importantly, with some co-operative stalkers to come up with a working abstract.”

“It’s impossible to give you an abridged description which means I’m going to explain in detail how this works. I can’t stress enough, how essential it is that you pay close attention to what I am about to explain and heed every word because it could save your life.”  Cassandra gulped involuntarily, startled by his words. The timber of his voice brooked attention carrying intent fierceness both compelling and frightening.

“By definition a stalker is a person, totally involved in and completely committed with pursuing someone who has no interest nor will ever have any interest in him or her.”

“Stalkers refuse to believe this however. They have deluded themselves into believing the victim actually loves them but isn’t aware of it. In their mind, their “loved one” must simply be pushed into that realization, by any means necessary.  As long as they continue pursuing their victim, the stalker can convince themselves they haven’t been completely rejected yet.”

“I can’t emphasize this enough – They will not take no for an answer!” Maggy sat straighter in her chair, the force of his words slamming against her mind.

“Stalkers display an obsessive personality. It goes beyond interest to total obsession with the person they are pursuing.  Every waking thought centers on the object of their desire, and every plan the stalker has for the future involves that victim, in this case, you!”

“Along with obsessive thinking, they may also display other psychological or personality problems and disorders. It may include erotomania, paranoia, schizophrenia, and delusional thinking.”

“Stalkers have above average intelligence and are usually smarter than the run of the mill person with mental problems.”

“They go to extraordinary lengths to obtain information about their victims and I do mean everything!  They will know details about your life you have long since forgotten.”

“Unfortunately, unfortunately, there are occasions where it’s become essential for the victim of a stalker to move to get away from a stalker as the stalker has been known to hack into computers, tap telephone lines, and even take jobs at public utilities that allow them access to their victims, in order to obtain and update information ostensibly to learn their whereabouts. Some have traveled hundreds of miles and spent thousands of dollars to gain information about or find their victims.”  Cassandra stared in utter disbelief.

“Stalkers are exceptional at using their intelligence to throw others off their trail. They are extremely personable and use it against those especially close to you, so be wary. It may even become necessary to drop family or friends who insist in continued contact with the harasser, once we know his identity.”

”That’s hard to believe,” Cassandra interjected.

“It happens.”

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Remember these idioms?

marching papers, can’t fight your way out of a paper bag, a paper chase, paper tiger, paper trail, his word isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on?

I’m sure there are hundreds more but these readily come to my mind especially as I pondered what to write about.

Our kids aren’t taught to print or write

My lip I all too often bite

Their writing and printing abysmal at best

With calligraphy they are not blessed

When they read something I pen

It’s so foreign they blankly look at me and then

Ask me what is that? I can’t read it

Like it’s a foreign language they submit

A paperless age to rid us of paper

Yet piles are stacked higher than ever

I often wonder what they’d do

If suddenly out of the blue

Their cell phones didn’t light up

Would they have any backup

In my day the 3 R’s were strictly enforced

And comes naturally unrehearsed

Although it is scratchy these days

It fills me with pleasure as I gaze

At paper with personal notes

I’m filled with joy and much verbose


Writing Contests

Some delightful individual sent this to me on FaceBook.  So take a look,

see if anything appeals to you.  I haven’t had a chance to delve into it as

yet, but figured it might be worth a look see.  🙂

Blindsided 23

“Ive contacted our tech department, Jacobs is one of the best.  So far nothing has come up in a nationwide databank.  We’ve sent the information to the states as well.”

“What I can tell you is whoever is responsible, appears to have a vendetta against you.  The crime scene,” the look on her face stopped him cold. “Sorry, the scene at your home is indicative of more than a break in.  It was deliberate, and personal.”

“Although the acts seemed random, there was a methodology to it as well.” At her inquiring look, he continued, “Looking at it from a logical perspective, he went after some larger items first, and followed with personal things.  It’s the attack on your personal things that leads me to that conclusion.”

“I don’t understand how.  Couldn’t the whole thing have been random, I mean, if he didn’t get what he was looking for, wouldn’t he just smash in anger or retaliation?”

“Yes, it’s true, he could have; unfortunately I believe there’s more to it. The items he broke that were of ‘no consequence’, were just that, broken.  While anything you may have had a connection with, an attachment to, such as the antiques, were deliberately defaced in an attempt to destroy them completely.  Your clothing was shredded, not cut.  Your vases and collectables were smashed to pieces.  Anything that might have sentimental value was obliterated.”

Cassandra sat quietly absorbing his observations.  Max watcher her cogitate on everything she’d learned.  “Ok, if I understand this correctly, it was more than anger.  I quite simply can’t imagine anyone that enraged.  Nor do I understand he managed that kind of damage without, well, without someone noticing or hearing what was happening. My neighbours are what fifteen feet away on both sides.”  She looked expectantly toward Myerson for an answer.

“He could have brought something with him or used a blanket that was there.  Either way, he muffled the noise, which only proves my point, it was both premeditated and calculated.”

“As of this moment, you will have plain clothed officers at your store, at home, and everywhere you go.  Your trips down island will be monitored and a constable assigned from whichever city you are in. You won’t see them, but they’ll see you.”

“I need a detailed schedule regarding your travel plans, appointments, where you’re planning on staying in order to schedule my men.”

“Unfortunately, it’s going to get worse, probably much worse before it gets better, until we collar him.”

“Ok, I have a question, if I may.”


“Why is all this protection necessary?  I mean I haven’t been physically threatened.  I don’t understand all the precautions.”

“I believe what we are primarily dealing with here, is a stalker. They don’t play by the rules.” Maggy and Cassandra looked at each other in bewilderment while trying to absorb what he’d said and its meaning. “You may have heard of several movie stars recently who ended up having stalkers even go so far as to try to kill them.”

“Yes, I did, but I never paid much attention to the reports,” she confessed chagrined.

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My first thought upon waking up was to head to the computer and check out today’s blog posts.  My eyes, not yet awake thought the word of the day was  Boop and I was laughingly prepared to go on about Betty Boop.  Then as I copied the link over, I realized it was loop.  So I sat laughing at myself and my  mistake.

So much can be said about loop and the beginning and end of one.  Marilyn posted a carousel which brought back memories of a time long ago.

After reading Liza’s blog this morning I realized it was so well said that I had to reblog it and wondered how could I possibly add anything to it?


Caught up in a causality of our own making

Can we understand the loop and breaking

The circle of which sets us up for better or worse

Is based on our thoughts actions so perverse

We reenact the same events and causes

Blindly running on a mouse’s wheel

Going nowhere, changing nothing real

The better outcome we all wish for

Is ours for the taking with new rapport

New ideas and different folks

Tempting new thoughts to provoke

A new way of living our lives

A different way leaving old archives

Behind as we move ahead

Freeing us up instead

To live the life of fun not dread

Open a vista a horizon vast and wide

Arms open wide we embrace the tide

Forever yearning, seeking, learning

The loop instead becomes a swirl

Of endless possibilities unfurled




Blindsided 22

“Meeting at Ms Davidson’s place good for you?  Or would you prefer . . . “

“No, that’s fine.  I would prefer that Maggy be involved since she is already and as I trust her implicitly, I would rather she heard first hand rather than from me later.”

“Good, I have the address so I’ll be there in about fifteen minutes.”

“He’s on his way over, Maggy.  I hope you don’t mind.  I’d rather you sat in and heard everything first hand.”

“Of course, I’d be happy to,” Maggy reassured her.

They had a fresh pot of coffee ready and waiting when he arrived.  He buzzed downstairs at the front door and Maggy let him in and within moments, a knock sounded at her door.

“Ms. Davidson?”

“Yes, hello, please, come in.”

Cassandra sat on the chesterfield and let him come to her noting the confidence in his movements and the continued unwavering eye contact.

“Ms. Jeffreys.”

“Hello.”  She held out a hand in greeting.

“I’m sorry we have to meet under these circumstances.”

“As am I.”

“Can I get you some coffee, Detective?”  Maggy offered.


Maggy filled three cups with coffee and placed them on a tray along with chocolate chip cookies, cream and sugar, and returned to the living room.  Detective Myerson rose and took a cup from the tray.  Taking a sip he said, “Now that’s good coffee.”

“My specialty!”  Maggy explained.

“I met with Constable McKinney and after reviewing the matter, have come to the conclusion that the incidents at your home as well as the internet email and even possibly the damage to your eyes are connected incidents.”

“I understand the first two, how both the internet and my home could be connected, but my vision?”

“I’m not certain of that yet, but the timing is definitely ripe for conjecture.”

“I would like your permission to contact Dr. Jamison and find out what he has to say before going down that road.”

Rubbing her forehead she indicated she had no objections to that before adding, “Is it really necessary?”

“Yes, I believe it is.  Only if to tie off a loose end.”

“Were you able to find out anything about who was in my house?  Did you find anything useful any clues or fingerprints?”

“We were able to obtain fingerprints, yes, but so far we have nothing to match them with.  Which only means he hasn’t had any serious run-ins with the law.”

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It’s easy to give unwanted advice

To those younger acting unwise

Whose life experiences are limited

Especially countries considered primitive

Often we do them a dis-service

For living and learning

Enhances  discerning

Being responsible comes with time

And making mistakes is not a crime

So bite your tongue resist the urge

To meddle, trusting they will emerge

Triumphant and whole without

Your truly meddlesome soul





Blindsided 21

“Your place is lovely, Maggy.”  You have style!  It’s such a wonderfully eclectic mix and it works so well!”

The hazelnut sofa against the rich vanilla wall with its clean lines added a dignified mood to the living room.  To carry that theme through, she had added creamy white walls with hazelnut trim around the doorways entering the dining room and kitchen.

Vanilla cream pillows played off against the hazelnut and two cucumber coloured chairs with soft pink accents completed the look.

Glass based lamps with vanilla shades graced the oblong and oval mahogany end tables while the coffee table was a deep rich brown covered with beveled glass.

Across from the sofa, she’d done a remarkable job using mirrors, instead of pictures.  She’d framed a total of eleven mirrors, with white painted frames, and hung them in three rows creating a square.

It had a simplistic but elegant look, modern and still very appealing.  It was both modern yet peaceful while artfully enlarging the space.  They reflected bits of color from the spider plants hanging beside the sofa, and the fern sitting on the one end table.


“I’ve been thinking about making a move and surprisingly motivated to do something about my living arrangements.  I like the idea of the added privacy having a home gives you.  Haven’t completely decided on what it is I am looking for though.”

“Do you like Modern, Eclectic, Victorian, French?”

“I guess modern and eclectic are closer to what I had in mind. I don’t want cold modern, but I’m not into antiques either.”

Smiling broadly Cassy suggested, “Why don’t we go online and take a look at a few types of design so you can solidify what you are looking for.  Sound good? Then we can take a closer look at what’s available and book an appointment with a real estate agent and do some real looking!”

If only to take Cassandra’s mind off what was going on, Maggy agreed.  They searched for an hour and Maggy found a style she really liked and then examining the real estate sight, she found several appealing possibilities. She called a real estate office and booked an appointment for the following evening to view three properties, completely excited at the prospect.

“Well, that was productive.  I like that pretty little, I guess it was sort of Victorian, best,“ she continued, laughter in her voice, “which really surprises me because it was the modern stuff I thought I wanted.  I can’t see the two being compatible.  Mind you, it’s going to depend entirely on what it looks like inside of course.”

“What’s the next step?”

“When you find a property that you love, simply love and can’t live without, you’re ready.”  Cassandra laughed, recalling her how she’d felt upon finding her home.  A sudden niggling resentment nudged at her.  Straightening her shoulders she said, “Then we get an expert in to go over things like plumbing, electrical, furnace, fireplace, and the structural stuff too of course, to make sure it’s solid and there aren’t any major repairs pending.”

“You can make a bid beforehand, but make sure you have a codicil stating that only after completion of a pending inspection and its outcome, will you go ahead with the bid.”

“Great.  I’m so glad we can do this together.  I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

“It’s a process, and it can be lengthy.  You won’t get into the house of your choice, for several months.”

“Yes, I remember how long it took you.”

Giggling, Cassandra remarked, “That’s me, the forerunner.”

The shrilling telephone sent chills down her spine. “God!  That startled me.”

“Me too!”

“Hello?”  Maggy said.

“Hello, Ms. Davidson?”


“I’m Detective Maxwell Myerson.  Is Cassandra Jeffreys with you?”

“Yes, she is, one moment please.”  Putting the call on hold, she explained who it was before handing the phone across to a watchful Cassandra.

“Hello, Cassandra Jeffreys here.”

After identifying himself once more he went on, “I was hoping we could meet and discuss your case.”

“Certainly, I am free now.”

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I was relieved at the sight

Of my beloved full of inner light

Speaking forthrightly on stage

The audience fully engaged

By the beauty and truth they saw

Within her words they found no flaw

Her earnest desire to impart wisdom

To look above and beyond the system

To what could be should be can be

If we unite stand strong setting us free

To reach the stars and beyond

Moving upward and onward to respond

With love and affection to all we see

Relieved when we find true unity





Blindsided 19

“Tell me, how bad is it?  It looked bad to me, but I couldn’t see well enough to determine the extent.”

“I’m no expert, but I didn’t see much that was salvageable.  The furniture as well as your clothes.  It looks like someone used a knife to destroy everything. He’s right, Cassy, this was cold calculated destruction.  No other way to describe it.”

“Maggy, this isn’t just tragic, it’s bizarre! How can this be happening?  God, I feel sick.  I don’t think I can sleep after this.”

“Let’s get our j’s on and I’ll make some tea and put some music on,” Maggy offered gently.

Retrieving Cassy’s drops, she placed them on the inside fridge door realizing that with all that had transpired, she hadn’t given them a thought.

Cassandra moved like an automation.  Clutching her purse to her body, she walked to the spare bedroom accompanied by Maggy toting the overnight case.

After all the recent events, she was determined that Cassandra needed protection, doubly so considering the dilemma with her eyes.  She would stick to her like glue if that’s what it took. God, what the hell is going on, she wondered.

They met in the living room and Maggy placed the teapot and cups on the coffee table.  Easing into the chairs angled in front of the window, they sat quietly.

“Cassy, I phoned my boss and explained, not fully, but I’ve requested my full vacation effective immediately.”

“Maggy, you can’t.  I won’t let you do this.”

“Too late, not that you could stop me anyway. If I feel the need to work, I can use my laptop since I’m more freelance than anything.”

“You now have a shadow.  If he wants you, he goes through me.  I intend to make this as difficult as I can in any way I can.”

“Maggy, you’re terrific, and I am humbled by your dedication, but I would never ask you to place yourself in harm’s way; besides, I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you because of me.”  She reached out across the space dividing them taking hold of Maggy’s hand.

“It won’t.”

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Blindsided 20

“I feel like I’m losing my mind!  Occasionally, during the past couple of weeks, I’ve found things moved.  I’d last used the phone, in the bedroom but found it in the kitchen or I’ll find something in the living room I was sure had previously been in the bedroom.  Stuff like that.   I’ve been so busy, and with my eyes the way they are, I thought I was being forgetful.  I’m beginning to wonder if someone’s been accessing my home and if so, how, when, why?  It’s always locked tighter than a drum and I have a security code for heaven’s sake.  I never leave the house unlocked.”

“God, Cassandra, that’s damn scary.  You have to tell the detective when he gets here.”

“Yeah, I definitely will,” she said, a shake in her voice.

They crawled into bed at around three in the morning.  Cassandra’s eyes were on fire so she took Tylenol to ease the pain and help her rest and finally fell into a fitful sleep sometime after five in the morning.

Maggy woke first, and peeked in on her, even though she hadn’t slept well she figured Cassandra probably hadn’t fared any better.

After making coffee and showering, she dressed quickly then made scones for breakfast.  It wasn’t long before Cassandra joined her.

“I hoped you’d sleep in.”

“I wish but I can’t since there are a minimum number of times to take the drops, waking hours only, but if I sleep the day away, I can’t heal my eyes.”

“Hey, I made scones and they will be ready in about 10 minutes.”

“Oh, I can’t wait,” Cassandra cooed, “yours are soooo good.  It’s not from lack of trying either, but mine just don’t stack up alongside yours.”

Then, out of nowhere she said, “Maggy, I won’t let him drive me out of my home, or away from my friends, or change my lifestyle.  If I do that, he’s won.”

“As soon as the police figure I can go back home, I will.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate your hospitality, but I’m drawing a line in the sand.  I won’t let him take anything away from me.”

“Then I’ll stay with you.  I won’t let you do this alone.”

“The generous side of me says, no, I can’t let you do that, or take that risk Maggy, but the selfish side of me is only too happy to have the help.”

“Ok.  Soon as we hear, we move back in and take over.” High fiving each other, they grinned. It felt right.

“I think we need to go out and get you some clothes though.  There wasn’t much left I’m afraid.”

“My clothes too?”

“There might be a few things left, and I was in a hurry to get out of there as per instructed, but from what I saw, you are going to need a new wardrobe from the skin out.”

Following a quiet breakfast, they dressed and went shopping.  Cassandra managed to find a couple pair of black jeans, dress pants with co-ordinating tops and a couple of dresses for work, and bras, underwear and socks before leaving for Maggy’s.

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lol first thought when I saw word of the day 10 green bottles hanging on the wall

If you bottle up emotions

You’ll soon see explosions

Trivial things become big things

Which will inevitably bring

Emotional turmoil heavy and deep

Suddenly you are unable to sleep

Time to uncork the bottle

Before emotions become colossal

Diffuse some of the pressure

So feelings and life are fresher








Blindsided 18

“Stay here, I’m going to check.”

“Maggy, please don’t!  It could be dangerous.  Someone could still be inside!  Take your cell phone in case!” she whispered loudly.

“You can’t go in because you can’t see.  I can.  I’ll be right back.”

Cassy paced back and forth until Maggy returned, “What is it?  What’s wrong?”

“Cassandra, we have to call the police.  Someone has definitely been inside your house.”

“Tell me, for god’s sake!”

“Your place has been tossed.”

“This can’t be real!”  Cassandra shook her head.

“Unfortunately, it is, very.”

Handing her the phone Maggy explained, “Here, use my cell.  I’ve already dialed.”

“Police, Fire, or Ambulance?” dispatch asked.


Cassandra hurriedly explained the situation and a squad car was immediately dispatched arriving a few minutes later in a blaze of lights, like a made for TV movie drama.

Constable McKinney was with them.  “Ms. Jeffrey’s, this is your home?”


“Have you been inside?”

“I went to look inside but I didn’t go in,” Maggy explained.

“Please stay here, while we check it out.”

They leaned against Maggy’s car and waited for what seemed an eternity.  Constable McKinney returned, his expression grim.  “Cassandra, do you have somewhere else to stay the night?”


“Because you won’t want to stay here.  I have to call a fingerprint team to go record this.”

“Then it’s bad.”

“It wasn’t kids and it certainly wasn’t a random act.”

“We’ll have to bring in some pros, a detective from down island.  As soon as he arrives, he’ll get in touch with you.  I have to ask, where were you?”

“What?  Why the hell are you asking her that?”  Maggy snarled.

“Has to be asked.”

“I took her to Comox to see her Ophthalmologist again.  We just got back and found this!” she gestured toward the house, disgust in every line of her body.

“I want to see.  I need to see!”  Cassandra started toward the house.

“Cassandra, careful, you can’t see well enough to go in there!”  Maggy admonished half hoping she wouldn’t be able to see the carnage at all.