An amazing word that encompasses so many variables.  It can be a person who lives for drama and wears you out or can relate to a dramatic event in our life that suddenly becomes heightened.

What is more delightful than a dramatic sunrise, or sunset or perhaps waves crashing on the shore in a dramatic storm. What of an amazing mountain range that compels your eye to dramatic snow covered peaks.

Dramatic lighting in a photograph (whether it relates to an object, scene, or person) can instantly change your perception of any of the above.

Dramatic art, theater, music, plays, songs, novels, or words; whatever the relationship, dramatics captures our immediate attention thereby invoking an instant response.  Dramatics affects our thoughts, emotions, or beliefs impacting us either negatively or positively.

However it affects our emotions, it can make an obvious and appreciable  even significant and perceptible difference in meaningful ways and enrich our lives.








For years I had the mistaken idea that to admire was the same as to idolize.  So I had little to no admiration for anyone or anything.

As years went by I realized there’s a huge difference.  Huge!  You can admire beautiful architecture or the skills of an incomparable photographer or the literary art of an accomplished poet, the music of a phenomenal artist.I soon understood there was so much that we could admire, delightfully, happily, gleefully even.  Spectacular oceanic scenes, mountainous ranges, eye-catching old growth trees.

And what of  people – people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds mentally emotionally physically – should we not admire these individuals? And what of ourselves, us, you and me, ought we not take time to admire how we have personally overcome unknown, unseen, struggles we have faced quietly in solitude?

Admire, it’s not such a bad word after all.

Release day is upon us!

3dprisonerAs an introductory offer I am proud to announce that I am publishing my first mystery novel ebook at the low price of $2.99!!!

It is available on July 31st, 2016 in epub, mobi, lrf, pdb formats, as well as online reader through HTML at Smashwords, Apple iBooks, Amazon, and many other distributers.

Smashwords offers a free samples of my book and you can read the first 65 pages for free at no cost!!




Unstoppable force or gentle breeze!

You take my breath away with ease.

Your power can ignite

Or bring us such delight.

A force unseen and only felt

In your presence I have knelt.

A touch that soothes and inspires

Our emotions you transpire.

Unstoppable force or gentle breeze

Come play with me if you please.




Which clock?  The internal clock?  If so, how do we read it?  Is it important?  Are the prompts realistic or fanciful? Is there a time limit? Does it affect our lives if we ignore it? Does it have any real power over us?  If we listen to it, then perhaps so.  If we ignore it, are there consequences?

External clock?  Rules our lives, every moment, every thought, every ability, every concept, every idea though we may be completely oblivious.  We get up early because of the clock.  We eat sleep and breath the clock because it schedules our work and play. We won’t become aware of that until much later in life.  As youngsters or teenagers, it has no meaning.  In the beginning, the clock runs, we hear it, we listen to it, we pay it no mind.  Until that moment when the ticking becomes louder and louder and can no longer be ignore.  Time is running out.


My personal definition would have to include conviction, determination,self-confidence, a positive attitude and self-belief.  Those characteristics would make you unstoppable on a personal level – on any level.

Have you ever watched a train forge ahead, plowing through mounds of snow?  It is unstoppable.  Or perhaps a child’s determination as they attempt to perfect that as yet unreachable cartwheel or handstand?  What about men and women who take on the unimaginable such as fire fighters or police and hundreds of other professionals like doctors and nurses?  Then there’s us, the individuals, overcoming insurmountable odds whether its mental physical or emotion and who rise to new heights.

Sometimes events for whatever reason take on a life of their own and gather momentum until they become unstoppable.

We are and can be unstoppable.  The only one standing in our way, is us.



My first thought was simply omg!  The word is constantly being used and hits you in the face, slaps at you from a barrage of news reports and is used to cover everything from terrorist attacks to lone gunman to topics such as to vaccinate or not, to contaminated drinking water.

I remember a time when it alluded to “personal” events, such as a family in crisis.

It is as if this word has taken on a life of its own.  Whether used nationally or internationally the word covers a plethora of events – everything is suddenly a “crisis”. It is used so constantly to grab headlines and attention that it seems as though it’s use has changed from an alert to become a scare tactic to constantly terrify people.

Personally, I cringe at the sight of the word.  What now?  Where now?  Who now?  As I carefully scan the contents of another “crisis” notification.

And here I was, wondering what could I possibly say that hasn’t been said before.



Flitting about one two three, how elusive you can be.

I only want to run and play, and yet you hide away.

Come back, don’t go, stay awhile, do not me beguile.

You scamper past my door, no marks upon the floor

Your essence is nothing more than a whisper on the shore

A dream to me you have become, your presence i so welcome.

Come back to me, elusive one.




Your safe all encompassing place.  Whether it be a person place or even thing that provides that feeling, that moment  (in some instances) of complete relaxation or safety required to blot out that which threatens to take us over.  A moment for us as individuals to cocoon ourselves in warmth security, comfort. To children, it can be a favourite stuffy, to teens, it can be a warm accepting look or hug, to adults, it can be that moment we’re wrapped in a loved ones arms.  Wherever that place is, it’s completely singularly ours.

Prisoner Book Description

Available at Smashwords July 31


A suspenseful mystery about a heroin named Selina whom unwittingly becomes center stage in a drama involving a detective agency, espionage, a missing fiance and the CIA.



The journey begins to unfold at Selina’s work place, her boss vehemently and staunchly believing in her innocence begins an investigation into the allegations of espionage. With a vast amount of unknowns in the air and danger surrounding those at the center of the allegations agents must separate fact from fiction. It soon becomes apparent to all, that Selina is merely an unwitting pawn in a march larger game that dates back years, and must be protected. A mystery that entangles past, present, and future Selina becomes the target, and her holiday becomes the focal point of unraveling the mystery tightly engulfing her closest friends and family. With her strength of character, determination, and choice to become a willing pawn, protect those she loves most dear while drawing out the sinister mastermind behind the caper. The door to romance opens but dare she walk through a second time? Will revealing the answers to Selina’s mystery free her while ensnaring the guilty?

Getting to the Island

sunset ferryThere are several ways to reach Vancouver Island.  You can fly, board a bus, travel by car and either do a walk on or take your vehicle across the water from Vancouver or Washington to either Victoria or Nanaimo via B.C. Ferries.

There is the inevitable debate regarding fares and costs, but whatever side of the fence your on in this issue, one thing is certain the men and women onboard the Ferry are highly trained, professional and competent.

Having traveled back and forth on numerous occasions, I’ve found this to be true no matter what their job be.  Ive had occasion to interact with many from the Ship’s Captain to the cleaning crew, to those directing traffic and those responsible for preparing and serving the food.  Not an easy task considering the time constraints involved when you have a capacity of  up to 2100 passengers to feed in an hour and forty minutes, depending on which ferry you are on.

So I have the utmost respect for these individuals charged with the care of their passengers and who make their job’s look easy and I deeply appreciate the courtesy respect and consideration they show every passenger from the wee one to the adults.





Name: Covert Novelist

Email: covertnovelist@gmail.com

Website: http://covertnovelist.wordpress.com

What inspires me as a blogger: I wasn’t inspired at first. I was terrified. Seriously. Gulping, then swallowing big, I with great trepidation wrote my first ever blog. What inspired me to continue, was how delicious I felt when it was finished, then encouraged as I realized others were viewing my blog, which I thought was unimportant at first. Now I am transfixed, and want to write constantly. Who knew?



Who doesn’t delight in dreaming about traveling to far away destinations and the possibility of making those dreams a reality?

Tally Ho Carriage Ride


A firm believer that traveling broadens your horizons and assists in growth as you experience the world and what it offers, I also believe those travels don’t have to include long distances but can take place nearer to home.

Victoria, BC is approximately an hour away.  There are some impressive structures to enjoy such as the “Empress Hotel” with it’s moss covered exterior along with it’s impressive list of famous individuals, some of which I’ve outlined in my novel. It’s Chateau-style was designed by Sir Francis Rattenbury and was built between 1904 and 1908.

And what a find, and how beautiful is Craigdarroch Castle.  Built by coal baron Robert Dunsmuir during the reign of Queen Victoria, it is now a National Historic Site.  It has been meticulously restored, giving visitors a glimpse of the privileged life in the 1890s. The Castle weaves a fascinating tale of an intriguing family – their achievements, their relationships and even their quirks. When I last visited, it was being used as a conservatory of music and housed rooms which included harps, violins, pianos and more.

Although many would rid the world of carriage rides, one of the most beautiful and enjoyable are the Tally Ho Carriage Tours which offer a slow paced ride that includes heritage homes, panoramic water views, snow-capped mountains, and most importantly, a very pleasurable cuddle with that someone special.

These are but a few of my favourite sites to visit in Victoria.




I worked for ten years in a Visitor Information Center and delighted in sharing attractions, destinations and activities that visitors might enjoy and participate in.

I’ve traveled Vancouver Island extensively, including back-roads, forestry roads (which must be traversed cautiously due to on-going logging – and logging trucks have the right of way- it’s best to travel after 4 pm)

Upon moving to Nanaimo, and a hiking enthusiast, we traveled to Tofino and Ucluelet full of anticipation at seeing and enjoying Long Beach.  I wasn’t disappointed.

An hour and a half, approximately along narrow windy roads deposits you in Tofino in approximately 1 1/2 hours depending on traffic and stops along the way.

In between Tofino and Ucluelet (pronounced you-KLEW-let) is the Long Beach Unit of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.  The sandy beach, stunning scenery, sometimes rugged coastline is between 16 and 22 kilometers long.  Even for those of us acclimated to the coastlines cooler weather, I must warn that it is necessary to dress warmly because even during the summer, the temperature hover at around 9 degrees celcius.or about 48 degrees F. and can seem cooler with a brisk breeze.

Ucluelet has an amazing history dating back 4300 years after it was originally settled in the 1870’s by fur sealers.

This and more information is included as a backdrop in my novel, Prisoner on Holiday and I felt obliged to include a more in-depth explanation of one of the rich locals Selina visits.





Introductory Offer – eBook release

Covert Novelist,


As we are eagerly awaiting the release of the new eBook Prisoner on Holiday, we would like to extend a special introductory offer to my readers.

Prisoner on Holiday will be available from Smashwords at a 50% off for its exciting debut. July 31st, 2016!

As a Special Promotion we are giving away the first 20% of the new eBook Prisoner on Holiday at Smashwords. A firm believer of try before you buy we would like to take the time to invite you to read this fabulous mystery and get a feel for it prior to purchase.






Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Since that saying is most definitely a truism, and we each see beauty differently whether it be music, film, art, nature, people, form or design, there seem to be some other truisms to that saying. We as a society hold in great esteem that which we collectively call beauty.

Sometimes the expression of delight on a child’s face as they discover something new and the absolute absorption can transfix the observer.  The completely innocent look in their eyes and face can hold you captive.

In art, some are drawn to purity of design, others the abstract. We delight in the incredible talent of the artist whether it is oil on canvas, or pencil drawings, or photography, it’s that moment of realization that the artist captured a pivotal moment that enraptured us.

The same can be said of music.  We delight in that which moves us emotionally.  Whether it be a form of release or the fact it can move us to great heights.  Depending on what you have been exposed to, that includes all forms of music from jazz to opera, from instrumental to  orchestral, from rock and roll to heavy metal to an incredible voice.

While music in particularl, speaks to an era, great music becomes timeless as does art, photography, or people and that which we collectively define as beauty.

My question is, how often are we able to look beyond that which we don’t consider “beauty” to see what is beyond?

What speaks to you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Prisoner On Holiday – Release

I am excited hopeful and admittedly a little nervous about announcing the release of my novel, Prisoner On Holiday.

Released at Smashwords

Why you may ask?  Because there is a baring of the soul, a releasing of what once was just yours, a sharing of personal thoughts, emotions, and not a little blood sweat and tears along the way and even a little bit of doubt, or perhaps fear.  Fear that what you’ve committed to isn’t quite up to snuff, not quite “there”.  It’s the releasing of your baby, your child.  Ive vacillated back and forth from the position of “spectacular” to having lived with each novel long enough to momentarily lose interest or foresight because I’ve read and re-read each word a hundred thousand times until they become meaningless and trivial.  At this point, it was necessary to step back, put it away for a few days or weeks as the case may be, and read with fresh eyes.

Having said that, I’ve pushed upward and onward to brave what must come.

I am hopeful,expectant and confident.  I hope all of my family and followers will agree with my current assessment of this book and the others that will follow.  Please enjoy and as they say, if your happy, tell others, if your not, tell me.  I have to snicker at that one, couldn’t help it.


Take care, enjoy.

To Reality TV or Not to Reality TV that is the question.

Reality TV has become synonymous with tv watching the last few years.  It’s nearly impossible to turn on television without at least one reality tv show per night, if not more.  The term has been thrown around a lot.  In all honesty, I thought I knew what it meant until someone attached AGT (America’s Got Talent), BGT (Britain’s Got Talent), X Factor and The Voice to the list.  I was completely taken aback at first.  Until recently.  I saw the set up for a few of the performers prior to their going on stage on AGT and it was how Nick Cannon was dressed and was acting that made me aware of the possibility. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I began to wonder, since I know little to nothing about the terms of the contracts for these shows if it was possible.  If they were indeed reality tv shows,  are they just actor’s acting?  Is there a preconceived winner from the get go?  Does that mean that the public ie audience’s votes are immaterial?  How would the other “contestants” feel knowing they are “filler” and don’t really stand a chance?

Having said that, I thought back to the beginning of X Factor, and I’ve been an avid fan of all the above mentioned shows and will continue to be.  I’ve called the winners for over 10 years.  Yes, my family was always stunned, but even though the individual I may have hoped would win, didn’t, I still called it.

So that brings me to the reason why I continue to watch these types of shows.  It’s because the presentation of each individual when they first set foot on stage, is real and pure and hopeful. They are as yet, untouched by the system if you will.  They don’t fit into any kind of box, and whether they are raw, new to performing for a large crowd, or in any way seasoned, each singer (and I have to say I prefer the singing part most) interprets each song “their” way.  Yes they may benefit from the professional assistance received and many are truly grateful and mention it.  Sometimes, though, the essence of the individual becomes lost to me, in the updated hair colors, style changes, and performance enhancements.  In some cases, it is beneficial to the performer too.

I’d love to hear input from other interested or avid watchers of any of the shows mentioned.



Best TV Series

NCISWho doesn’t LOVE  NCIS?  I’ve been a faithful fan from the beginning.  I’m not sure which I find more compelling;  Abbey Sciuto, Dr. Mallard, Timothy McGee, Anthony DINozzo, or Special Agent Anthony Leroy Gibbs.


Each charachter adds it’s own special piquancy to the show.   Abbey Sciuto, brilliant, quirky and endearing, Dr. Mallard, although absentminded is an expert in his field, shy but incredibly insightful Timothy McGee, Anthony DiNozzo with his instant recall of movies for any and all occasions, as well as his “womanizing” ways and above all, Anthony Leroy Gibbs, with his all knowing, all seeing and most often intuitive and heartfelt smarts.  Not to mention the underlying care for his team and each member in it.

The interactions between all are honest, true and sincere.  The squabbles, care, and “I got your back!” devotion to each other while solving some pretty gruesome deaths simply reals you in making it one of the best tv series in years.

DiNozzo’s leaving, while expected by me at least, since he couldn’t continue as the slap stick sidekick and not grow up and or out (which could have created a branch show with him as leader since he has the smarts)  if he was interested and if not, could only necessitate his leaving altogether.

I look forward with eager anticipation to see how the new people will evolve and grow and whether we will come to love and enjoy their presence in the long loved series.

You can watch it here!


What do you think?  Eagerly looking forward to hearing more dialogue on the subject.


Delightfully captivated

The Martian

I’d heard the jokes about “saving Matt Damon” yet again, the jokes alluding to Saving Private Ryan and Courage Under Fire.  So I, with tongue in cheek sat down to watch the movie.

The movie is about a man left for dead on Mars and at first I was struck by the incongruity and immediately laughed.  The incongruity was that he was left behind (the other astronauts having left because of the enormity of the storm about to hit) and yet, this man, laying on the planet through the storm survives it.  This inevitably led you to think, they would have been fine had they stayed. Having said that, I was immediately delightfully captivated by Matt Damon’s superb acting.

I quickly became involved as I watched “Mark Watney” struggle to overcome some pretty major obstacles to survive. Subtle humour continued throughout and the movie was incredibly upbeat even though the underlying determination to survive and the creative means he used to that end was always center stage.  I knew from the moment I began watching, I wouldn’t, couldn’t walk away until the end.

The most touching moments came when he heard his friend’s voices for the first time in years and the moment when his possible rescue was about to take place. Matt Damon’s acting was so real, he drew me in emotionally.

All the while I had to applaud the charachter’s strength determination and belief he would be rescued.  And I wondered . . . how many of us could possibly withstand the absolute isolation and loneliness on a planet years away from humankind.  “Mark Watney” managed, with a few mishaps, to overcome those obstacles in creative ways which included an ingenious method of growing food to provide for himself.

All in all, Matt Damon’s acting was superb, the movie compelling and the photography captured it all.

What did you think of the movie?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,



Unique and special

Music to Love

By now, everyone has heard Hello by Adele.  I’ve been enthralled and drawn to her music because of the spectacular quality in her voice which is both unique and special. There have been others with that undefinable “something” in their voice that drew us to them. Most notable, Elvis Presley.

What makes Adele so special is her ability to take on the “organized” if you will, sound music has today.  In so many instances you can literally change out the singer and the sound remains the same.

Not with Adele.  She didn’t go “mainstream” but chose to write and deliver her music, her way!  I applaud her for her courage, bravery, and belief in herself.   You certainly can’t deny the results.  Her records have sold in the millions.

If you’re like me, you have enjoyed the freshness, newness of her sound. I know I will continue to do so.



Favourite modern novelists

My list of favourite modern novelists has to include J. D. Robb and Eve Dallas.  Each story has a great theme the relationship between Eve and Rourke and the ongoing relationship growth and challenges she and they face.  The story always centers on her job and the inevitable  constant and ever changing humiliations humans invent to perpetrate upon one another, always with a sense of humour to offset the tragedy while displaying compassion for the family and friends affected by the tragedy.  You are always drawn into reading on in order to ascertain what quirkiness and madcap adventure is afoot.  What keeps her books fresh is the not knowing how she will solve the case.  The edginess is in the very few unsolved cases that haunt Eve Dallas still.