Which clock?  The internal clock?  If so, how do we read it?  Is it important?  Are the prompts realistic or fanciful? Is there a time limit? Does it affect our lives if we ignore it? Does it have any real power over us?  If we listen to it, then perhaps so.  If we ignore it, are there consequences?

External clock?  Rules our lives, every moment, every thought, every ability, every concept, every idea though we may be completely oblivious.  We get up early because of the clock.  We eat sleep and breath the clock because it schedules our work and play. We won’t become aware of that until much later in life.  As youngsters or teenagers, it has no meaning.  In the beginning, the clock runs, we hear it, we listen to it, we pay it no mind.  Until that moment when the ticking becomes louder and louder and can no longer be ignore.  Time is running out.

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