An amazing word that encompasses so many variables.  It can be a person who lives for drama and wears you out or can relate to a dramatic event in our life that suddenly becomes heightened.

What is more delightful than a dramatic sunrise, or sunset or perhaps waves crashing on the shore in a dramatic storm. What of an amazing mountain range that compels your eye to dramatic snow covered peaks.

Dramatic lighting in a photograph (whether it relates to an object, scene, or person) can instantly change your perception of any of the above.

Dramatic art, theater, music, plays, songs, novels, or words; whatever the relationship, dramatics captures our immediate attention thereby invoking an instant response.  Dramatics affects our thoughts, emotions, or beliefs impacting us either negatively or positively.

However it affects our emotions, it can make an obvious and appreciable  even significant and perceptible difference in meaningful ways and enrich our lives.






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      1. I agree, I know people who are unable to apologize, it’s completely beyond them. Thank you for the nomination, I just need to find out where to locate it.

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