Computers and our dependence

I’m fairly certain that when computers were invented, no one could possibly have forseen how valuable and so widely used they would become. If memory serves me correctly, the first computer used punch cards.  Of course there were failures along the way.  The first real working computer was invented by Alan Turing.  I recently watched a compelling movie called the Imitation Game and Benedict Cumberbach played the lead role. The movie outlines his vision, incredible fortitude and brilliance and highlights the tortures  and struggles he faced because of his chosen life style.  His design changed history and the world and is the bases for all computers today.

Personally, I’ve used  several different computers including a Tandy, a Commodore, complete with monochrome monitor and several others.  I remember reading and creating code from a magazine that enabled a car to move across the screen, or made fireworks pop and sing and I even designed cities as pictures, the backdrop a setting sun.

With each new upgrade, came more to learn, more parts, but greater freedom.

Today, the list is astounding and we are able to choose a desktop, which I prefer, a lap top, a tablet or who could have imagined the smartphone packing as much gig and ram as my lap top with far reaching on the go freedom.  Astounding, profound and exciting.

I know I’m delighted with the age of the computer and it’s continued growth.  It gives me an immediate eye on the world.  I’m able to reach out and “touch somebody” literally, with words, thoughts, pictures.  Equally delightful is the ability to share thoughts and ideas from around the world.  I spend hours perusing garden sites, photography, how to videos which weren’t available and which speed up the learning curve and more importantly, other like minded individuals such as you, yes you, the reader of this blog.

The vision  and brilliance to conceptualize an idea and make it real is continually exciting and breathtaking.  While we have become dependent at work and at home on computers which provide knowledge, entertainment, outlook, news and a variety topics, I believe it’s a good thing.





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That aside, I wish to thank everyone that has followed my iittybitty blog.  When I wrote my first blog, about blogging, I spelled out how I felt, and I can’t find it to post it here or I certainly would.  I was truly scared.  What could should I write about.  What would be of interest to anyone else?

I am truly touched at heart that so many of you take the time  to look in on my “prose”.  I certainly enjoy yours.  I visit as many as possible and unfortunately am not sure where to respond.  Sometimes I find a link and it’s to the actual blog you’ve posted, other times, there’s no way to reach you to express my delight.

So collectively, I wish to thank you all for your delightful, interesting , funny and thought provoking blogs which I enjoy immensely.  Since everyone has a different outlook on the world, and a different take on any given word, each word chosen takes on a life of it’s own, and a meaning of importance to the writer, often incredible in diversity.  It is eye opening, and often fun.  So I thank you all for taking the time, and your willingness to share.



The storm unleashed dark clouds and blackened sky

Fierce is it’s exhibition, do we stay or run away

Suddenly entranced by it’s power now unleashed

Mighty winds and broiling clouds bearing down from north-east

We are held spell bound as we witnessed the glory

Waves crashing upon the shore restless full of fury

Sounds of thunder and lightening rend the air

We watch in awe, we stand, we stare

How fierce how powerful how unexpected

Arms open wide, face to the sky we welcome unaffected

The rain that falls to land with delightful fierceness

The storm has some how managed to release us

Free from burdens too long carried

We return from whence we came unhurried







Writer's Struggles

Isn’t it wonderful when the the ideas words or content for your novel flow?  You find yourself moving from word to phrase to sentences then paragraphs and finally chapters as ideas flow freely.  Your nearly euphoric with delight.  Suddenly without warning,  you come to a grinding halt and stumble and momentarily falter.  You’ve hit a crossroad; a pivotal moment in your story.  It’s huge, important, monumental and will shape the remainder of your novel and the fate of your characters.

Which path do you take?  Each scenario offers a varying alternative that could lead to on one hand, a happy or sad outcome. You wonder, ponder determining if it best serves the story line to leave the final outcome unanswered and your beloved reader to formulate a suitable ending of their own. Instead, you might hint or suggest a possible result or consequence. Most satisfying of all, an unexpected twist that delivers your reader into a shocking and surprising possibility impossible to foresee.

After all obstacles are overcome, the moment is upon us, will our hero/heroine be victorious?  Will we deliver our reader from a vortex of emotion which can only be satisfied by a single outcome? Or will they wonder as our quest goes unanswered and our protagonist suffers the unending torment of a partial answer while a piece of the puzzle remains unfinished thereby settling uneasily in the corner of their mind and which will certainly require the advent of a return to the subject and answers found.




While mentally pondering over this topic, I immediately thought of corruption, debased behaviour and depravity.  Instantly a picture of Hannibal Leckter sprung to my mind .  Second was serial killers, equally infamous are the Hillside Killer, Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer to name but a few of many.  We could add Leopold II of Belgium, Hitler, Josef Stalin all equally corrupt led by vice.  These “individuals” shall we say are on the far end of the spectrum and are the epitomy of vice and depravity.

Was it due to mental issues, were they born that way, did circumstances create the monster?  Was a switch missing or off inside their brain to allow vices to escalate into horror?  What deep psychological  deficiency led to their vices?  In some of the instances I sited, Im not sure even vice covers the actions of these people.

Historically, gambling is considered a vice, overindulgence of any kind, and the list goes on. Some lines blur between addiction and vice.  There is a distinction between insanity and vice, but which came first?  Corruption is a vice and includes a long list of political corporate and personal cases.

I imagine then that a vice could be defined as that which is so vile, so morally bankrupt that it contaminates the being of an individual. As a society we outline that which we consider a vice, based on the accepted and unacceptable norm.  So whether their despicable actions are contained under that heading, they are deplorable and their actions vile.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts on “vice”.




A Predictable Future?

For some reason my mind was wandering and it struck me as somewhat prophetic that much of what we now take for granted, or at least use on a daily bases, originally came from the  minds of past movies,  perhaps better stated, novelists and writers of movies, particularly Sci-fi movies.

Take Stanley Kurbrick’s groundbreaking film 2001 A Space Odyssey for example which clearly predicted the tablet computer.  If not in reality, then the devices depicted bear an uncanny resemblance to the tablets we use today.  Apple’s iPad made it’s debut in 2010 which is roughly nine years after the setting making Kubruck’s film pretty accurate in it’s depiction of the time period these devices would appear.

Interestingly many issues society faces were confronted and questions raised and solutions found in Star Trek.  Diversity in appearance, culture, race, age and even robots were accepted.

As astounding are the technologies mentioned in Star Trek such as 3-D printers and the hand held communicators.  Martin Cooper, the inventor of the first cell phone, cited  Star Trek and the hand held communicators as  his inspiration for his invention.

I have to give a nod to one of my favourite movies, Short Circuit made in 1986, in which a robot becomes self aware after being struck by lightening.  While watching a news clip recently regarding advances in robotics, I was immediately reminded of this movie.  Johnny Five was created by the military for military applications not unlike current robots used by the military for reconnaissance and attack purposes.  The best known are by far, the unmanned aerial vehicles the U.S. and other militaries worldwide use.  Interestingly they use the continuous track-based design that mimics or at least looks very similar to Johnny Five’s.

It could be argued that many inventions came from the minds of movie writers. Some individual somewhere, saw the potential and created a specific application we now use.  What will the future hold, I wonder?







“Jack of all trades, the master of none.”

There are experts in every field imaginable whether it’s science, philosophy, medicine, business or art.  The obvious question is, what and who determines what an “expert” is.   Is it years of study, degrees, knowledge, experience, discovery?

While experts on any given subject in any country or within one country alone formulate divergent answers, it can be confusing.  Who is correct?  Which is the right answer since the results on many topics can offer dozens of possible answers.

It seems the more answers we find, the more confusing life becomes.  It seems we must become our own expert to ascertain the answers we seek.



Sensational Talent

I’m an avid watcher of The Voice, worldwide.  I have also watched since inception, America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.  Why?  Because of the sensational and diversified talent offered.  Many are unknown, having tried valiantly to break into the music world.  Other talents such as Magic Acts, Comedy, Instrumental Talents come to present their routines.

I’m constantly astounded by the amount of talent the world has to offer.  In my personal opinion, many, though unheard of are incredible!  What makes each so special and so unique is their take on the compilation and presentation of any given song, for example.

I will attempt to add links to a couple of singers that were incredible and a couple of Comedy Acts and Magic Acts as well so you have an opportunity enjoy what I have witnessed.

First is Alisan Porter, Mitchell Brunings, Darcy Oakes, Ricky K,  Philip Green, Paul Zerdin.

I mention their names  because I was unaware it forwards to another contestant.  Those are the people I suggested anyway, not that there aren’t dozens more I could suggest and enjoyed immensely.

I hope these few examples delight and please you as much as they did me.


Liebster Award

I wish to thank Unmotivated Enthusiast for nominating me.  I’m honoured and delighted.

11 Random Facts About Me

l.  I have a delightful very intelligent cat I call Porsche (he races with stealth)

2. I’m pretty sure my middle name is cream cheese-aholic

3. Due to an accident, I’ve lost a considerable amount of my vision which cannot be repaired lest i lose both eyes

4. Once a photographer, I received by-lines for my work

5. I recently moved after 30 years to a new location

6. I really used to enjoy camping

7. Most of what I’ve learned is self taught from photography to drawing, painting, crochet and knitting.

8. I absolutely love humour and jokes even though I never remember them, except for the punchline.

9. I’m short, but good things come in small packages, ask anyone

10. I look forward to  The Daily Promp and can’t wait to read what others have written and add a tidbit of my own

11. I am the original “chatty cathy” if you doubt me, ask anyone crazy enough to chat with me, mwhahaha

Now for the 11 Random Questions

1 What is your passion?

Wow difficult off the hop!  I have had difficulty narrowing that down because I am passionate about many things but I’d have to say writing.

2. Why did you start blogging?

I enjoy writing and my son suggested giving it a try.  I didn’t even know they existed, how to begin or what to say.  I’m not adept at getting around the internet, so all I can say, is I wrote a blog about blogging and you’ll have to go to my blog to find it.

3.If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be?

I would have taken my health a lot more seriously much earlier on.

4.Is there a moment in your life you wish you could go back to, just to enjoy it again?  If so, what is it?

I would go back to the moment I discovered the ocean, breathing in the delightful salty sea air and basking in the sun as the waves lapped the shore.

5.Are  you planning on publishing a book in the future,  If so, what would it be about?

In actuality I already have published a book, it’s entitled “Prisoner on Holiday” and it’s a mystery.

6. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I’m not sure it is “love at first sight” but I do believe an immediate attraction on another level can be felt that draws you to another and I don’t mean lust.

7.Is there something your afraid of that is quite unusual?

No, I don’t have any unusual fears.

8.What country are you from?

I live in Canada,  on an island in British Columbia.

9.How many languages do you speak?

Unfortunately, only one as I’ve forgotten my French and Sign Language and Spanish.

10.What is one of your most embarrassing moments in life?

I don’t recall any embarrassing moment, just humiliated beyond words moments, which I will not be sharing. lol

11.Are you happy?

The first half of my life was horrific, the 2nd half  was spectacular due to the arrival of my children.  They have added an invaluable and unequaled richness and we share a warm close relationship.   Unbelievably so, unexpectedly so.  Delightfully so. I am incredibly happy!

I am nominating and contacting the following people I have been following.  Their styles may differ, but their message is always interesting and clear.

I nominate AprilEsutton, The Story Reading Ape, Swaugh212, Marilyn Armstrong,Gbolabo Adetunj.  Unfortunately I’m not adept enough at finding emails and cannot add them.  However I replied to each as I am able to inform them about their nomination.

Thank you so much Unmotivated Enthusiast for the nomination.  I enjoy reading your written word and look forward to reading more of your work.

PS  I would have re-nominated you btw.

Questions for my nominees.

  1. If you’ve written a novel, how long did it take?
  2. Who is your inspiration in life?
  3. What has been the most difficult struggle to overcome?
  4. What is the happiest moment of your life thus far?
  5. What humourous moment filled you with delight you enjoy to this day?
  6. Are you a pet lover?
  7. What other passions do you enjoy?
  8. If you were to write a novel and haven’t yet, what would it be about?
  9. How did you get into blogging?
  10. Do you travel?
  11. What is the most satisfying accomplishment of your life thus far?










I only play one online game  Admittedly I haven’t been able to play in awhile.I love this game.  You sail the ocean literally around the world.  You can join in sea battles or level your character and chat with everyone playing.  You can join a guild and play with others and it is a “free” game.  Lately it’s become more of a pay to play game.

It was obvious that there were those that were cheating. It was frustrating and discouraging.  Interestingly a discussion ensued about what a cheat could do.  I calmly and simply replied, “If you have to cheat, your not a gamer.  Because a gamer, reads up on the game, learns the intricacies and plays the game with skill.  There are many here who play with finesse.”

I’ve noticed as others play a multitude of games, it has become the “norm”.  Many cheat, create cheats, change code, whatever it takes to win.  It ruins the fun for everyone involved.  It is so terribly sad they are afraid to be real, to experience loss, and learn what true sportsmanship feels like.  A gracious winner and loser they are not.  To me, if you cheat, you lack courage, furthermore, you’ll never learn simply because you took the easy way out so you can’t lose. Some cheat and mistakenly think, I got away with it, no one noticed.  Embolden, they move on and upward, increasing the stakes.

It doesn’t stop there.   Many cheat on the job, in relationships, and their families.  They are in my opinion cheating themselves most of all.  Cheating robs you of pride, self respect and dignity.  They lose the respect trust and closeness possible with others if once they had it, and once lost, it’s can be extremely difficult to regain, can take a lifetime to repair and never to the same extent as previously enjoyed.







Some of the most obvious mistakes have created the most monumental discoveries.  The slinky, silly putty and potato chips. More importantly, Penicillin created by mistake!  Did these inventors hang their head in shame?  Obviously not, a great use came out of the mistake.  When Mark Twain was asked who is the greatest inventor?  His reply was “accident”.

Those examples put making a “mistake” into perspective.  A mistake should not give cause to blame, ostracize or shame. Instead it should be revered as growth, spontaneity, and decision making.

Sometimes it can be amusing.  Have you watched a child asked to choose between two gummy bears?  They’ve tasted neither but must choose, and they shake and hover because it could be a mistake.  The treat is tantalizing and they choose and live with the decision. Sometimes that decision may involve disappointment.  What of teenagers nearly paralyzed with indecision;  which clothes to wear to an event, if they make a mistake they might be laughed at or made to feel foolish or stand out awkwardly. They feel they only have one chance to get it right! They can’t make a mistake or . . .

Is it because at some point, someone has made an issue of making a mistake?  “You’d better not make a mistake!”  That would only be true if pulling the red wire not the blue wire meant instant death.

Making a mistake can create strength of character and opportunity for growth.   If it’s a simple mistake, we can repair it, especially if it pertains to others.  It’s a lesson learned and often not repeated.

Sometimes I think the fear of making a mistake is our desire to avoid looking foolish to others.  Perhaps we have made a wretched mistake in the past and felt the repercussions.  Possibly we were traumatized by the mistake someone else made and it affected us as individuals in a major way.

Since we are all perfectly imperfect, making choices and decisions will inevitably involve some mistakes. It’s a given, a certainty that no matter how old you are, until your last breath, you will be required to make decisions and that can and will inevitably involve mistakes.  Hopefully, we will understand, repair learn grow and move on in the knowledge that a mistake is not the end, but the beginning.











I’ve been in love with gardens forever, often captivated by the beauty found within. My hitherto balcony didn’t allow for such an indulgence, able to grow a few potted plants that brought a modicum of delight was all I could manage.  One day, about a year ago, I joined two gardening groups available on line.  They accepted me and my resultant delight and pleasure indescribable.

The generosity of all involved touching, amazing, unequivocal.  Their love of earth, gardens and flowers unending. Even more astounding than the gardens themselves, was the photographic ability of many.  Daily I witness generosity of spirit as they willingly share the beauty they have created and which surrounds them. Through photographs I witness the changes and growth from groundbreaking to completion humbly sharing in their accomplishment.

Many years ago, I gazed upon a picture of a rose completely enchanted. I stood before this wonder and stared. A picture I had taken myself in my desire to capture it’s lush beauty, it’s essence. The rose was so richly velvet, it’s colour so vibrant it didn’t seem real or possible.  Had the picture been enhanced somehow?  No, my eyes witnessed it’s birth and development, it’s growth from bud to blossom.

We witness many incredible moments in the passage of time,  committing them to memory.  This is but one of many I personally enjoyed.