A universe of colour in which to play

Refreshed renewed each and every day

Awash with blues pinks greens and golds

Happily our picturesque landscape unfolds

Wrapping us in such delight

Our hearts could burst so filled with light

Then someone yells take off those rose coloured eyeglasses

That is not what is seen by the masses

Alas I am blind and from memory paint

The world in all it’s glory shall remain

I am happiest here I proclaim












5 thoughts to “Paint”

    1. Thank you, that is so kind of you. I will have to go find what youve written. I really like what you write. If you don’t mind, and it is possible, I’d really like to share it on my site.

      1. Oh God.. That would mean the world to me; so of course I wouldn’t mind! Your writing style is a wonder of its own and you being this humble just shows how much of a wonderful human you actually are :’) really. And I’d love to know your opinion on my post when, and if, you read it πŸ™‚

        1. I loved it! Truly. I hope I managed to share it, I’m new to this twitter sharing stuff lol. so it might take a few. but eventually it should show up as sent um, don’t hold your breath??? rofl

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