Calm serenity often covers a multitude of emotion well hidden.


We are all guilty of putting on a face for the world, even with family and friends and those closest to us, unwilling to admit what lies beneath.  It could be anger, angst, frustration, worry or concern.  Do we do it, suffer in silence, due to an overriding concern for those we love, a protective mechanism of sorts? Or because we feel it’s unacceptable to share our pain with others?

Possibly it is happiness, excitement and delight, but we hide it, waiting for an appropriate moment to share, spill the beans, explain, our joy barely contained.

It’s painful watching the struggles of family and friends.  You know them well, and on the surface you note a pleasant smile and calm relaxed demeanor.  Then you watch the cracks begin to form the tells begin to show; maybe it’s pacing, body movements like scrubbing their face, their hair or veiled anger in response to a question or something said innocently but a reaction ensued we weren’t expecting and which wasn’t warranted.

Those calm serene waters finally erupt broiling from beneath in an explosion of emotion.

Some use humour to defuse distract nullify that which we are unable to face either alone or with others.

Whatever the reason, should we not take the time to look beneath the surface?  See the truth and honesty and pain that may be hiding there?

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          1. Yes, me too. Because no matter what you do, once you publish is, it’s there — somewhere — for all eternity, or at least as long as we have tools to access the ether.

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