parksvilleHaving lived in Parksville and Coombs and Qualicum I have many fond memories of the area and diverse destinations within easy reach offering hours of enjoyment for young and old alike. From beautiful sandy beaches with hours spent frolicking along the shore to evening strolls under a moonlit sky the mild climate allowed for many such evenings of enjoyment.

Speaking of beaches, the Sand Sculpting Competition, a yearly event offered in Qualicum is certainly a delightfully entertaining occurrence drawing hundreds of participants every summer. Since I cannot claim this ability, my contribution being a plastic pale full of sand turned and dumped with a face scratched on the side, you can imagine how enthralling it was to watch, excitement and pleasure abounding as true artistic masterpieces were formed.

englishman riverPerhaps the day called for a picnic lunch in order to spend hours wandering Englishman River Falls Provincial Park a picturesque location amid lush old-growth trees. I love trees, did I mention that? The park was originally established to protect the old-growth Douglas Fir Forest and associated plants, but you’ll find Cedar, Hemlock, and Maple as well.

Who could resist the deep crystal clear pool that awaits downstream from the lower falls where swimmers and sunbathers can gather or wander to one of two beautiful waterfalls cascading along the descending riverbed?

Copiously searching meandering trails through the forest and along the river enjoying some pretty spectacular views and plenty of exercise, but most of all, creating delightful memories to share.

coombs-country-market-british-columbiaAnd it would be remiss of me if I did not mention The Old Country Market in Coombs and I can personally attest how delicious their offerings were. Immediately upon entering, the scent of freshly made bread wafts toward you bidding you enter. Baskets and baskets of fresh breads, cheeses, milk, fruits and more .  And of course, the ice cream!

My book, Prisoner on Holiday, incorporates many of these destinations in colourful detail and harks back in time. I say that because much has changed in recent years adding to a visitors experience.

For me, writing about these locations has been a trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed taking the excursion with me and one day have an opportunity to visit yourself.

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