The choice was simple!  He must act.  Must slap down the cruel ignorant hateful man poking fun at all he did not understand.  He did not understand me so I had become the butt of his ill tempered jokes, his obvious jabs and unkind even cruel words.  The latest in a long string of men that had fallen before me.

Pulling himself up tall and straight he realized this was the moment, pure and simple. Still he held back realizing the risk.  He was jeopardizing his family.  He quaked, he could lose his job.  He could be ostracized.

Although he was not a popular man, his boss’s reach was long and powerful. What should he do?  What could he do?  What must he do?  He felt as though he were being ripped in two.  His family and livelihood stood on one side, his dignity and self respect on the other.  Still he must take a stand in the face of adversity and rejection for the situation was intolerable.

Turning he looked over his shoulder and interrupting his latest sojourn into yet another diatribe, said, “You, sir, are an ass!”

Turning to face him directly he continued all the suppressed anger vividly clear upon his enraged countenance.  “Do not poke fun at me!  I will no longer sit quietly through your pathetic jokes and misguided humour.  I am a man as qualified and capable as you!”

His boss stood and stared. Time stood still as the full realization of what he’d done set in.  He squared his shoulders and waited.

Suddenly a loud barking laugh erupted.  His boss was shaking with mirth.  He stepped forward and walked toward the distraught and furious man, “Damn that’s what I was looking for!  Someone with guts and fortitude able to look me in the eye and call it like it is.”

Stunned he  stared.  He had not expected this. He dare not show relief, he must not sag, for the moment was won, but the game was far from over.





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