I held out a handful of coins, a mixture of dimes, quarters and silver dollars (yes we have those in Canada, again) to a little one.  Without hesitation she chose the dimes.  When I asked why she chose those over the others, her reply was “because they are tiny”. Children will always choose miniature over all else.  They love miniature tea sets, miniature soldiers and tiny pieces that fit into other pieces, you step on, it’s murphy’s law, I swear.  Tots will play for hours if you’d let them with mini boats and rubber duckies.

As adults we are drawn to miniature horses or miniature roses, Russian Nesting Dolls and lately miniature dwellings to name but a few.  Miniature Golf has great appeal as we wander around a miniature golf course attempting to knock our golf ball through that miniature hole!  Argh!  What of golfers who chase after that miniature ball with accompanying camera crews attempting to capture it on film?

The list is not miniature!  We could fill pages on miniature items that fascinate us and capture our attention.

I had thought of the cliche  “stop making mountains out of molehills” and would have run with that, or possibly “good things come in small packages” even Disney’s famous “It’s a small world after all”. Much could be made of any of these as topics.

Since I wasn’t sure whether to go cute, funny or philosophical this is my contribution to today’s topic.  Enjoy.









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    1. The list is long and varying I was ad a loss and was trying for funny shiv it was a less than stellar topic thanks for the input always appreciated enjoy the mini chats snickers loudly

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