We witness incredible moments and commit them to memory.


I’ve been in love with gardens forever, often captivated by the beauty found within. My hitherto balcony didn’t allow for such an indulgence, able to grow a few potted plants that brought a modicum of delight was all I could manage.  One day, about a year ago, I joined two gardening groups available on line.  They accepted me and my resultant delight and pleasure indescribable.

The generosity of all involved touching, amazing, unequivocal.  Their love of earth, gardens and flowers unending. Even more astounding than the gardens themselves, was the photographic ability of many.  Daily I witness generosity of spirit as they willingly share the beauty they have created and which surrounds them. Through photographs I witness the changes and growth from groundbreaking to completion humbly sharing in their accomplishment.

Many years ago, I gazed upon a picture of a rose completely enchanted. I stood before this wonder and stared. A picture I had taken myself in my desire to capture it’s lush beauty, it’s essence. The rose was so richly velvet, it’s colour so vibrant it didn’t seem real or possible.  Had the picture been enhanced somehow?  No, my eyes witnessed it’s birth and development, it’s growth from bud to blossom.

We witness many incredible moments in the passage of time,  committing them to memory.  This is but one of many I personally enjoyed.



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  1. If you love gardening so much you could volunteer at a community garden or covertly beautify someone’s garden who cant afford or cant manage anymore.

    1. So true. One in England shows everyday people and their struggles and shows before and after and is truly inspiring, the other is in Italy and is comprised of fields of flowers, grown for sale I suspect, but both are equally incredible and beautiful. The photos lift my spirits. I live vicariously after all lol. Seriously, I’d love to garden, but am unable, so they offer me something very special.

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