Society as a hole determines vice along with the depth and parameters.


While mentally pondering over this topic, I immediately thought of corruption, debased behaviour and depravity.  Instantly a picture of Hannibal Leckter sprung to my mind .  Second was serial killers, equally infamous are the Hillside Killer, Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer to name but a few of many.  We could add Leopold II of Belgium, Hitler, Josef Stalin all equally corrupt led by vice.  These “individuals” shall we say are on the far end of the spectrum and are the epitomy of vice and depravity.

Was it due to mental issues, were they born that way, did circumstances create the monster?  Was a switch missing or off inside their brain to allow vices to escalate into horror?  What deep psychological  deficiency led to their vices?  In some of the instances I sited, Im not sure even vice covers the actions of these people.

Historically, gambling is considered a vice, overindulgence of any kind, and the list goes on. Some lines blur between addiction and vice.  There is a distinction between insanity and vice, but which came first?  Corruption is a vice and includes a long list of political corporate and personal cases.

I imagine then that a vice could be defined as that which is so vile, so morally bankrupt that it contaminates the being of an individual. As a society we outline that which we consider a vice, based on the accepted and unacceptable norm.  So whether their despicable actions are contained under that heading, they are deplorable and their actions vile.

I’m looking forward to your thoughts on “vice”.




4 thoughts on “Vice

  1. And here I thought:

    Sugar and spice and everything nice,
    Taken to the extreme can become a vice.
    So moderate your impulses,
    Control those strong urges.
    You might just get ulcers,
    As your body just purges.

        1. Isn’t that exactly how it happens? Something is just “there” instantly and I find myself doing the same thing…grabbing a napkin at a dining table or asking for pen and paper so I can write down my thought immediately because it can be lost as quickly as the idea came. And I say me because I can’t speak for anyone else.

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