We stopped abruptly and listened, mesmerized by the melodic sounds echoing across the lake .  The woman’s voice was arresting, haunting, full of yearning, rich with emotion and an aching need.  We exchanged glances, each of us deeply moved by the melody, spellbound at the clarity and the beauty of her tone. The throbbing loneliness, desire, yearning, portrayed so eloquently, every emotion resonated in your soul.

She finished one song and began another.  Her voice the only sound heard.  No one dared interrupt the unaccompanied voice.   Even nature was silent as if in agreement, fearing it might infringe upon the unequaled lushness  all encompassing.

Unsure whether she would begin another, we waited just as silently.  We listened as the romantic verse began and gently, quietly stringed music whispered behind her voice. Again we were attracted by the simple words as her voice invoked the depth of happiness while hinting at a joy long awaited.

She sang a half dozen songs, each as beautiful as the last.  The surprising climax came with such unadulterated pureness, it left us begging for more.  We moved quietly, unwilling to break the spell she’d cast upon us, silently appealing for more. We wondered who she was, where she’d come from.

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