If Sidewalks could talk!  The tales they could tell.

Location, Location, Location!

Could you imagine being a sidewalk in New York City?  Ouch! Talk about getting walked on!

A voice far away pipes up, “I am debonaire suave sophisticated, “I see stars!” on the Hollywood walk of fame.”

“Put your hands on me, ooh la la, your famous “hand prints” leave me breathless, have you no shame?”

“While you may have seen much, I have weathered storms, witnessed great romances, and watched the delicate bud of youth blossom”,  the oldest of sidewalks pipes up.”

Another says, “I need an upgrade, i fear i may choke.  A weed eater will never do! Those cracks, weeds and grass have nearly overcome me,  I need new!”

“I am happy, i see children aplenty, painting with chalk, and I have hop scotches galore!”

“Well, I am mysterious!  I am covered with chalk outlines.”

“You fool!  I am not a stove, why are you cracking eggs on me?  I am sweltering down here!”

Indeed, if sidewalks could talk!





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