Twas late, with shadows all round

Crunchy leaves lay on the ground

I pulled my coat close feeling the bite

The first signs of Autumn amid starlight

I set my gaze upon the ink black sky

Not a soul to be found anywhere near by

My delight was surely complete

As the heavens glowed I took a seat

Far above twinkle a myriad stars

Some seemed close and others so far

A delightful conversation above

Perhaps a gentle whisper of love

Many declarations bold and bright

Proclaimed so proudly in twinkling light

If only I could understand the language they spoke

Perhaps a story of innocence bespoke

Stories as ancient as the passing of time

Captured then displayed so sublime

Perhaps they twinkle a whisper of things yet to come

A symphony of music joyous and welcome

A feast for our eyes to behold

As many stories before us unfold.











4 thoughts to “Twinkle”

    1. Thank you so much I really appreciate that. Often I visualize what I write it’s awesome to know you can too then I know I’m on the right track especially as I write from the heart. I’ve never taken writing classes hope the rest of your day is incredible take care

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