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I laugh when I wish to cry, I smile when I am sad, I joke when I am scared.  My facade complete, in place, I go to face the world.  My best friend is gone.  Not due to illness, or an accident, but as a result of murder.  Murder!  In small town nowhere.  So small we don’t even have a traffic light.  Not one!

The population is compact, intimate as small towns are.  Everyone knows everyone, and their business.  You practically know what someone is doing before they do it! Therefore that Janie had been murdered didn’t seem possible, reasonable, logical.

I was looking for the logic, the reason behind it all.  She was a bright star, a generous and exceedingly attractive woman, and funny.  My god,  she was funny!  She could light up a room with her smile. It was impossible to believe anyone hated Janie let alone hate her enough to kill her.

I was waiting for the Detective assigned to the case to arrive.  He would have questions.  After watching hundreds of police shows on tv, the scenerio seldom differed, so I half knew what to expect.  Since I was apparantly the last person to see her alive, it made sense.

They would work backward from the time of her demise, until the last time she’d been seen alive by anyone. Since we were best friends, and she worked for me, it would be logical I might have information.  Amanda hadn’t been told. I would have to tell her before the police arrive.  I’d waited knowing how shattered she would be.  Good news should be shared immediately, bad news could always wait a little longer.

I’d plastered a smile on my face and continued with my day.  The fascade was beginning to crack.  I had to hold on just a little longer, until after the police questioned me.  Then I would close the shop and gather Amanda, and we would head to my place, and together, continue with what came next.

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    1. No, it is a part of a novel I’m currently writing. Sometimes I write from my own experience, but not this time. Thank you for your thoughtful response. On several occasions I’ve written about something I’ve encountered or experienced.

  1. We are also covering murder in a small town, but as of tomorrow, we’ll be up to THREE murders 🙂 But no solution to the crime has yet been uncovered, though Garry, who is both victim and author, is working on it as I write 🙂 I think I know whodunnit. Pretty sure. Do you know who dunnit? Will you tell us?

    1. Nor the same designers. Both the P90 and F2000 are much better designed PDWs. Turning the SCAR into an SBR for the sake of poraibiltty is ridiculous and the ergonomics are downright dangerous. I’ll take my PS90 over this new design any day of the week.

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