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likeable-blog-500-2xHad to shout out to all of you delightful people whom I enjoy so much!  You are fun, you are interesting, you are thoughtful, and I enjoy visiting with you daily or as often as we are able to get together.

I can’t thank you enough for coming to visit my blog, and your interactions are very welcome and warm my heart.  I enjoy visiting your blogs too, very much.  Many of you take time to chat, even though it’s not set up specifically to do so, I enjoy the interaction very much.  Many of you  have become pretty special to me.

I’m very glad your all here.  Thank you.  For yor insights, your willingness to share, your stories, and your anecdotes.

Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of Halloween.

Eerie (2)

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Anna was thrilled with her new home.  It was over 100 years old and filled with character, exactly the home she’d been dreaming of.  Wandering the mahogany lined halls she couldn’t help but revel in its rich beauty, her hand gently caressing the elegant sideboard gracing the long hallway.

Anna had been delighted the furniture in the home was for sale and she’d quickly jumped at the opportunity for they were all well cared for and luxurious.  Owing to the rooms generous size, she’d opted to add a few pieces she’d held in storage that had belonged to her parents.  The movers had arrived early and now they were gone, as she inspected the overall look.  If she were to label the look, she’d call it eclectic and it worked. She smiled delightedly.

A sense of peace surrounded her now.  As she happily wandered from room to room she stopped, closed her eyes inhaling deeply attempting to identify the various aromas that assailed her nostrils.  Ah, a hint of Liquid Gold had been used to oil the furniture.  The living room windows were open and a gentle breeze fluttered the white sheer curtains carrying a delightful mixture of fragrance.  She immediately identified lavender and smiled. That was easy enough since lilacs lined the porch.   Wandering closer to the front windows she closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

Turning toward the kitchen she smelled the freshly made coffee and tray of pastry she’d laid out earlier.  Suddenly an unidentified scent whispered past. Startled, she opened her eyes quickly peering all round the room.  A delicate chill gave her goosebumps.  It was nearly dusk, and Anna turned on lamps around the room as well as the chandelier in the kitchen.

She jumped.  It felt as though something had touched her arm.  A hint, the lightest of caresses.  Again the unmistakeable scent whispered nearby.  Cologne.  A cologne she’d never smelled before.  Elegant, manly but nothing overpowering.  There, there it was again.  She quickly turned half expecting to find someone standing nearby.  There was nothing and no one to be seen. Just the subtlest of hints of a presence.  Anna wasn’t sure whether to believe what she felt or not. She’d never believed in ghosts and yet . . .




I couldn’t think of anything more eerie than pictures that have been captured with a “presence” that could not be explained.  These  have been verified as authentic, nothing has been retouched or added.  Now, if that’s not eerie, I’m not sure what would qualify.


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I couldn’t resist!  I had to do it!  I SO love Maxine.  She says what everyone thinks but are afraid to say on so many topics.  I could read Maxine cartoons all day, but then I’d get nothing else done, which is really what Maxine is all about, snicker snicker.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to do this again since I absolutely enjoy her.  I have to thank another blogger who posted the most hilarious Maxine today.  They were perfect.  Perfectly wonderful!  Seeing that, I went in search to see if I could find her.  Low and behold, I did.  Well, I read for ages.  I had to choose a few to share since she literally kills me.  Has me in stitches.  Enjoy!

I sincerely doubt it’s difficult being Maxine, since she has endless material.


Art that Speaks to You

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Line, form, shape, texture, space, value and color are the elements that make up various art forms. These basic components combined with principles of design are the building blocks used by all artists to create within every genre of artistry.

I am an art a·fi·ci·o·na·do (particularly that which speaks to me).  Since art is perception, and we all perceive art in various ways, our taste  obviously vary considerably in what move us.  Some prefer oil, others watercolours or acrylic.

As far as modern works of art, I’ve re-tweeted Mr. Afremov’s work  as I find his work so delightful and appealing.

There are so many examples, past and present.  Past works of art available in museums around the world are without a doubt, spectacular and that goes without saying.  I enjoy perusing these on the net.  Although beautiful, would never in all likelihood grace the walls of many of us. We can only observe with awe how beautiful they truly are.

I used to love to paint, draw, use oils, watercolours and acrylic.  Since we have a world of art available through twitter, fb and other outlets, providing awareness of these spectacular artists, we are in a unique position as is the art world.

I have been completely entranced with the photography that many have offered on WordPress’s site in response to daily photo offerings.  I would include all of your work if I possibly could, but there would be pages of links.  Besides being knowledgeable bloggers, with interesting and perceptive insights, there are so many of you who have a photographic bent as well. You will know who you are as I constantly speak to your work. I can’t help but do so.

I love photography.  Enzo Christopher@halpern_claude is a favourite.  His work simply put, is a work of art.  Spectacular in every way.  I encourage you to have a look for yourself and decide if it is true for you.

I could continue forever, for this has long been a passion of mine.  I’d enjoy seeing samples of art you enjoy.  Hopefully, you are enjoying a relaxed and delightful Sunday.

I will point out that I have no affiliation with any of the artists I’ve mentioned.  I simply find I’m greatly moved by their work and wanted to share them.



Do you remember “mother may I” or “father may I”?  It was a game we played as children.  “May I take one giant step forward?”  The person on the other side of the play-field would say, ” Yes you may, or no you may not”.  “You may take  1/2 step forward.”  The idea was that one of the opponents would reach him/her and become the one giving out instructions.

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Childhood should be a time of wonderment and awe.  Our imaginations running wild with Jack and the Bean Stock (giant).



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In Canada, we had the Friendly Giant along with Jerome the Giraffe and Rusty the Rooster.  We tuned in to watch as the friendly giant read a book daily, the camera focused in on the pages so you could read along, while Jerome and Rusty acted as side-kicks. It was fun to watch the camera follow the “giants” movements up to his window where he would call Rusty and Jerome to join him.

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The best movies and plays involve giants and fire the imagination.  Who could forget King Kong

Related image Godzilla!

We loved to pretend and scare ourselves silly.  It was almost a right of passage.

Even as adults, we watch “scary” movies, and what the protagonist must overcome is epic, gigantic.  Whether it be an “imagined giant” in the form of a corporation, a hostile takeover, or an abuse of power by an individual that crosses the hero/heroine’s path, a battle ensues and must be overcome.  Perhaps it is a town or a single individual, we are energized and involved as the battle rages on as we root for our hero.  Maybe the ever-present foe hovers in the background (the giant adversary) prepared to fight another day.

What of our own flaws, or “failures”, our desire to overcome a debilitating shyness, fear of heights, enclosed spaces, fear of public speaking.  Any of these instances can seem “gigantic” monumental to overcome.

The giant battle always makes for an unforgettable story, and often one we return to read again and again.




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Since Halloween is nearly upon us, I thought I’d give a quick shout out to the eeriest day of the year, and one celebrated by children especially and adults alike.

Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. Perhaps it originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people lit bonfires and would wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.

In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints and martyrs; All Saints’ Day incorporated some of those earlier Celtic traditions. The evening before was known as All Hallows’ Eve and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a secular, community-based event characterized by child-friendly activities such as trick-or-treating.

In a number of countries around the world, as days grow shorter and nights get colder, people continue to usher in the winter season with gatherings, costumes and sweet treats.

Today it is a day of fun in which to dress up, play games, and enjoy an all too quickly passing event that some revel in. It’s delightful to watch little faces light up as they attempt scary entrances, their creativity truly a delight.  So for all you would be ghost and goblins, I hope the upcoming day is filled with great fun and enjoyment.

Enter if you dare!


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Bridge (2)

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Some people have such an elegant way

Of bridging the gap and therefore allay

Concerns or fears or shy retreat

Through loving words and care so sweet

Encouraging, enlisting strength to meet

The daily rigors of life continually upbeat

Never defeated by life’s demands

Full force they greet the day and understand

There is life and joy and fulfillment to be had

If only we reach out a helping hand

To those too innocent to stand alone

Ushered through life too easily blown

Speared by judgment and power abused

The strong will bridge the gap unexcused

To help the young blossom and grow

And reach yet another large plateau

Of confidence, footing assured

Passing the baton reassured

The knowledge assistance had

Shall leave the tender shoots clad

In a more sure-footed attitude

To reach man or womanhood










I love bridges!  The architecture, the planning.  I find them beautiful.  Please enjoy.These are pictures I’ve borrowed and all credit goes to the photographer who took them. No idea how to contact the individual people, so I’m hoping they don’t mind I used them.

suspension bridge western cape south africa.jpgrialto-night-from-canal-bank-23.jpgvenice-bridge-75.jpgOctogonal Pavilion Yuantong  St. China.jpg

I G2L8616_adj_web.jpg


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There has been much said about expectations.  From “your expectations are too high” to “you have no expectations” to “your expectations are too low”.

Some become disillusioned when their expectations are not met.  Does that mean their expectations were unrealistic, or simply that the other party involved wasn’t concerned or aiming to meet those stated expectations?

Conversely, what of those who are devoid of expectations, as life has washed them dry, leaving them to believe any expectations they may have could not or would not be met?

Is there a middle ground that fits all?  Or is it incumbent upon the two parties involved in any given situation to hash out what their expectations are and whether they are realistic for both parties?  Must one walk away, realizing they can’t possibly fulfill said expectations, or can the other party live with and acknowledge an attempt at reaching those loftily held hopes by the other(s) involved is acceptable? Must someone participating in the relationship become completely overwhelmed in their attempt?

A presumption by one party that the other(s) will automatically conform or reach their unstated goals for the relationship whether working or personal, is folly in and of itself.  Presume “makes an ass of u and me” and it does.

What of assumptions?  Without speaking your mind, stating your hopes, everyone involved is left in a quandary, left guessing, and thereby open to making a mistake and “assuming” they understand the situation, thereby leaving both parties unfulfilled.  One because their unspoken expectations were left unmet, the other disappointed they haven’t met those expectations, thereby feeling they “missed the mark” and everyone is left  dissatisfied.

A working relationship requires effort, clear communication, respect, dedication, and yes, expectations.  Expectations clearly outlined and a thorough discussion that leaves everyone in a position of understanding, therefore acceptance.  If a party in the relationship doesn’t make any attempt to reach the agreed upon expectations, reevaluate the situation, make sure you can live with the status quo to remain happy.

In hindsight, I realized why our relationship failed.  My expectations weren’t met by Kevin.  He hadn’t tried.  In reality, I’d never really outlined what I expected of him, nor him of me.  We floated, literally, mistakenly, on a cloud of “love”.  The cloud dissipated over time and I was left disillusioned and saddened. It took me awhile to understand that had been the problem, our problem.  We’de parted ways, perhaps because we were too young, too immature, too unaware of the stressors of life, and perhaps we didn’t try hard enough.

Thankfully, our folly hadn’t involved anyone else.  We parted on fairly good terms.  There was no bitterness, hatred, jealousy or revenge involved.  We simply had nothing left to work towards. 

Today was the fateful day.  We were to meet for the first time in over eight years.  I was surprised it hadn’t happened sooner since we were both involved in similar professions.  While Marco was a builder, I was in real estate and our company was contracted to find available land for projects involving mid-level buildings that were designed to encourage entry and lower level professionals to obtain apartments and condos that were available for sale.

I felt both trepidation and excitement.  After all, we hadn’t parted on bad terms, and I wasn’t expecting acrimony of any kind.  Certainly, for my part, I had no bitterness toward our failed partnership.

Speak of the devil, there he is.  I’d spotted him immediately across a crowded lobby.  He looked more attractive, with his tall and fuller build.  He’d obviously been working out.  He was always health conscious, not obsessively so, but he took care of himself eating well and working out daily.

I knew the moment he spotted me.  He turned, faced me, and eyebrows lifted, sending that sexy smile my way as his brown eyes warmed. He headed to me, hand outstretched.  “Ava, lovely to see you again.”

“Marco, you’re looking very fit and happy.”

“I am,  Ava,  very.  This new project purports to be a special one, close to my heart.”

“I remember.”

Marco seemed surprised at my answer as if unsure I’d remember.”

“How is your family?”

“They are well.  Emma and Jason have two little ones and a third on the way.  Gary is finishing college and entering university.”

I laughed, “He still hanging on to your every word?”

Marco laughed, “Yeah, somewhat.”  His following smile was slightly embarassed.

He looked over at me, “I have something to do, but after, would you join me for dinner?”

“I’d like that, Marco.  I won’t be free for a couple hours, say 7:00 at Angelo’s?”

“Sounds good.  I’ll meet you there. I remember how independent you are.  You like having control over coming and going.”

He remembered that.  “Yes, I do.  Although hopefully I’ve grown some and control isn’t quite such an issue.” He seemed surprised.

“And you, as I recall, railed against my independence.  You felt I should be handled with gloves.  Gloves I didn’t require.”

“So, we have both changed, grown.”

“Perhaps our expectations of each other . . .”

“I’m sorry, Ava, I have to go, I’m on a tight schedule today.  But I’d love to continue this discussion over dinner.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”  He reached out and touched my cheek with his fingers an expression of anticipation and perhaps pleasure momentarily lit his eyes and certainly in his tentative touch.

As I walked away I thought, this could be something.  I decided, I’d like that.  From his reaction, perhaps Marco felt the same.  Time would tell.



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I would rearrange my life for you

To make everything brand new

My love for you is strong my dear

I always want to have you near

To share our life together forever

We would laugh and joke and banter

For all seasons we would enjoy

Our love open free no artifice employ

No secrets between us there would be

To you I now come and on bent knee

I supplicate this my appeal

Forever mine would for you remain

Happiness joy and peace attain

Together we work as a team united

Our hopes and dreams well blended

As we share our lives now rearranged

Our love for each other unchanged

Could this dream of us come true

And though the world around a zoo

Remain united and as one

Outside influences to shun

Making our life together whole

Forever together to console

When life’s bumps should arise

A plan of attack we devise

To remain together a team of two

Our love so solid through and through.