Breakthrough to the other side of understanding, a pivotal moment when confusion becomes clarity.



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Oprah used to call it the “aha” moment, when “you got it”, you made a breakthrough to the other side of understanding, a pivotal moment when confusion becomes clarity.  It usually pertains to a moment when you are halted, stopped short, unable to move forward because you’ve come to a roadblock whether it’s mental physical or emotional.  Those breakthrough moments that take you through the crossroads are massive and usually life altering.

If your an introvert, breaking through the ice at a party can be daunting indeed.  Teenagers in my day were referred to as “wallflowers”.  Usually comprised of introverts, I now suspect, unable to break through the ice.  It may not be terminal, but it sure feels terminal when your unable to approach someone special you would like an opportunity to know and simply can’t.  A shy reticent person faces many obstacles until they make that breakthrough.  It can be done with practice, hard work and great effort.

Barriers and obstacles can slow us down or stop us completely if we aren’t able to make a breakthrough.  Often it means confrontation with another person we hold dear.  Perhaps it’s someone at work that speaks in a demeaning fashion, or shows prejudice in their attitude and it’s amazingly difficult to approach them and honestly tell them they are to put it bluntly, a jackass (insert whatever curse word you prefer here) and their behaviour is beyond hurtful, it’s mean, cruel or downright vicious.

Breakthroughs should be applauded, praised, commended, celebrated.  Shout from the rooftop because it took facing our fear and doing it anyway.

I wish to applaud all the dedicated writers I’ve had the great fortune to meet here.  My wish is for all to reach that breakthrough moment they wish to reach.  Whether it is becoming a well recognized writer, if that is your goal, or whether it is writing to make a change in the universe which in turn causes breakthrough moments for others stuck in a time or place that is not of their choosing and from which they wish to move forward.

I also applaud those of  you who have been brave enough to include us in your personal struggles and proclaim and acclaim the struggle ensued, and your discovery of a world beyond that moment in time that had you tightly in it’s grasp.






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  1. I liked the `pivotal moment when confusion becomes clarity’. As usual, you are very fast in giving your thoughts on any topic, that too, with clarity.

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