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I have been absolutely awed and fascinated since I began blogging.  Not only because it’s given me an outlet for my writing and the ability to try a variety of subjects and styles of writing.

Interestingly people often scoff at writers, thinking them empty headed, silly, non conformist and basically unstable.  The opposite is true. What a fascinating lot we are.  Generally, writers have a good grasp on reality.   To write effectively, knowledgeably, and well, you have to have a decent understanding of humanity and what makes us tick individually and as a whole.

It’s easy to paint the world with a single brush. Living in a small community or small city comparatively, it would be simpler to group individuals into types, the type that chose these locations as backward, lacking in knowledge or culture.

Having lived in a very small community, I know this is not true.  There are some very forward thinking people tucked away not because they are hiding or running away from society (not that that isn’t also true) but because it’s where they chose to live.

If you know me well, you’ll know I’m not given to flattery.  I say my piece because I mean it.  If I reach out to you, it’s because something in your writing spoke to me.  On that score, there are many here, that touch me constantly, because their writing is valuable, inciteful, knowledgeable and worthy of consideration.  When I see this, feel this, I have to speak out.

It’s the same as watching an artist sing.  Whether they sing your type of music or not, it is disrespectful not to.  That is how I feel about many here, what they write, how they write, and what they say.

Every morning, when I wake, the first thought on  my mind is checking out WordPress to see what you’ve written and contributed, what new outlook or viewpoint has been shared.  It’s refreshing, invigorating and uplifting.  Humbling as well as many share their trials struggles, uphill battles faced, and more importantly, won.

I wanted to take the opportunity to share my thoughts on what I’ve witnessed here because I appreciate your gifts, and you have many.  From poetry, to photography to photography/writing, to stories, so thank you one and all. Your interpretation on any given subject or picture is fascinating and entertaining. Thank you.




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  1. As a very new blogger I found your thoughts interesting having taken a leap of faith putting my work out there for all to see. Although very few have at the moment! There is, for my part a certain introspection that comes with writing, because it is in essence a solitary occupation, however, its life and experience that we draw on when we write and they go hand in hand
    thanks for the post

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I’m new too, been here since July was scared to death at first plus had no idea what a blog was much less what to do with one (see July 1 – 3) for my first endeavour, lol. I’ll have to watch for your blogs since you sound intriguing, most definitely. TTYL I hope

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