I’m not sure how well this would go over with the rest of you, but I was wondering if any of you would be interested in a “chat” side bar.

I, personally think it would be wonderful to chat about different topics and throw ideas back and forth in a more immediate fashion than having comments appear on the blog itself.  Simply because I often have questions and comments that aren’t related to the topic at hand or the blog being discussed.

So I decided to be daring and present this question to all of you to find out what your thoughts are.  I realize we live busy lives and are involved daily in a number of activities outside of work, but I thought it might be interesting to pose this suggestion.

I haven’t done any research into the idea, and who to contact to pose the option if there is enough interest.  So, if you feel inclined, yay or nay, please drop me a line and let me know, and I’ll get started on the leg work to see if this is a viable possibility.

In the event it is not, are  any of you aware of an open site where you can chat with other authors?  I’m talking about serious would be writers, not those such as a lot of fb individuals in spouting personal “garbage” for lack of a better word, trashing exes or the next door neighbour.

Take care until next time.

An idea just posed (by ….) lest she wish to remain anonymous, I mean cohort unnamed,

1.   have a blog totally for chatting, like a writers forum.

2.  Why not start a ‘weekly chat’ post, we can all meet each week on one blog at an agreed time and chat to our hearts content. There was something like this on twitter a few years back but I found it hard to keep up with at the time. You could name it each week start a topic and maybe share hosting between those interested find a good tag too?

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    1. yay, 2 yays and a half, lol as one woman said she loved the suggestion, but probably doesn’t need another excuse to stay on line, roflmao, but would anyway snickers loudly

      1. Why not start a ‘weekly chat’ post, we can all meet each week on one blog at an agreed time and chat to our hearts content. There was something like this on twitter a few years back but I found it hard to keep up with at the time. You could name it each week start a topic and maybe share hosting between those interested find a good tag too?

        1. That sounds awesome and interesting. I take it, that it would be hosted by a blogger? and we could change that up? I just posted my suggestion of a “chat bar” to the powers that be, we’ll see how they respond, however, your idea sounds absolutely doable.

          1. Funny I was only thinking about something this the other day, or is it spooky. Another idea would be to have a blog totally for chatting, like a writers forum. Interested to see what others think. Good idea though 🙂

          2. Another brilliant idea! Ill go re edit the blog and add that idea too, psst, you know what they say about great minds, smirk smirk, nope, never heard that one! lol

          3. lmao totally redundant and quite hilarious, because that, right there, is why I suggested a chat site, although in this instance it works, mwhahaha

          4. You are very funny, I get it, but will everyone get our humour? I can think of a few I’ve chatted with on here and gone totally off topic lol. I like the idea anyway 😉

          5. Cool, 1 more yay, one more uncertain, i think we’re winning lol it’ll take a couple days for everyone else to see it, but be that as it may, I already posted the suggestion on the forum, and I imagine someone will get back to me, not sure how that stuff works, never been involved before.

          6. I bet roseelaineblog would be interested, she likes a chat. I’ll point her over, she’s good fun, always trying to get me to a dating site, ha ha, as if 😉

          7. I’m in England, Brighton. I lived in Toronto for a few years, about 25 years ago though! Loved Canada, beautiful. So we need to work out chat times that suit us, although we always seem to manage lol

  1. I would certainly check it out. I find that I ‘miss out’ on most things social due to my schedule so I’m not going to get my hopes up but good luck.

    1. Thank you nhkaryn, this is good news. We’ll see what happens, may take a couple of days for others to see the site and what’s been proposed, but if we have enough interest, perhaps! xx fingers and toes

  2. While I find the idea fascinating, I have enough trouble finding the time to prepare a blog for the daily word prompt, mainly because in addition to word Press, I write a monthly column for our Community Newsletter in addition to articles for one other blog site. And then there is my daily contributions to FB. Add to all this, daily chores, exercise, and so forth – well as we know there are only so many hours in a day.

    1. Certainly, understandable, but if we are able to get something up and running, you’ll always be able to pop in for a quick coffee break snickers loudly, or race in on those roller skates of yours mwhahaha yelling hi as you race on by, lol

      1. You have a point there! I guess I would be up to trying it to see how it goes. Quick question, on the assumption you get this up and running, when we are going to be unavailable for whatever reason – out of the country – no Internet or what have you – what do we do, just drop you a message or post something to that effect?

        1. Since the idea is in it’s infancy, I’m open to all suggestions and so far, others have suggested a specific time, depends on whether its an open chat or a daily blog that is hosted by a different individual daily, weekly whatever works for everyone and it’s basically “fun” time so at your convenience. Only draw back for me is if WordPress would expect $ compensation as I haven’t the funds to invest in something like that, otherwise the worlds your oyster , but seriously no pressure, when and if you can pop in, awesome, otherwise we’ll enjoy your company when you do.

          1. Sounds good. I too would not be open to it if Word Press expects to be compensated.I’ll stay open to whatever options pop up. Thanks.

          2. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thisicontact thingy wasn’t working so was unable to let you know before now. Enjoy

          3. Wow, unfortunately, being a “Wannabe blogger”, I am embarrassed to say, I’m not sure what that means or what I am required to do.

          4. Take a look at my site, there is a copy of the award, and the rules. Basically, your supposed to thank whoever nominated you, then answer their questions provided, and nominate others. I was nominated twice, so look for the first one as the site was down and I couldn’t thank the woman who nominated me or receive questions from her. Ive posed others for you, snicker snicker. Its completely voluntary so enjoy, should you wish to participate.

          5. Yes I did but it will be later tonight or possibly tomorrow til I can respond. We are in central Florida and under a Tropical Storm watch until Thursday evening or Friday morning.

          6. I realize it is a regular occurrence in your part of the world. That doesn’t make it any the easier to cope with I would suspect. Therefore, I look forward to seeing you on the morrow when all is again well, I hope!

  3. I am totally excited at the prospect, this could be so much fun. At a roadblock in my book and been stewing about it for days, made a bit of headway but not enough so this has really lifted my spirits greatly, even if it doesn’t go anywhere, it is great fun!

    1. Thank you, hoping it takes off and WordPress can accommodate without a fee. Perhaps with enough interest, it can happen. Please if you have time, redirect others to the site so they can leave a message nay or yay! lol, thank you in advance, take care.

  4. This sounds like a good idea. I’m in. Thanks for posting and sharing. I’d like too get to know other bloggers better. There’s so much good writing out there. The wisdom of the collective conscious is better than one.

        1. Absolutely. So far, out of 7 we have 7, so looking good. It’s not been posted for long, and I’m hoping that it will gain momentum. any other suggestions and thoughts gratefully accepted.

          1. What time of the day is it there? it’s 8 42 am here, so I have a “timeline” of sorts I’m going to have a boo at the ? page see if there was any response to the “chat” channel or chat page whichever is possible. back shortly

          2. Went to the forum where I posted my suggestion. I copied and pasted the responses and have no idea how to bring this about. I’ll have to wait for my son to have a look at the suggestions. It’s not impossible from what I read. I’d need him to accomplish this however. So, until he’s available, i wait with bated breath.

          3. Seriously, you know what you want! That’s not “trying” that’s a go getter, believing in herself, unwilling to “settle” so ok, ok, I get it, let’s all be “trying” smirks delightedly

          4. Just breath it in sugar, breath it in. Cause there’s a diff between Getting what, and standing firm for what you want, and being trying. Trying is a state of unreasonable, and I doubt you are that! It’s not in you. Your a giving caring person, as you’ve demonstrated here as I imagine you do in your personal life, it’s who you are. Others may not see it that way, because it clashes with their wants or needs or perhaps unreasonableness. Its human nature after all. Still, keep that happy boisterous outgoing loving laughing outlook, it’s who you are, and tell the doubters to go fly a kite, proverbial or otherwise. Maybe I can find one to make and send, mwhahaha

          5. I remember being so flattered when my mum said I was unique… until she added but not in a good way but at least I am not boring.

            Now about this one ????️‍♀️ he looks fit ????????

          6. lol, I remember reading that post. Sometimes those old tapes are worthwhile, if you can see them differently, in the “now” perspective, but otherwise, unhelpful. Nothing wrong with unique … when it’s what makes the world and you in particular stand out as special. And you are!

          7. That’s my mother, she never thinks that some things may hurt…. I’ve always been different, but I love different because it’s not conforming or boring x

          8. Pisces although there was something new on fb, true or not that says they got the dates wrong, and there is another sign and they moved them all around and I would be a different one. not sure what to think of that

  5. I am interested. It would be easy to set up a Facebook group with invited writers. The chat would be easy there with breakout sessions on Facebook messenger.

    1. Oh thank you, never thought of that. As my vision is so limited, it would be a tad difficult to set up, but when my son is available, I could ask him if he could do this, since it’s a very popular and desired idea by many here.

    2. I have a fb page under cover novelist and a personal one, both already in progress, so I’ll have to ask my son when he is available if he would set this up. As long as it doesn’t require fixing, I’d be ok

      1. I also have two Facebook accounts. One for personal (and filled with my conservative political posts) and one as an Author where I post my entries from WordPress.

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