I don’t know about you and your aha moments,  i’m pretty sure we’ve all had them and more than once.  I just had a major aha moment!  Eureka! 

I’ve thought about stressers in my life as i am sure you have. We’ve all heard the old catch phrase “lessen the stress in your life” usually complete with sage warnings relating to health or illness or reducing the risk to either by reducing stress.

I’ve often pondered about what causes stress, even managed to trace some of them back to the source. Still my aha moment hadn’t happened as yet.  Not until tonight!  A few minutes ago, while glancing through twitter feeds, I read a post that blew my mind and created that aha moment.  Stress is created when you are someplace other than where you want to be!  It hit me like a tonne of bricks. Instances, moments in my life when I was the most stressed were exactly those moments!  Moments when I was doing something I really didn’t want to be doing, and what I really wanted was something completely different! 

I isolated specifics to see if this were indeed true for me and low and behold, it was true!  I was on a train of thought, incredibly important at this precise moment, because I’ve been deadlocked on an event in a chapter, a pivotal point in the story for a couple of days. Brava, this was the answer to my  dilemma!  I know how to solve this issue without derailing my  plot!   I was happily congratulating myself, nearly skipping across the room and had just plunked my petuty in my chair, words dancing in my mind, when a little one came prancing through the door!  A look of pure eager excitement lit up that little face, eye glowing with such untold delight, the voice filled with joy, “Gramma,  you’ll never guess what we did today!”

In that most heartfelt of moments,  I was torn between jotting down an outline that would surely be enough to keep my idea present, and I could go back to, and when I turned toward my computer, I couldn’t handle the startled look on that dear little face!   I took hold of both her hands and asked “What?  What Happened? ”  The tale unraveled slowly with every minute detail outlined retraced and repeated when a piece was left out.  I truly was all ears, completely involved until the end of the telling. As soon as the tale was done, she turned to walk away calling over her shoulder, “That’s it. Bye, gotta go now.” No response was required.

By then we’ll you can guess what had happened to my brilliant idea . . It had flown the coup!  Worse yet, the more I tried to hold onto it, the further away it seemed to go.  

I have to admit in all honesty even though I feel shallow for having thought it, I was  annoyed!  I even huffed and puffed a couple times.  I was stressed.  At the time, I couldn’t understand why I felt stressed. Why?  A dear little one had come to share something valuable with me!  It’s only now with my aha moment in hand, I realize what had happened.  I had internalized my frustration at putting off something equally valuable, to do something else.  I’d do it again too, perhaps differently but what was also invaluable was the incite I’ve received in that moment.  Amazing isn’t it? I guess you could call them crossroads, intersections, whatever word you choose to use, it was perfect.  My little one got what she needed, I got what I needed, and later once dinner was done, continued on with my writing. 

I had to share this,since I’m sure as writers and bloggers, you have gone through similar moments of triumph! 

30 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Aww this is a lovely post, I fully understand all what your saying. It’s funny last night I said to John I can’t sleep the five little angels in my head are feeding me lines. John, bless him said you should bring a note book to bed to write things down. I agreed and went to sleep…… now I can’t remember them! ????

          1. Haha, I must go see then. I just woke up slept in since I rolled around in bed until after 3 so will go do my morning ablushions and return

          2. I don’t have access on the tablet that’s on the comp, other than to Chek emails or chat now and again, it’s frustrating. Anytime you see

          3. Dang right! Lol my daughter goes back to work tomorrow, after she’s night sift for lunch day not sure schedule after that. She’s been off work for 3 months do to injury. She’s an OFA on the ferry, medical attendant like ambulance attendant, handles I’ll injured heart attacks there in case of emergency because she’d injured her back she could do the OFA part of the job. She’s been cleared for work now
            What, but her crew is at the end of their shift usually means 4 days off then 8 on. So we’,
            We’ll see next shift is 4am then 4 nights then 4 off when she’s home, she plays an on line game and I give up the comp

  2. Maybe that’s why, in retirement, with whatever other issues we have to face, we are remarkably unstressed. Because we are almost never anyplace we don’t want to be, emotionally, mentally, or physically. What a difference it makes!

  3. Your aha moment is a big one, stress sucks and dealing with it sucks. Perspective might help a bit I think, mayhap it’s because I’m not where I want to be in that moment. hmm… such hardy food for thought.

    1. It blew my mind bit it was true. When I think back in time, it has also been true. Which leads me to understand why you need to put yourself first at times and not at the whim of others

  4. Have you tried meditation and mindfulness? It might help in quieting the mind

    There are quite a few mobile apps to kickstart it

    1. thank you for your kind thoughts, I truly appreciate it. I have a much better handle on stress these days. It’s a matter of identifying it. Now I get it, lol. it makes life much simpler when you understand the source, then you can indeed quieted your mind and relax and move away from the stress/er tyvm for your input. Greatly appreciated.

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