Pingbacks and whether they work or if I’ve muffed it up. lol

I’m going to give this a try, and I say try, liberally, since I’m not sure what I’m doing.  Since I love writing about anything, and wordpress has given this delightful opportunity with it’s Daily Prompt, I’ve literally been in seventh heaven.

It’s quite astounding how much and what can be written with a single word prompt.  Everyone comes up with such a variety of takes on the subject of the day, that it is heartwarming, delightful, intuitive and fun to read.

If your an avid reader such as I, then you’ll be delighted with this wonderful opportunity to write yet again, on “whatever” comes up.

Now, I must thank Linda (if i may be so bold) in her generosity in explaining pingback and for offering such a delightful chance to participate.  So here goes, pingback! see if it works lol  If not, it will simply appear on my blog and I’ll have to try again.  Have fun all!

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