I humbly delight in my Eagles.

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It was in response to something she’d written. It gave me pause then, as it does now.Earlier I mentioned this to liza regarding her photo/blog because it relates amazingly.

Many years ago, I held a variety of titles at the C of C.  The responsibilities of the job included taking literally hundreds of calls per day, obtaining the information regarding what lodging the caller preferred, Hotel, Inn, B&B, and all the pertinent data and pairing the visitor with an appropriate accommodation.  It was a job I adored.  We provided as many available rooms as the town had and posted the remaining rooms at end of day.

We booked Ferry passages and rooms on the other end of their destination as well.  I went the extra mile and even provided trips for some including rentals, bus routes, airplane flights, across Europe, Canada, The States, etc.  You get the idea.

Right from my first day, Eagles arrived and posted themselves in a tree across the field, beside the Bay in a monstrously huge tree.  There were three.  Two parents and a fledgling.  This would change with time, and other Eaglets would follow.

Every day, the adult eagles would arrive and station themselves in the tree.  I’d watch them with rapt delight.  It soon became apparent that their arrival coincided with a change in the weather.  When they appeared, it would rain.  When they did not, it would not rain.  I began forecasting the weather daily upon their arrival or nonarrival.  (The aches and pains of weather change, notwithstanding.)

Many laughed at my predictions, for the skies were blue and a warm breeze whispered.  Sure enough, without any warning, the skies opened up and it poured!  This wasn’t an isolated event.  It soon became a regular event.  I never mentioned it to anyone since it seemed so peculiar, unusual, implausible.  Yet it happened daily, weekly monthly.

One day, about two months before I changed jobs, a visitor from the southern states came in asking if the “Eagle Lady” was here, that they’d heard so much about her.  I had no idea to whom she was referring.  At my perplexed expression, she said, “She tells the weather according to the Eagles.”  You can imagine my shock and stupefaction. I had to ask her how she’d heard of this woman.  She said, “Everyone knows about her.”  That still hadn’t answered my question and I admit I was still in a state of shock and wonderment.  She went on to add that many of her friends had made this trip, met her, and she’d showed them the Eagles.

I took them out behind the building and showed them the Eagles, currently nested in the tree.  “How do you do it?”  I took the time to explain the Eagles reactions, we noted they were sitting high amid the branches, they took pictures and left.  The following day they returned and asked how the Eagles were doing.  We went and checked. They weren’t present.  “So you think it’s going to rain.”  We all looked up at the sky and witnessed a few whispy clouds.  They said, “So, rain?”

I responded, “It would seem so.” And, it did, it rained buckets!  Later they returned, absolutely delighted and took my picture.  It’s a moment that I remember with great affection.

It ties in with liza’s poem and I had to share these incidents because it made me re-think the instances with the eagles.

My eagles are still with me today.  They have followed me on every move to every location, and show up often when I’m a guest elsewhere.  I am humbled and delighted they were there then and are here now.  Coincidence or a sign?  You be the judge.

I encourage you to read Liza’s blog if you haven’t already done so, as you may find it as fascinating as I do.  https://lizalizaskysaregrey.com/

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  1. That’s a brilliant story now all I need is a bird and we all three will be blessed ???? seriously I enjoyed reading that. AND I am really enjoying your book, I read some every night before I go to sleep x

    1. Awe your so welcome. I see so much Awesomeness in your posts, particularly this one as it really struck a chord. I’d send hearts if I knew how lol xoxo will have to do

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