Whether acrylic, oil, water, photography or another venue, we are in a unique position today. Twitter, FB and other outlets provide awareness of spectacular artist and their work.

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Line, form, shape, texture, space, value and color are the elements that make up various art forms. These basic components combined with principles of design are the building blocks used by all artists to create within every genre of artistry.

I am an art a·fi·ci·o·na·do (particularly that which speaks to me).  Since art is perception, and we all perceive art in various ways, our taste  obviously vary considerably in what move us.  Some prefer oil, others watercolours or acrylic.

As far as modern works of art, I’ve re-tweeted Mr. Afremov’s work  as I find his work so delightful and appealing.  http://bit.ly/OfferAfremov

There are so many examples, past and present.  Past works of art available in museums around the world are without a doubt, spectacular and that goes without saying.  I enjoy perusing these on the net.  Although beautiful, would never in all likelihood grace the walls of many of us. We can only observe with awe how beautiful they truly are.

I used to love to paint, draw, use oils, watercolours and acrylic.  Since we have a world of art available through twitter, fb and other outlets, providing awareness of these spectacular artists, we are in a unique position as is the art world.

I have been completely entranced with the photography that many have offered on WordPress’s site in response to daily photo offerings.  I would include all of your work if I possibly could, but there would be pages of links.  Besides being knowledgeable bloggers, with interesting and perceptive insights, there are so many of you who have a photographic bent as well. You will know who you are as I constantly speak to your work. I can’t help but do so.

I love photography.  Enzo Christopher@halpern_claude is a favourite.  His work simply put, is a work of art.  Spectacular in every way.  I encourage you to have a look for yourself and decide if it is true for you.

I could continue forever, for this has long been a passion of mine.  I’d enjoy seeing samples of art you enjoy.  Hopefully, you are enjoying a relaxed and delightful Sunday.

I will point out that I have no affiliation with any of the artists I’ve mentioned.  I simply find I’m greatly moved by their work and wanted to share them.

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