Had to do it, I love her!

I couldn’t resist!  I had to do it!  I SO love Maxine.  She says what everyone thinks but are afraid to say on so many topics.  I could read Maxine cartoons all day, but then I’d get nothing else done, which is really what Maxine is all about, snicker snicker.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to do this again since I absolutely enjoy her.  I have to thank another blogger who posted the most hilarious Maxine today.  They were perfect.  Perfectly wonderful!  Seeing that, I went in search to see if I could find her.  Low and behold, I did.  Well, I read for ages.  I had to choose a few to share since she literally kills me.  Has me in stitches.  Enjoy!

I sincerely doubt it’s difficult being Maxine, since she has endless material.


7 thoughts on “Maxine

    1. I love Maxine. She speaks to politics, religion, changes in society’s thinking, personal stuff, but always hilariously! Had to add her for a change. Glad you enjoyed.

    1. lol, didn’t mean for that to happen but, um, everyone was asking for pics of me, so shshsh go to my Halloween page, most of us are there, my two little grand kids, my beautiful daughter, and me as well. My son’s been busy running everyone around hopefully I’ll get him too

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