Turning Tables – Adele November Songs

Adele is one of my all-time favourite artists.

This is, alas, the end of November Songs.  I wish to thank you all for offering up a selection of thought-provoking music, in which to take part.  It has been a delightful pleasure indeed.  I also thank each of you, dear readers, for following along.  Interpretation pertaining to each song by each writer has been individual and so interesting to follow.

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I thought our future strong

That you were the only one

Until you belittled and put me down

Or you sliced me up without a sound

I’m not what you would make of me

I never was, I never could be

For I don’t want to keep up with all

The ups and downs that you so enthrall

Affection, love, devotion, strong

Are what we needed to build on

Not the wall to shut me out

Leaving me filled with such doubt

Always keeping me at arm’s length

Until finally I admit defeat with strength

I held on hoping you would see

What you were doing to me

I shall go on, alone for a time if I must

Perhaps then find someone else to entrust

All that I have to give and share

Enjoying a life beyond compare




Hunger of the Pine by alt j November songs

I couldn’t watch the accompanying video with the song.  Took me two days to finally come up with words as it was too violent for me.

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I am sensitive to your every word

Listening intently they cut like a sword

Or touch my soul as though melodious

Delightful and graciously harmonious

Your presence is precious and dear

I delight in having you so near

That we may share our affection strong

Racing together down life’s path headlong

Loving you is reason enough

All others advances to rebuff

You are my one true love

May we never be neglectful of

The moments that we have to share

For they are magic and light as air

















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A faded rose she had become

But instead, happy not glum

Her life had been enriched

By experiences she’d stitched

Together through the fabric of time

Each and everyone so sublime

A scrapbook of fun and games

Embolden by the flames

Of deepest love care and devotion

That surrounded her like an ocean

Filled with memories as precious

Richest jewels and as precocious

A vibrant richness had unfolded

Like bright fireworks exploded

Her time upon the earth was pure

Hence no reason to demure

This life to her had been a gift

Even though it’s passing oh so swift






Culture 2

I was barely awake when I wrote my poem this morning.

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Daily life and social customs

As Canada is so diverse both historically and ethnically, we don’t have a single national culture a melting-pot or ‘stew’ if you will, with very distinctive flavours from hundreds of influences making up the ‘larger’ Canadian culture.

Although French and English share equally ‘official-language status’, the particular culture of an area is generally a reflection of the dominant language; thus, French influences are confined largely to Quebec and New Brunswick.

Canada’s aboriginal peoples also maintain their own distinctive cultures, particularly in the North, and immigrants have both integrated into Canadian daily life and continued to maintain some unique elements of their ancestral homelands. Still, the country unites to celebrate Canada Day (July 1), which commemorates the formation of the country in 1867.

Dishes popular in French areas—for example, poutine (french fries covered in gravy and topped with cheese) and meat pies such as tourtières and paté à la rapure (with beef, chicken, or clams).

Just thought I’d add a little of our “culture” which is so flamboyant and often celebrated with flair.  Hope you enjoyed this look into Canadian culture, as minute as it is.



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Some are so lucky to have a heritage that is culturally rich while others simply wish they did.

I am a lover of culture what can I say

Whether it be music,painting, philosophy

So enriching to your mind’s eye

I suppose it is the reason why

I troll the internet daily for

Interesting subjects and much more

That bring pleasure to me and all who see

The charming differences that there be






Nathan 53

Nathan stopped at a specialty coffee shop and bought two coffee and handed one across to Emma. “How do you want to play this Harrison angle?”

“It depends on how he responds, whether he knows anything, or has Marks notes.”

They sat a few minutes and then Nathan drove to his address.  “Ah, here we are.”

They walked toward the house, and Nathan dropped his head and said, “You notice someone was looking out the window?”

Smiling serenely up at Nathan Emma nodded, “Yes.  Anxious?”


“Certainly makes me wonder what he knows.”  The hair on Nathan’s arms was standing up.  “There’s something here, alright.”

“I have that squiggly silver shiver that runs through my body when something is ‘off’,”Emma admitted.

At their knock, the door opened and a sketchy looking man slightly shorter than Nathan but exceedingly thin stood before them.

“Mr. Harrison, I’m Emma Banks and this is Nathan.”

“Sandra mentioned you might drop by.  Come in.  I haven’t got a lotta time ’cause I have an appointment.”

Emma sat beside Nathan on the sofa and explained as she had done with Ms. Fraser then asked what he thought about Mr. Marks demise and whether they’d discussed the particulars together.

His immediate response was denial, but the way he avoided eye contact and the constant manner in which he fidgeted and moved had her wondering.  “Mr. Harrison, Mr. Wannabaker and I are equally concerned regarding Mr. Mark’s untimely death.  Mr. Wannabaker mentioned that some of Mr. Marks notes were missing.  Did he leave them with you by chance?”

“Look, I really don’t want to get into any of this.  If I give you his notes will you walk away, leave me alone, and never come back?  Never mention me in your article?”

“Certainly if that is your wish.  I have to ask, Mr. Harrison, what is making you so nervous?”

“Rob and I were friends since grade school.  We talked about every damn thing.  We were closer than brothers.  He told me he thought he’d been followed a couple of times, and his real concern was Sandra.  At first, I thought he was paranoid.  Even though I couldn’t figure out how this unfortunate woman’s death could possibly carry that much weight and concern.”

“After that, he started to dig.  The more he worked on the information, connections he was making, the weirder he got.  Then a day before the accident, he dropped by unexpected like, asked me to keep his notes.  Said if anything happened to him, watch out for Sarah. Then he was gone.”

“Far as I know, nothing happened with Sarah.  I kept watching over her, making excuses to phone or drop by.  Then she asked me to give her time, she couldn’t deal with me around, said I reminded her of all the good times we’de shared together.  So I stopped going, stopped calling even.”

“Then I realized why Robert was scared.  He wasn’t paranoid, he wasn’t freaking out.  Someone started following me and someone broke in my place.  I hid Robert’s notes and they wouldn’t find them. Ever.  So I’m kinda relieved to pass them off.  I didn’t know whether to take them to his boss or what to do.  You are welcome to them.” With that, he rose from his chair and disappeared.

“That certainly explains the nerves,” Emma whispered.

“The real question is how would anyone know Marks had handed anything of importance over to Harrison.  That’s the question.”  Nathan rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Within moments Mr. Harrison had returned.  “Here, this is what he left with me.  Take them and please don’t come back, don’t mention me, don’t call, I’m out. I have a woman I’m serious about and as long as this is hanging over me, could possibly harm her, I can’t move on.”

“I’m sorry about Robert, truly.  I never expected any of this fall-out.  I’m not equipped to ask the right questions of the right people.  Maybe you can.”

Emma thanked him and rose to leave.  Nathan handed his card across under the guise of shaking hands and at Mr. Harrison’s surprised look, winked and walked away whispering quietly, “Call. Use a work phone.”

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The Fray – Look After You November Songs

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I want you in my life, come with me

Thou’ I’m sure we won’t always agree

I’ll take care of you and you of me

And we shall together always be

I’ll support you be your shoulder

If you’re ever feeling insecure

You’ll be the rock that grounds

All the thoughts that abound

Together we support each other

Always seeking the answers together

Nathan 52

As Nathan drove up to Sandra Fraser’s address, he parked out front on the road. Emma detailed what Mr. Wannabaker had explained regarding Robert Marks and Sandra Fraser.  His nod told her he got what she was about.

At their knock, the door opened almost immediately and Ms. Fraser was obviously prepared for their visit.  Emma noted a lovely young blond haired blue eyed woman, delicate in stature and just above 4 1/2 feet tall.  Noting the lingering sadness in her beautiful eyes, Emma reached out a hand to introduce herself, then Nathan.

“Please come in,” Ms. Fraser stepped back and gestured toward the front room.  As she entered, Emma was struck by the lovely mix the room contained.  Some antique furniture along with a few more modern pieces, but they contained a hint of by-gone years.

“Thank you very much, Ms. Fraser, for agreeing to meet with me.  I’m not sure how much Mr. Wannamaker has explained.. .”she left the sentence hanging.

“He said you are looking into Sylvia Westwood’s death,” after a shaky pause she continued, “and that you feel my fiancee’s death might be related.”

“I’m more inclined to believe that considering a recent ‘accident’ I was involved in.  However, it was Detective James and Morris who suggested the possibility.” At her nod, Emma continued, “I know this must still be painful for you and it’s my wish to cover the questions at hand as delicately if possible.”

“Please, ask.  Mr. Wannamaker is a considerate man.  I’ve been dealing with what happened, it isn’t as achingly raw as it once was.  What do you need to know?”

“I was wondering if Mr. Marks ever discussed this story, in particular with you.   If he might have said anything to indicate who he thought was involved.”

“No, not really.  Although a few days before the article went to print, and after as well, he was edgy, nervous.  I thought at first it was due to the excitement and wedding plans.  It was a daunting occasion as both families hold decidedly different viewpoints.  He even joked about running to Vegas to get married.”  She smiled when she said that.

“Did he leave any notes behind that might shed some light on the situation?”

“No, but he did say that in the unlikely event of his death, I should talk to Ed Harrison, a close friend of his from school.  He was to be our best man.” She coughed in an attempt to hold back the tears.  “I haven’t done so, because I didn’t see any relevance, but also because Ed’s hurting as much as I am.  Perhaps that’s cowardice but it is what it is.”

“Do you think that Mr. Harrison would be open to seeing me?”

“I phoned him right after you called.  He’s half expecting you now.”  She rose and picked up a piece of paper with his name, address and phone number attached.  “He said he’d be ok with talking to you about Rob.”

Rising, Emma walked to her and held out her arms.  Nathan was surprised when the woman walked into them and wrapped Emma up in a warmly firm hug.  “I was really dreading this moment, afraid it might overwhelm me again.  Somehow, meeting with you has had an alternate effect. Simply knowing someone else cares. . . ”

“I do care, Miss Fraser, because he deserves justice and you deserve answers. Everything I’ve learned about Mr. Marks suggests a dedicated reporter, uncompromisingly honest and fair.”

As she accompanied them to the door she said, “Ms. Banks, please take care.  If what happened to Robert was related to Sylvia Westwood’s death, then you could be placing yourself in grave danger.”

“I’ll be fine, Ms. Fraser, I have a secret weapon.”  She rubbed a hand up and down Nathan’s arm and smiled.

“Good luck to you both, then.”

“Would you, would you mind letting me know what you find?”

“Indeed, when I have answers, you’ll have answers, I promise.”

Emma leaned against Nathan as they returned to his vehicle.  “She strikes me as a very brave young woman, and a really great fit for Mr. Marks.”

“Yes, Emma, she does.  We need to find her answers and end this cycle of grief.  It may be only marginal now, but it’s there and it’s tainting her life.”

“I think so too, Nathan.”

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How I long for the days when with vigor

I was sharp fast and so much quicker

Never a thought about moving along

Then I was a virtual amazon

When I required some get-up and go

I was on the move never once slow

Now I move with style and grace

That is how I choose to embrace

The external changes that have come over me

Even though my thoughts race constantly

This slower gentler quieter one

Oh how I lament all I should have done

I don’t know where my get up and go has gone






Nathan 51

Emma managed to pull off a few stretches without wincing and falling on the floor, so she decided this was a good thing.  Leg stretches weren’t bad but when she got into arm stretches and twists involving her back, the twinge set her teeth on edge and had her sucking in her breath repeatedly.  Her head was better, it didn’t feel like a football any more, but she still had to be careful not to overdo it by stretching her neck too much.  Ok, she sighed looking into the mirror, another day of relaxation was required.

That didn’t mean she couldn’t talk to Mr. Mark’s acquaintances and others he’d discussed his concerns with regarding the article he’d written.  Showering quickly, and dressing in the most relaxed clothes she owned, she applied a light smattering of makeup and brushed her hair into the flippy pony.

She went in search of Jim, and found him in discussion with the kitchen staff.  “Hi, Jim, can I interrupt for a minute?”

“Surely, Ms. Banks.  How can I help you?”

“I was hoping you had some time available to drive me to a couple of appointments.”

“Surely, I’m at your disposal.  I’ll get the car immediately.” He straightened, smiled and disappeared out the side door.

As soon as she was comfortably ensconced in the vehicle and he was behind the wheel, he asked, “Where to, Ms. Bank?”

“Emma, is fine, Jim.”

“I’m heading to the Chronicle, first, then I have a couple of other appointments, private appointments afterward.”

Jim nodded stiffly. “Are you sure, Emma?”

“Certainly, Jim, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I’m sure Nathan would prefer to attend these meetings with you since they relate to the incident at the apartment building.”

“I have it on good authority that you are worth your weight in gold, so I have no concerns, Jim,” she assured him quickly.

He knew Nathan would blow a gasket over this, but he was caught in the middle on this one.  His instructions were to accompany her at all times.  Since he was her designated driver, he was doing just that. It was splitting hairs, but there you have it.

“I hope this doesn’t put you in an uncomfortable position, Jim.  If so, you could drop me at home, I’ll pick up my own car and travel on from there.”

“No, Emma, that won’t be necessary.  I’ll certainly drive you.” Knowing her obstinacy, he was sure that was exactly what she’d do, and he’d still have to follow, discreetly, but he’d still be in attendance either way.

When they arrived at the Chronicle, Emma alighted as quickly as her still aching body would allow and walked inside after motioning for Jim to remain as he was.

As soon as she was inside, he placed a call to Nathan.  “Nathan, we’re at the Chronicle.”  He listened to Nathan’s angry breathing followed by the instant tirade he’d expected.  Jim immediately explained Emma’s ultimate threat.

“Yes, I’ll accompany her on all her rounds.  Yes, I’ll report as soon as I am able.”

After he hung up, he blew out a breath he hadn’t known he’d been holding in.  He knew that was what Nathan’s response was going to be.  He’d actually taken it better than Jim had expected.

Emma stopped at the reception desk and explained to the officious looking young woman that she wished to speak to the Editor.  When asked whether she had an appointment, Emma explained she did not, but that what she needed to discuss concerned one of their colleagues.  The woman seemed startled at first, then went in search of the Editor.

“He has 10 minutes he can give you.  He’s between meetings.”

“Thank you.”  Emma smiled gratefully.

Walking to the Editor’s office, smaller than her bosses, she was hit by a plethora of paperwork and articles laying on top of the desk, and every other corner of the room and couldn’t help but smile.  It was reminiscent of her boss’s desk, although perhaps even a few inches higher and deeper.

Introductions made, Mr. Wannemaker asked if she’d take a seat.  After doing so Emma explained why she had come. “I have a vested interest, Mr. Wannemaker.  It seems that upon carrying out a follow-up when some new information was presented, I was attacked.  At least that’s what the detective’s working the case feel.  I’m only telling you this because I want you to know I’m not taking this situation lightly.”

“I wondered if you or anyone else working with Mr. mark’s had concerns regarding his untimely death and whether you ever suspected it was related to this story.”

“Ms. Banks, before I go further, yes I do indeed have concerns. Let me state that clearly.  When I sent Mr. Marks out on a ‘regular story’ or what should have been a regular story, even though it was a very tragic incident and what I thought was a sad statement about the underbelly of the city, I never once expected he’d die as a result.”

“So, it behooves me to suggest you move with great caution if you’re going to cover this story.  Although we did some digging on our own, we weren’t able to provide conclusive evidence the young woman’s death and Mr. Mark’s death were connected, or whether it was  indeed a result of the information he’d gathered.  It’s stuck in my craw ever since.  Simply because I have a gut feeling it was.”

“Would you be ok with letting me see his notes on the story?   I’d like to know if he had any ‘gut feelings’ himself. He suggested he thought that organized crime was involved.  Did he have any basis for that statement?”

“No, that’s the funny part.  He was a good solid reporter who provided unimpeachable facts. He wasn’t given to hyperbole.  I’ve gone through his notes a dozen times after his death and a few more since.  I can’t find any hard facts corroborating his statement.  He wouldn’t have written his article without that.”

“Could his notes have been lost or given to his fiance, or another staff member during follow-up?”

“No, I have a strict policy, that all notes are personal and private.  Everyone takes their notes and hides them discreetly either in the office, or at home, or a bank, wherever, it’s their choice.”

“Do you know if he had a bank account or somewhere else he might have taken his notes?”

“You’d have to ask his fiancee.  Since I’m certain you intend discussing this with her, I warn you, tread lightly.   She’s still grieving.  You can imagine plummeting from the highs of planning a wedding, very much in love, to the depths of despair and attending his funeral and the toll it’s taken on her.  I spoke with her only last week, and she’s improved, but still dealing with the emotional fallout.”

“Certain, Mr. Wannabaker.  I have no intention of taking my rubber hose with me.”  He smiled at that.  “I simply want to find out what information he had and where I should start.”

They spoke for another half hour while Mr. Wannabaker gave her the background he could substantiate and more information on Mr. Marks and the type of individual and reporter he was.

When Emma shook hands and turned to walk away, she stopped, “Mr. Wannabaker, before I print any of this information, I will run it by you, so you have a heads-up on what’s going on.  He obviously was important to you.”

“Thank you, Ms. Banks, I’d really appreciate that.  Still, I’m of the opinion you should probably give this story a miss.  If it was responsible for getting Mr. Marks killed, then your life could be in equal danger.  It’s a grave price to pay for the public’s right to know.”

“I agree, Mr. Wannabaker, all the more reason to make his demise count.”

Mr. Wannabaker had to admire her determination, and from their conversation, decided she was a good honest reporter.  That didn’t mean he wouldn’t look into the other articles she’d written, but he had a good feeling about her, while concern for her safety rode high on his thought process as well.

Emma was pleased as she returned and headed for the car with what she’d learned.  It would seem that since Mr. Marks was a dedicated reporter and wasn’t to be dissuaded from the facts, paying the ultimate price, he deserved more.  He deserved better.  His fiance deserved answers.

The bright sunshine momentarily blinded her.  When her eyes readjusted she noticed the limo had disappeared.  Instead, Nathan’s Porsche 911 was parked in its spot.  She should have known.  Jim would have called immediately. Sighing, she walked toward the car.

Nathan hopped out and walked to her side.  “How are the bruises doing today, Emma?”

“Better, still have to be careful, but better.”

“I was surprised and frustrated you did this alone, Emma.”

“I’m sure you were and are, Nathan.  I still have a job to do.  That is outside your purvue if you’ll forgive me for saying so, and with or without you, I’m going ahead.”

“I get that, Emma.  I’d appreciate it, for the duration of this assignment, that I accompany you.  Let me know what your intentions are, and I’ll clear my schedule.”

“Why, Nathan, you don’t think Jim can provide adequate protection?”

“Indeed he can.”  Nathan smiled with amusement. “However, I would rather be at your side.  That way, Jim can carry on with his other duties.”

Emma smiled sweetly, “Since you have a busy schedule yourself, I don’t want to take you away from anything important you already have on your plate.”

“Nothing is more important than protecting you, lovely one.” Taking her chin in his hand he continued, “I mean that.”

Emma melted.  It felt so good to be cared for on such a level.  “Thank you, Nathan.”  She stood on tip toe and kissed him quite thoroughly.

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Black Lab -Some Peace November Songs

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There was a time the sun shone strong and bright

It’s all that I lived for, it gave me strength and might

Then one day an unforgivable mistake

The constant pain now gives me a bellyache

Nothing can undo the ache for you

It killed something and now we’re through

I live in constant darkness, now so alone

Living with consequences, unable to atone

May you have peace and freedom from

Agony I have caused, to leave you calm

So the sunshine beating down so strong

Wraps you forever in its beauteous song



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The kitchen was filled with aroma so pungent

Chilli, garlic, onion, spices, unrepentant

A feast of smells that capture adventure

East coast, west coast, every day such splendor

Many your delightful aromas they miss

Turning up their nose instead as they hiss

The chef gestured his arms open wide

Extolling the benefits so filled with pride

Filling your senses with rapture so splendid

With flare and colour equally presented

Not for children this elegant presentation

It leaves adults with clear anticipation










Nathan 50

Emma’s sigh contained pure unadulterated peace.  She really enjoyed this she thought as she stretched head to toe.  Waking wrapped in Nathan’s arms, those languid eyes trained on her yet nearly able to see to her soul.  He saw so much, he saw everything.

“How do you do that?” Emma whispered so quietly Nathan had to lean forward to hear her words.

“Do what?”

“Look at me with that all knowing look in your eyes.  Like you see to my soul.”

“I’m not omnipotent, Emma, simply clairvoyant.”  Emma laughed and tweaked his side.

“You are not!”

“I know you are yearning for that great big delicious mug of coffee, that you can already taste.”

“That’s not clairvoyant!  I told you don’t ever wake me without coffee in hand.”

Nathan smirked.  “Look behind you.”

Emma turned and peered across her shoulder.  “Aaah, yes!  Next to sex, the very next best thing.”

“Glad you clarified that statement or I’d be forced to prove you wrong.”

Emma laughed as she turned to reach for the coffee carafe at her side.  “You want?”

“Yes, you!”

Sliding into an upright position she poured a coffee for both of them and handed his across. Closing her eyes she inhaled the exquisite aroma.  “Whatever brand of coffee this is, “she breathed in deeply, “it’s heaven on earth.”

Nathan laughed at her exuberant expression.  “I can’t believe coffee does it for you.”

“No, you do it for me.”  Emma winked playfully.  “Coffee’s in a whole other world.”

Disregarding the coffee in her hand, Nathan leaned in and kissed her lips, tasting the flavour of the coffee, then teasing her lips apart tasting her.  Emma’s eyes closed at Nathan’s onslaught, her senses quickening.  Taking another big sip, she set her cup aside and then took Nathan’s and did the same.  “What?”  Nathan pretended shock, “No coffee?”

“I have something much better in mind.”  And she continued to show him.  Nathan had no complaints.  He settled more comfortably mindful of her bruises and delicately kissed her into mind blowing oblivion.

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Nathan 49

Nathan had observed Emma’s retreat into the kitchen.  He’d also witnessed the nearly indecipherable look upon her face.  Aaron’s presence had disturbed her.  He needed to know why.  When their conversation was finished, he joined her in the kitchen.

“Thirsty, my love?” He stood behind her, enclosing her body with his arms as he leaned over her both hands on the counter on each side of her.

Emma leaned back into him.  “A little.  I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided a cup of tea was in order.”

“Have you been up long, Nathan, I see you’re dressed.”

“A couple hours or so, not long.  I had some business to discuss that couldn’t wait.”

Emma dropped her eyes to her half-finished cup of tea.  “I noticed that guy, in the park.”

“Yes, Aaron works for me.  Does that upset you?”

“No, and yes.  It’s a reality check, Nathan.  When you said I’d require protection, and it would be provided, I said I was all in, until this moment I don’t think I understood the full implication of what you meant and what was involved.”

“It’s necessary, Emma.”

“I suppose it is.  It takes a little getting used to, living in a fish-bowl.  There are men and women I presume, surrounding us each time we leave the house, am I right?”

“Yes, Emma, they are discreetly surrounding us, but they are there.”

“I see.  I guess I need to be a little more circumspect in my actions then.  I feel as though I’m living in the fishbowl and I’m the main feature.”

“My people aren’t here to observe us, just to protect us.  They are busy with other things, such as scanning and observing anyone close to us.  Their interest isn’t on us.”

Dropping her head she remarked, “I can think of a couple occasions where we must have given them an eye full.”

“You were comfortable and relaxed and you were you, Emma.  That doesn’t and won’t change unless you allow it.  I’m hoping it won’t.  You are a free spirit.  Your emotions, your delightful charm, your freeness of expression, affectionate nature have enchanted and dazzled me.”

“If my men know what’s good for them, they’ll keep their eyes off of you.”  Emma smiled in response, which was a good sign.  “Come to think of it, perhaps I should have them replaced with the women on my staff.”

Emma laughed outright at that.  “Ah, no, that’s ok, I think I’ll manage.”

“You finished with your tea?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Ok, then let’s head back to bed, see if we can catch a couple more hours sleep.  It’s not quite seven.  I don’t have anywhere I’d rather be than by your side, and I believe your calendar is free for the day?”

Emma rose and though she winced, slowly wrapped her arms around his neck, looking up into those amazing eyes.  “You must have read my mind.”  It didn’t stop her from standing on tip-toe to gently and tenderly kiss his lips.  “I could get used to this.”

Nathan secretly hoped she did.

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The first one is extremely obvious… is nothing sacred?  When I first noticed these years ago, I was so offended!  Angered!  You get my drift.  I remember watching a Disney movie with my kids and stopping dead and asking them to get stuff for popcorn “movie watching, comfort food” and replayed the selection, and realized I did see what I thought I saw.  I replayed for my mother, visiting at the time.  She was as stunned and shocked as I.  You think you’re spending quality time with your children, watching innocent fun, and imagine that!  Not so much! I’ve done some research over the years, and it’s even more offensive that most of the ideas for this disgusting crap came from women.  Why that offends me more, I guess, is because I have that ‘old school’ mentality, mother’s are supposed to look out for the emotional well being of their children.  I did. It was essential in my world. Let me know what you think about this subliminal crap. Would enjoy hearing your views.

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Nathan 48

Gently lifting her and placing her across his lap he said, “It’s way more than that. Above and beyond, lovely one.  The sex is passable, but….”

Emma punched him on the arm.  “Hey!”

Nathan laughed at her.  Leaning closely he whispered, “Truthfully, the sex is out of this world beautiful!”

“What I’m talking about, though, is the woman  you are, housed in a sexy body with a sinfully wicked smile and sparkling eyes.  She’s strong, determined, forthright, honest.  When you add in the sexy, alluring, playful beauty, I’m hooked.”

“Then, I guess we both are.”  Emma looked unflinchingly into his eyes and drew closer and closer, watching his eyes dilate and his lips part in anticipation.  She felt her own heartbeat quicken, the anticipation, along with desire that rose so quickly where he was concerned.  “I want more, Nathan, on every level.”

“Tonight, I can’t lead you on or play romantic games, as much fun as they are, because I couldn’t do our love making justice. I want it all, to drift away on the headiness, feel completely sated and give both in return.” Emma was very sincere and honesty threaded through her voice.

“Then we’ll both have to settle for as much as we can have, for the moment, even if it requires a couple of cold showers afterward.”

It seemed like moments, but hours had passed and Emma wasn’t sure what woke her.  Looking for Nathan, she noted he wasn’t there.  Easing up off the bed, she slowly pulled her dressing gown on and headed for the connecting living room.

She spotted Nathan and stopped.  He was deep in conversation with a man she’d seen at the park.  Now she knew he worked for Nathan.  Obviously, he was never alone, there could be a small army of men around him.  It seemed, that included her as well.  When he said he’d protect her, he meant it.  Emma felt disconcerted, even agitated at the thought.  Is this how dignitaries felt?  Like their life wasn’t their own, and they were always on display whether they realized it or not?  The only true ‘alone’ moments they’d had so far were when they were here or at her place.  Feeling more upset than she realized, she headed to the kitchen.  She needed time to wrap her mind around this idea. It was a snug fit at best.  After all, she wasn’t royalty nor was she rich.  She wondered if her life her existance seemed mundane in comparison.

Nathans  work placed him in dangerous situations, that was something else she’d have to think through.  It was going to take a little time to come to terms with all this.   Although it had played peripherally around her mind, it was staring her directly in the face now.  Her first real hard reality check. Was it going to present a problem for her or not?  She honestly wasn’t sure.  She was used to her privacy, coming and going as she liked, without eyes and ears seeing all, hearing all.

Her growing affection for Nathan, and appreciation for who he was warred against the type of lifestyle he was forced to live, whether by design or circumstance.  If she continued in his life, it would all apply to her.  She’d heard the words, understood the words, but it still felt like a slap in the face.  The reality was harsh.

What’s more, she wasn’t sure she could let him go, now.  She knew she was well on her way to falling in love with him.  She was trying to hold back the emotions the feelings that filled her when they were together, but truth was truth.

Although she was quiet, she must have disturbed someone, because suddenly a man appeared, racing into the kitchen from the side door.  “Hello, Miss, what can I get for you?”

“Oh, oh, no, I was just hoping for a cup of tea.  If you’ll show me where the kettle and makings are, I can do it myself.”

“No, mam, that’s my job.”  He smiled proudly.  “I make the best tea this side of the Mississippi.  You’ll see.  Have yourself a seat.  I’ll go see what types we have on hand.  Which would you prefer?  English, European, what?”

“Just good old fashioned tea.  I’m not a gourmet by any means.  I simply enjoy a great cup of tea now and again.”

“Ah, strong, bold flavour, with milk I’d say.”

“How did you know that?”

“I read people, Miss, it’s a game, it’s what I do, and I’m good at it.”

“Be right back, missy.”

“Certainly.”  Emma smiled and shook her head.  ‘Wow that was something she wasn’t used to.’  hmm, well.  Sitting carefully on the bar stool at the counter, she leaned on her elbows.  Ok, that didn’t hurt too much.  Her gaze wandered the kitchen.  It was every bit as beautiful and formidable as she remembered from her tour.  She could cook a variety of food, but this kitchen, it was daunting.

“Here you go miss.  Try this, see what you think.”

Emma sipped carefully, closing her eyes.  “Yes, it’s absolutely perfect!”

“Good.   That’s what your face told me.”

“Thanks …”

“Harold.  I’m Harold.”

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