She sat alone, huddled against a large brick wall staring through the bars.  This was not the paradise she’d been promised. Her heart’s desire was crushed lying among the ashes of promises given, never kept.  One more nail in her coffin.  Her choices always hopeful but more unwise.  Where to go from here when everywhere went nowhere and back again.  How do you get up when there’s no way out. Brick at her back, cement underfoot, metal bars straight ahead. I want another paradise.  The one I had but a copycat of reality.  This place the other side of hell.  What of the paradise she’d been told existed. She dropped her head into her hands. Can anyone hear me out there? Take me to another paradise where joy and happiness await and there is hope of peace and unity. No not the mortal kind, the ethereal kind that lifts you off the ground and floats you safely away into another land. Come find me she beseeched but hurry, please.  My time on this earth is nearly done.

Angie jumped from her bed,shaken, startled, gasping.  Shaken, perspiration covered her skin and fear glowed from within her eyes running deep from within her soul.  Where the hell did that come from?  What was that?  A view of the future, a lyric for a song she should write?

Reaching to snap on the lamp beside her bed, she grabbed a pen and pad she always left beside her bed and frenetically wrote everything she’d seen and felt before it disappeared from her memory.

She lay back down, too freaked to sleep.  Her mind replayed the scene again as she re-read the words.  Nothing made sense, not even fragments taken out of context meant anything to her.  Was that girl really her?  It seemed like her, and yet it didn’t. At first she thought it was because things seemed distorted in the dream world.  That wasn’t it either.  There was something else going on.

Sleep captured her once again, and as she drifted off, she half hoped the dream would replay or more would be added to make sense of all the turmoil she felt surrounding the scene she’d witnessed.  Yes, that was it, she was an outsider looking through the bars at the girl so desolate and lonely wishing for a better place in time.  A different time and sequence was what she’d sought.  Allowing herself to relax back into a dream-like state, flutters of the dream returned more bazaar than the first. Let go, let go of your body, float freely, come to me, come join me quickly please.  She heard the voice’s urgent plea repeat again.

No, her place was in the here and now.  Another time she would travel, but the time wasn’t right, not yet.

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