Nathan’s warmth enveloped her.  She was content to stay where she was.  He danced her around the floor, not once taking his gaze from upon her face.  She smiled shyly up at him wondering what he was thinking.  The moment was too pure to allow business or any other thoughts to intrude.  This was their moment in time, to share, enjoy, embrace.

Nathan was an incredible dancer effortlessly moving her across the floor, guiding her one moment, leading her the next.  She felt surreal as if she were floating across the dance floor, her feet light, their moves nimble almost as if connected on another plain.  Time stood still as they watched each other intently, conveying emotions they had never acted on but so deeply felt.  Emma felt relaxed, happy, concern and worry free.  It was as if nothing harmful could touch her here.  This bubble Nathan extended from within enveloped her completely.  Her mind was clear and her emotions calm and serene.

He didn’t want the moment to end.  Here, together was where they belonged, now and forever.  Nathan was a protector and a giver, it came naturally.  Reading people and their motives second nature to him.  Emma had been innocent and guileless as a child, but as a woman, she embodied honesty and purity.

Nathan had kept apprised of her whereabouts, her schooling, including college and university.  He’d followed her bylines and watched her progress.  Her reporting was right on target, sparing the innocent and hammering the guilty.  She was strong, forthright and determined. He wondered why she’d appeared at this gala when he’d given many before and knew she could have pulled rank and attended had she wished to do so.

Always a realist first and foremost, he felt no foreboding.

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