Base your comment is
Crude and rude I dismiss


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Base your comment is

Crude and rude I dismiss

Your folly well known

Any chance with me you’ve blown

I do not accept crass crude and rude

The words you choose allude

To that from within your sordid mind

The truth of me to you is blind

Get real and do not hide

Behind words so unkind

For in time you will find

You are left far behind

For many seek the higher ground

Preferring themselves to surround

With depth respect and meaningful

Aware perceptive and insightful

No longer if ever, limited

Making all your words invalid




2 thoughts on “Base

  1. Just today a friend said she would never vote for some candidate because of the bad language he used. Another friend said there were more important things. The first friend did not agree. Best political argument ever.

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