Irksome! Me! In triplicate!


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Last night as I sat down at the computer, excited at returning to “Nathan 9”, prepared to write, too many ideas to contemplate flitted through my mind.  Oooh this was so delightful, and my fingers flew over the computer keys as the story flowed.  As a writer, you know how delightful that can be, how welcome. You don’t have to ponder, wonder, compose, think about what is happening, it just “happens”.  It’s unsolicited and completely clear.

The pages were filling up, and it probably would have been the longest post on Nathan yet.  I was ecstatic beyond measure.  I got up, made a cup of tea and returned to the keyboard.  I prepared to hit enter to send when I had a brilliant add-on I thought would be perfect.  As I hit shift to capitalize the first sentence of the new paragraph, I heard a resounding “pink” and my copy was gone, obliterated, deceased.  At first, I was startled, and annoyed.  No matter, WordPress back everything up, about every two to three minutes so I’ll hit back and draft and return to my work.

Not a chance.  It was completely gone.  There was no backup, there was no draft! I even closed the program and restarted it, fully confident my work was there. I went through the process and re-opened the page found the draft (sigh of relief) the page was blank.  Absolutely completely blank except for the title.  There staring at me in bold letters was (Nathan 9) but the page was empty except for a “y” which was the ending of a word in the last sentence typed.

It was irksome, more than irksome.  I was so irked I closed the entire program, because to my mind every word was perfect and I was pleased.  Doing these “off the cuff” pieces leave me feeling more than a little uncertain, as I don’t edit or change or re-arrange what I’ve said, it’s completely off the top of my head.  I’ve been enjoying writing the pieces, but also challenging myself to come up with interesting prose.  Feeling very frustrated I watched a movie before returning to try again.

Although I managed to finish the piece, it was irksome to find it wasn’t nearly as good as the original piece I’d written.

Irksome!  Me!  In triplicate!

28 thoughts on “Irksome

    1. OH YES! You have no idea! I’m still irked! It was sooooo resoundingly good. And that’s something coming from me, because I am my own worst critic. I expect perfection not from others, but from me, I most certainly do. Sigh!

  1. Edit button that becomes delete … been there so I feel your frustration. I even ended sending multiple sos to WordPress help ( it doesn’t work ) . On the other hand ,you perfectly captured the irksome nature of rewriting (and believing it to be a less than perfect post ).

    1. Thank you. It’s a comfort knowing that someone else understands the frustration irksome and angst that can come from losing an important piece of prose. WordPress says they only have one techy on and they are behind in getting to problems and questions. erm ugh!

  2. Oh that happened to me a few times so now I write on word then copy and paste when I’ve done, the post I wrote called words never meant to be read was after losing what I had written three times grrr x

    1. Oddly enough, that was the thought I had and mentioned to my son, moments before starting. I should have listened to my “gut instinct” because it was correct. lol argh!

    1. it was irksome to begin with, but it got pretty heated around here after I found out I couldnt get my story back. I rarely get angry, it s a wasted emotion. I was exceedinly annoyed though.

        1. it literally dropped the bottom out of my world. I lost 5 books I’ve written due to being virused and someone literally killing my computer. It had the same feel, not as bad because I THOUGHT it was recoverable. It’s taken me 2 1/2 years to begin writing again.

          1. At the time, because I’d been backing up my work on a stick, it became virused, so I lost everything. Now that made me angry because it was a deliberate act against me personally. Our isp at the time were idiots and refused to take the people to court cause they really didn’t care. I dont have money for lawyers so I couldnt do anything about it either and the police SAY they do, but they don’t care either so joe public gets caught in the middle of it all. It’s a big thing for teenyboppers in Canada particularly.

          2. Yes indeed. Well “Nathan” doesn’t seem to be exciting ppl as much now, so probably time to drop him. Views have been huge lately, with more more more please!!!!!!!!! but not so much today which is surprising but well, it happens.

    1. It was and I’m sorry you endured a similar incident. 5 years ago I had written 5 novels and was attacked and my computer destroyed literally fried. It’s taken me until now to try and gain back what I lost, unfortunately I’m not sure it’s as good as I had previously written. So this was minor in comparison, none the less irksome for all that.

        1. It was completely disheartening. I can’t put into words the depths of the despair I felt. It was six months later my son and daughter remembered I’d sent and saved pieces I’d worked on. It wasn’t much but after a great seal of time passed and I east feeling as bruised I began again. I have one book published through ebook so it feels like a vindication of sorts. The others are a work in progress
          Essex,. It’s why I love it here, this community is heartfelt heartwarming and up building. I couldn’t have found a more endearing group to hang with.

    1. I took a look there,she no way to get back what’s lost, however it’s been happening to many as I found on the help page thingy whatever it’s called, lol

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