When they entered the dining room, Emma was immediately charmed by the presentation.  Silver gleamed, pastel plates glowed under candlelight and two vases massive but unmatched vases overflowed with freshly cut flowers gracing a side table.  She couldn’t resist but walked to them and delicately touching the flowers breathed in their aroma.  A gentle sigh escaped her. Turning, she noted smaller crystal glass vases lined the center of the beautiful rich table with a variety of flowers vibrant in colour, arranged for pleasure but that would not impede the view of your dinner companions.  Nathan’s artistic eye at work again no doubt. She smiled appreciatively.

“Nathan!” His name an audible whisper of pleasure had him drawing closer still watching her every expression.  It was the sexiest sound he’d ever heard.  He wondered what other sounds she made when pleasured. He was completely fascinated by Emma.  The more he was around her, the more he wanted her around him.

Instead of seating her opposite him, he sat at the head of the table with her on his right, intimately closer.  “I had the chef prepare a variety of foods as I’d unthinkingly forgotten to ask if there were any foods you hated or preferred and whether or not you had allergies.  I know some who do and I’m always careful about such things.”

“No, no, I have no allergies.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever you have prepared.”

Within seconds, staff appeared pouring white wine into crystal goblets followed immediately with the first course placing two silver covered plates before each of them.  Lifting the lid, Emma was ecstatic over stuffed mushrooms and escargot.  “Oh my god, how did you know?”


“My favourite appy’s, both.  Smells heavenly.” Emma didn’t stand on ceremony but immediately skewered an appy, popping the entire thing into her mouth.  Her eyes closed in abject delight as she bit into the succulent meat of the mushroom.  When she could speak, she opened her eyes and glowingly stated, “Heaven!  Pure Heaven!”

Nathan smiled, appreciating her.  Too often women pretended they weren’t interested and nibbled at food wasting it, not appreciating a fine wine or the flavours within.  Not so, Emma.  Her pleasure was immediately apparent.  When she tasted the white wine, she sipped, then tasted.  “Beautiful.  Light, not too fruity, not too tart, with no lingering aftertaste. Yum.”

Nathan’s smile warmed, he couldn’t resist reaching out take her hand.  “It’s one of my favourites and lends itself to several meals.”

For some unknown reason, Emma suddenly felt self-conscious.  Perhaps she’d done the wrong thing, but dang it, she loved food and she wasn’t about to pretend otherwise.  When Nathan popped the entire escargot into his mouth chomping enthusiastically, smiling that knowing smile, those eyes twinkling pleasure, she laughed outright. Nathan was a completely new entity in her world.  Sexy, witty, talented, but warm, appreciative, and damn exciting.

Conversation flowed as topics quickly changed throughout the meal.  A rapport was immediately discernible by each.  They quizzed, cajoled, teased and flirted.  It came as naturally as breathing.  Instead of returning to the room they’d entered earlier, Nathan took her to another room off the dining room, larger than the first, but in which a beautiful fire was glowing, it’s warm inviting.

“I suppose we should get back to business,” Emma suggested.

Nathan had to side- track her.  She was getting too close.  He wondered who had pulled the Editor’s strings and suggested the interview and more importantly, why.

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