Please help me with my second thoughts,
For amid much confusion and the dross,

Second Thoughts

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Please help me with my second thoughts

For amid much confusion and the dross

I seek an honest answer to clear my foggy head

Of views and notions and preconceived ideas had

That have led me to an unhappy conclusion

You are smoke and mirrors and therefore an illusion

Headlines depict you as a player through and through

If this be so, and you’re not real,  I must bid you adieu

For down that road a hundred miles, I already walked

We must be clear and think it through thus we have talked

Hour upon hour discussion upon discussion

This time there will be no repercussion

No second guessing, but clear and so concise

Your honesty and integrity will simply suffice

In winning me over to think along those lines

I now cast my vote in your direction for all time.






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