November Notes  Cupid Carries a Gun Marilyn Manson

Ok, I have to admit up front this is going to be a challenge.  I hate Marilyn Manson.  His work is dark and I find it depressing.  So, here goes.

Cupid was present. I could feel it.  The swish of air, the wisp of subtle movement.  Why couldn’t others feel the presence?

I plugged headphones in and people assumed I was listening to something or other. I constantly moved as if dancing and swaying to a favourite piece of music. I zigged and zagged moving with skill.  I sensed Cupid’s presence was gone.  For now.

Everyone figured Cupid was a delightful little sprite like fairy, with a cute harp and bow and arrow and that its sting would not hurt.  They were wrong and it did.  For it was a gun Cupid carried, and its bullet penetrated quickly, entering deep into your heart leaving a gaping hole that none could fill.

How did I know this?  I’d been on the other side.

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