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Nathan 20

“I’d take appropriate action, needless to say, unpleasant as it may be.”

Reaching across the table, Nathan’s warmth reached out to her, even before his hand clasped hers and he gently stroked her wrist.  He watched the startled look that emanated from her eyes as she twitched at his touch.  He liked that twitch, knowing she wasn’t immune to his charm after all.  “What is your favourite book, Emma?”

This was certainly ‘out of left field’.  “I have many.  I read an assortment on a variety of topics.  Let’s see, past would have to include Ernest Hemingway, because he had such a distinct style and influenced writing in many genres, Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in particular, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Agatha Christie I do love a good mystery!”

“What about music? Modern, Jazz, groups, bands?”

“I love music!  As long as it’s exceptional and speaks to me, I enjoy listening to a large cross-section crossing every genre.  Some because it soothes, others because of the emotional highs and lows induced. Why do you ask?”

“I want to know everything about you.  You are very intriguing, forthright, honest and sincere.  Completely down to earth and caring.  You take nothing for granted and appreciate so much.  I want to know more about where you come from, what’s influenced you.”

“We are here to interview you, Nathan, not me.”  She couldn’t help but smile pulling her hand back and resting it on her lap.”

“There’s nothing noteworthy about me.  You on the other hand, have considerable depth and I believe there is much below the surface, although the surface is pretty spectacular.  That smile of yours is devastating.”

“My smile?  I was born with it.”

“It’s not a smile, it’s a moment in time. You spread a glow of rich sexy enticement.”

He couldn’t have said anything to throw her more off-stride.  She sat dumbly staring at him.  Oh my god, I’m such a dweeb, which inevitably produced the smile he’d spoken of.  Reaching across the table he caressed her lips with his thumb, “Beautiful, soft, enticing.” She reached up and grasped his wrist.  “Nathan, is this an attempt at diverting me?”

“Possibly, probably, but I’ve wanted to touch your mouth from the moment I held you on the dance floor.  I find it and you, irresistible.”

“Well, it’s working.  You’ve completely diverted me.”

“Good, enjoy your lunch, it’s delicious.  We can talk afterward.”

Emma indeed was preoccupied with how she could get the conversation back on track, and for the moment, could care less.  His touch was alluring and seductive and she wanted more.  Those hands wrapped around her waist, caressing her hair, touching her body in all the right places.  She found she’d lost her appetite as well and nibbled at her food even though it was as wonderful as it looked.

Noting her disinterest, he asked, “Care to take a walk?”

Emma pushed her food away and agreed.  Indeed, fresh air and plenty of it.  That should get her back on track, give her some distance, so she could continue her train of thought and this odd interview. Her boss certainly wouldn’t be pleased by her lack of direction.  He expected results.  By god, she’d deliver.  She was as interested on a personal scale as a professional one, and she was trying to tamp down the personal.  His vocalizing his interest wasn’t helping.

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