To obtain the job that was a dream come true
To make it through and nothing went askew


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This was a special meeting, one I was looking forward to

If everything went as planned, and I could breeze on through

To obtain the job that was an absolute dream come true

If only I could make it through and nothing went askew

So before the mirror I stood, changing this and that

Hoping to strike just the right note with my witty chat

Alas as I hurried along the path and to my waiting car

It was splattered with dirt and leaves that stuck

Taking extra time to clear debris and all the muck

Minutes were ticking by I was now surely late

My composure flew the coup myself I did berate

Why didn’t my alarm clock ring, the silence punctuate

Not on this morn, no sound from it was heard

Could the situation become much more absurd

Pulling to the curb I did not see the sign

No parking in this slot from four until nine

I rushed inside the building, stopped before a mirror

To check, pat, primp and prime, I felt so sickly queer

Take a moment to compose, be calm relaxed and then

It was time to meet the rest who were waiting there within

I hustled to the doors and pushed them open with a flourish

Heading on inside like a whirling dervish

I stopped dead when before my eyes I saw

An empty room and realized my faux pas

This was entirely the wrong day of the week

From my lips a sound something like a squeak

O M G, I thought as I fell upon the floor

I wanted to yell and scream and swear

My mistake I did declare, my alarm clock did not ring

Because it was Saturday and I should be sleeping in








6 thoughts on “Primp

        1. It seems others feel the same. Funnily enough, I get the most reaction to the prose that I’m most unsure about, that makes ME smile and I think “who knew!” haha

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Wed Nov 9 , 2016
Brilliantly written!

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