talking to air
another life

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The loneliness is overwhelming

The losses are too compelling

I tried to talk, you wouldn’t answer

Your constant silence was like cancer

I asked questions but hit a brick wall

You tuned me out, you’d gone awol

I tried to enlist you, it was like talking to air

I can no longer live this nightmare

You curl on the edge of the bed

As if even my touch you dread

No greater loneliness can there be

I might as well be adrift on the Aegean Sea

After all is said and done

You are just another someone

I used to know in another life

When we were together and I was your wife

9 thoughts on “Air by Rayvon November Notes

    1. Oh, thank you. It’s what came out with the music. I must admit to enjoying the challenge of letting thoughts flow according to what you hear. I love music, many genres,but that was new to me so hehe

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