Nathan woke early with great anticipation.  D-day was upon him.  Emma must choose. He had no doubt she’d choose him.  Although there was a smidge of doubt, it was overcome when he remembered the look in her eyes after he’d kissed her.  She wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

He wouldn’t dwell on the situation until she called.  There was other business to take care of.  Within reason, she would have full access.  Because of the nature of his business, there were rooms and information that was off limits, for now.  Instead, he must decide the correct method of approach in laying out what was ahead of her.

Emma’s day was done.  After finishing up a couple of assignments, she headed out the office door, scurrying past her bosses office hoping to make good her escape before any questions were asked.

Emma drove to a nearby restaurant since cooking dinner held little appeal.  When it arrived, the moment she smelled its delicious aroma, her stomach reminded her just how hungry she was.  Savouring every bite, along with a glass of wine, she settled back and enjoyed.  The chicken marsala was as heavenly as it smelled and the wine had a gentle aftertaste that teased the palate.

Upon returning home, she changed into jeans and a tee and folded her legs under her.  Picking up the phone, she dialled Nathan.  It rang but once before it was answered.  “Hello, Emma. Did you enjoy dinner?”

“Yes I had a great dinner, how about you?”


“Have you come to a decision then?”

“Yes, I have.  I think we can proceed, with caution.”

“Good.  I was hoping you’d come spend the evening with me.”

“I’d enjoy that, very much.”

“I’ll have Jim pick you up in 20 minutes.”

“I’ll be ready.”

Hanging up she thought, ‘and so it begins’.

Changing into a comfortable pair of leggings and a tunic top with long sleeves along with flats and matching purse, she grabbed an extra jacket and was waiting outside by the time Jim arrived.  He hustled to the passenger door and with a flourish doffed his hat and offered an arm to assist her inside.  “Thank you, Jim.”  He smiled, half expecting a repeat or something similar.  Yep, she was going to liven things up immensely he decided, she’d have everyone on their toes.

Her arrival at Nathan’s was no less breathtaking or surprising this evening.  The gardens were profusely and effectively lit with what she could only describe as ‘afterglow’.  Subtle lighting cascaded upward or from different areas of the garden, and the effect was magical.

Nathan watched as she silently stood her gaze wandering over the gardens.  Her unguarded expressions full of pleasure and she was as charmed as he’d expected.  Silently watching, he sauntered toward her as before.  He caught her by surprise.  “You enjoy my garden as much as I it seems.”

“Spectacular.  I have no words.  I simply want to stand and drink them in for eternity.”

A few moments passed before Nathan wrapped an arm around her and invited, “Come, I have something to show you.  It should delight you at least half as much I’m sure.”

They ambled along the same path as previously taken until they reached the library which was suffused in gentle ambient lighting.  Drawing her to the open window, he flicked a switch immediately bathing the outside with rich colourful lights.  She hadn’t noticed this garden before and he was right.  It was equally stunning and took her breath away.  “Ecstasy, pure ecstasy.”

Nathan stood by watching her with intense joy.  He waited a few moments before heading to the sideboard and filling two glasses with wine, returned to her side offered her a glass.  Emma accepted the glass but continued eagerly absorbing the beautiful display containing a huge goldfish pond along with a miniature waterfall that continually fed the pond. The underlighting rotated through a variety of changing colour that infused the falling water and surrounding area with gentle colour.

“Shall we sit?”

They walked back to the sofa and Nathan quickly wrapped an arm around her.  Content to sit and enjoy along with her.  Although he’d witnessed this scene a thousand times, it was no less pleasureable in this  moment, especially with Emma at his side.

Emma relaxed into him and rested her head back against his shoulder, their bodies touching, intense heat immediately enveloping her, the setting romantic amid such beautiful lighting with a roaring fireplace and a view that drew the eye outward.  Still with all this breathing gently across and through her senses, she was acutely aware of Nathan.  His cologn, his body heat, his light caressing touch.

Emma turned to face Nathan her lips opening, moving closer inviting a response which was immediate, swiftly becoming passionate and filled with yearning.  She couldn’t get enough. His eager abandon became hers as they pushed each other forward hungrily.

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