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What a powerful but divisive word,

No middle ground be had with or.

As if on opposite sides of a river,

Ne’re the two shall meet no never.

Your far left and I’m far right,

As different as black and white.

You always know the score,

With that little word ‘or’.

Perhaps it offers choice,

And therefore gives voice.

Coffee or tea or something else,

That’s what I prefer I confess.

Or can list a slew of options,

With many types of selections.

I reach out to you and you to me,

And we decide we will all agree.

To communicate on common ground,

Therefore never leave an open wound.

Choices, options they do abound,

We can’t let “or” shut our family down.

Stand your ground, for what is right,

Together united, united we shall fight.

To remain together and forever strong,

This shall forever more be our victory song.








6 thoughts on “Or

  1. very good, nice, you describe the essence of the word which is not easy to describe, I found today’s prompt very difficult actually

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