As Emma approached her car, she spotted Nathan leaning against it.  He’d surprised her, she hadn’t expected this.  Her instant broad, and to his mind, warmth and welcome abundantly clear, conveyed in both her eyes which twinkled brightly and her smile as bright as the sun doubled his pleasure.  Without hesitating he walked up, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her tight, kissed her senseless.  He wasn’t prepared for the depth and heat of that kiss, the passion that emanated from both of them was hot enough to melt lava.  As Emma leaned out of the kiss, her mind reeling, she heard him as if through a momentary fog, “That was a welcome worth waiting for.”

“You’re telling me!”

Emma thoughtlessly caressed his chest, “Before I forget, I want to say thank you for a most thoughtful and beautiful gift.  I’ll treasure it always!  It the most exquisite piece of artwork, I’m literally speechless.  I thought what I’d observed at your home was beautiful, but this piece most certainly surpassed the others.”

“Thank you, Emma. I’m very pleased you like it. Perhaps it speaks to you because I had you completely in mind when I painted it. ”

“Like?  Like?  Seriously?  Not in the same stratosphere! Not even close.”

His eyes lit up with that all-encompassing warmth that so blew her mind, especially since it was direct intently at her.  “You have the most amazing effect on my senses, Nathan.  I’m surprised we don’t combust!”

Nathan smirked.  “Glad it’s not only me.  I’d hate that.”  Emma laughed outright.

“So, what’s happening?  Your arrival must indicate something…..” she let the sentence hang.

“A picnic, in the park.”

“Really?  I’ve never done that.  How exciting.”

“Lunch is packed so we can go straight to a secluded section I think you’ll enjoy.”

Wrapping her arm around his waist and pulling him closer she said, “Do tell me more.”

“I’d rather show you.  A picture is worth a thousand words as they say.”

“Or maybe just two or three.”  At his questioning glance she continued, “That’s how your pictures strike me, either completely speechless or perhaps an OMG, three words!”

Nathan pulled her close hugging her tightly, “You’re such a breath of fresh air!  I adore you.”


“There’s no artifice about you.  You are who you are.”

“I’m just me, Nathan, nothing more, nothing less.”

“I see that. I adore that.”

They arrived at the sight he had in mind and she understood immediately what he meant.  “Nathan!  This is . . .”

“Beautiful, I know.  It’s even more spectacular at night.”

Jim accompanied them to the garden, and helped spread out a blanket and as Nathan assisted her, returned to the car and brought a massive picnic basket with him.  Looking at Emma he said, “Enjoy,” before returning to the vehicle to drive away.

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