Once upon a time we were good together,
We were in love and lived without pressure

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Brave Enough is about regret and fear and lack of courage.

Once upon a time we were good together

We were in love and lived without pressure

Every day I viewed as a delightful treasure

Our love trust and romance new no measure

Suddenly it was disappearing like smoke on the water

Bittersweet as your touch I shall always remember

We enjoyed such depths, passion and great joy

All of these were ours to have hold and enjoy

If only we had the courage to be brave

Speak the truth and therefore pave

The way for those precious moments to enfold

Together our love as rich as precious gold

And continue on this lifelong journey unending

Along the way we had become condescending

If only we had been brave enough to stare our fears in the face

All the concerns, fears, worries, and doubts to embrace

Perhaps our love to this day would still live

If only we could have been brave enough to give

Full measure of honesty pure and sweet

Our hearts would still be complete







4 thoughts on “Brave Enough Lindsey Stirling & Christina Perri

  1. To speak the truth, regardless of the pain,
    To trust shared love would always remain,
    These thoughts were not what we embraced,
    Now all is lost, a deep love too soon erased.

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