Although ancient, not quite yet
A cell phone I simply did not get

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Although ancient not quite yet

A cell phone I simply did not get

The woman thrust it in my hand

And yelled with voice quite grand

Call an ambulance please be quick

Oh my hands they were quite slick

My earnest desire to help was great

And suddenly myself I did berate

As I stood and stared in disbelief

The woman was choking on roast beef

I had no idea how to turn the thing on

Quickly I yelled, but which one

I pushed first one and then another

My heart beat wildly and did thunder

Another walked up to me and said

It’s ok, I’ve called instead

Into my chair, I suddenly slumped

For I was well and truly stumped

These new fangled gadgets me befuddle

Leaving me in such a muddle

You see, a cell phone I’ve never owned

I shook my head as I groaned

The woman would be fine I was told

My relief was at least sixfold

I guess it’s time to buy a cell phone

It seemed another gadget I must now own.









11 thoughts on “Cell Phone

    1. Thanks. I mentioned to another I have no idea how to turn a cell phone on, never used one even, oh you have to write something about this, so that’s my “story telling endeavour” hehe

    1. I’ve never owned a cell in my life and I have no idea how to turn one on, let alone dial! it, what??? how??? anyway, I mentioned it to april Sutton, she said, there’s gotta be a story in there SOMEWHERE. Sure enough! there was, haha

  1. There is no question a handy pocket phone can help in an emergency. A basic cell phone should give you that, but consider a camera, and blogging and reading blogs on the go.

    1. I’m pretty much housebound these days. I can take my tablet if I so desire I suppose, not sold on cell phones tbh, too many glue their faces to them and don’t talk to each other even during dinner. It frustrates me no end. When it’s the grands and me alone with my son, phones seem to disappear. We laugh joke tease and enjoy finger food night which might drive you insane, lol.

        1. I enjoy a good strong cup of tea at night, quite often, and sometimes during the day, but mostly, I enjoy my coffee! I was married to a Canadian Englishman. His parents were tea fanatics and it had to be made just right! So I know how to make good tea.

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