Many good ideas come to those who wait,
Since most take time to percolate,



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Many good ideas come to those who wait

Since most take time to percolate

Let them flitter through your mind

Like coffee that you grind

Starts out slowly and as it brews

Soon becomes a darker hue

The aroma such a build up

As you pour it in your cup

A smile of pleasure upon your lips

Instantly your mind fills with flirty quips

Pages roll and chapters fill

Oh what a delicious thrill

Suddenly a poet and a writer

Or perhaps a screenwriter

Ah yes, let the ideas percolate

Not much longer shall you wait

Full bodied deliciousness

Both provide luscious stimulants

Buoy you up throughout the day

Ah yes, it’s time, enjoy the play





11 thoughts on “Percolate

  1. All I can think of is coffee and that sound they used in the old TV commercials for Maxwell House with the percolator in the background. It triggers a whole heap of memories!

    1. lol, awesome! I am a coffee nut! There is always a pot on the go. Some claim they can’t drink it after dinner, but I can drink a cup, crawl into bed and go directly to sleep. It never keeps me up, other things, but not coffee lol

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