After Emma’s plane landed, she headed straight to work.  Feeling happy and relaxed after a special holiday with her family, she was also looking forward to getting back to work.

Heading to her boss’s office, as he held up a finger denoting he’d be a minute, she leaned against the door jam.  She smiled at his friendly face that simply oozed honesty and begged you to tell all with his slightly balding head and black heavy rectangular glasses so fashionable these days.  Hanging up the phone he immediately asked, “So, the holiday was good?”

“Absolutely!  The best!  And you?”

“Same ole same ole!  It was good though.  The kids managed to make it this year. We’ll go there for Christmas this year.”

“Sounds wonderful.   I’m really glad you had a good time, Harold.  You work hard.”

Knowing Harold wasn’t a ‘talker’, she asked, “So have you got anything new for me?”

“Yep, as a matter of fact!  The old George Benson Waterfront streetcars will run again.”


“Yep, not in our fair town though.  Do a quick blip about it will you?”

“Surely.”  Smiling Emma walked away.

Sitting down at her desk, dropping her oversized bag on the floor beside her, she picked up photos of the old Streetcars wrote a few notes then hustled out to interview city hall and get the particulars.

Emma wrote, ‘ A piece of western history is moving.  A piece of nostalgia for those lucky enough to remember will share new memories in another location.

The George Benson Waterfront Streetcars which haven’t moved in Seattle since 2005, will run again, but the clang clang clang will be heard, in St. Louis, Mo., on a 2.2-mile route called the “loop area” along Delmar Boulevard.

George Benson secured five streetcars back in the 1920’s from Australia. The interiors of the vintage cars featured Tasmanian mahogany, white ash and brass hardware.

So, our memories shall live on as we wish St. Louis the great joy we once shared as the vintage style of yesterday, rolls down the tracks to liven up and add nostalgia into a modern world, integrating the modern with the old.’

Emma dropped the article on her bosses desk and he picked it up and quickly perused the contents.  “Good.  This is just what I was thinking.”  Dropping the papers he asked, “So how is the other article coming?”

“‘All things Nathan’ is moving along.  I’m involved in a lot of fact-checking and I’m taking it slow, Harold.  I really want to do the article justice, without sensationalizing the situation.”

“Great, keep on then.  If  you run into difficulties, let me know.”

“Certainly will, Harold.”

Emma was meeting Nathan for dinner.  Her nerves tingled with barely concealed excitement.  Her need to be with Nathan surprised her.  She hadn’t ever felt this giddy or excited about any other man she’d been close to.

There was an emotional connection that she wasn’t prepared for.  Maybe she should have been considering their involvement, such as it was as teenagers, but she tempered those emotions with the newly built ones claiming her now.

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