You are a Memory by Message to Bears November Songs


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I am somber and bereft

There is nothing of you left

But sadness, now a memory

As my heart full of sorrow be


7 thoughts on “You are a Memory by Message to Bears November Songs

    1. That is the most horrific “sound” I can’t even call it music so that was my response. someone else said, that’s music to commit suicide to. lol. Definitely NOT my cup of tea.

        1. A great deal better today, it comes and goes. How is your throat? I hope it’s fantabulously better. And I enjoy laughter, it’s the best medicine! hmm think i read that somewhere. hehe

          1. It’s possible. I can’t sleep in a room overheated, my eyes and throat get sore. I’m so excited about your move! the apt looks spectacular! I’d love to live there omg

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