I thought our future strong
That you were the only one

Adele is one of my all-time favourite artists.

This is, alas, the end of November Songs.  I wish to thank you all for offering up a selection of thought-provoking music, in which to take part.  It has been a delightful pleasure indeed.  I also thank each of you, dear readers, for following along.  Interpretation pertaining to each song by each writer has been individual and so interesting to follow.

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I thought our future strong

That you were the only one

Until you belittled and put me down

Or you sliced me up without a sound

I’m not what you would make of me

I never was, I never could be

For I don’t want to keep up with all

The ups and downs that you so enthrall

Affection, love, devotion, strong

Are what we needed to build on

Not the wall to shut me out

Leaving me filled with such doubt

Always keeping me at arm’s length

Until finally I admit defeat with strength

I held on hoping you would see

What you were doing to me

I shall go on, alone for a time if I must

Perhaps then find someone else to entrust

All that I have to give and share

Enjoying a life beyond compare




4 thoughts on “Turning Tables – Adele November Songs

  1. Shanny love the progression with David so far.. growing at his own pace. remembering the Hero? duet he had with Cook and how shy perhaps he was about going for it. Ilike seeing David come into his owinlertan.cy went for it when I saw him at Christmas tour too.

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