Your voice resonates like an echo
It is so rich, clear and mellow



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Your voice resonates like an echo

It is so rich, clear, and mellow

A wonderous gift to all

Spring, Winter, Summer, or Fall

Melodic its interpretation

And fills me with elation

As you narrate a haunting song

I could listen all day long

You fill me up with joy so pure

You taunt me, seductively to ensure

A listening ear for all time

The highest mountain I would climb

Repeat, repeat, repeat

So lovely, oh so sweet

No other sound

Ever as profound

As the golden glory of your voice

You honour us and I rejoice






8 thoughts on “Echo

    1. Oh thank you, I wasn’t sure where to go, my mind is in a fog, I have just risen from a nap, I didn’t sleep so up 23 hours.i got 20 minstrel, so not on the ball.lolappreciate your thoughts cause well…

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