winter scenes
fluffy snow

It’s been many years since a snowfall I’ve seen

For I was living in a rainforest, no snowy scene

Winter brings snowy delight glitter and shine

The children love it their smiles sublime

A gentle quiet presence with it comes

A winter wonderland outside becomes

A fairyland of fun and games

Imagination it now claims

Snow angels, snowmen and women too

Activities include skies and snowshoes

Winter coats mittens and hats

While Porsche my little black cat

Looks on in shock and wonders what is that

I had to add a few I took

So you too can have a look



14 thoughts on “First Snowfall

    1. Thanks Elaine. I couldn’t capture what I wanted since I can only point and shoot, so there wasn’t a proper set up to any of the pics but we have snow! 30 years without so it was special and I had to write about it. lol

        1. Porsche has seen snow before from 2nd floor balcony, and experienced flakes tapping his nose, but he’s never walked in it so he’s become an old hand, racing around now. Gone for hours and it’s 6 inches so up to his belly, lol and he’s black of course, so really stands out. We’ve been standing watch as there is a racoon out there 3 x porsches size and he’s not a small cat!

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