“Every moment with you is a revelation, Emma, one I enjoy immensely.”

“I doubt I’m anything unique, Nathan, I’m just me, being me.  For the most part, I had an enjoyable upbringing.  It wasn’t lavish by any means, but it was special with plenty of memorable moments.”

“It shows, in everything you do, Emma.”

“Thanks.  I think I like that.”

“You should!  You have filled a part of my life with particularly special moments I enjoy and often look forward to repeating.”  Carrying her fingers to his lips, he tasted her.

“Is that an invite?”

“Indeed it is.”

They retired to the bedroom where more earthly delights took over and they spent a great deal of time feasting on and enjoying each other in pleasurable and enjoyable ways.

When night settled around them, they were cuddled together enjoying the continuity of warmth in an affectionate embrace.  When Emma’s eyelids finally became heavy and she drifted off, her last thought was that this was what living the good life was all about.  Sharing special moments with that special someone.

They languidly sat propped up in bed with coffee and cinnamon buns looking through articles in the local paper as well as cultural events.

As soon as they were finished, Nathan suggested they dress up and attend the opening of the Festival of Trees.  Emma was excited at the prospect since she’d always worked through the event and missed it every year.

Wandering by the many entries in the event, they lightheartedly bickered about which was the best tree and in the end, decided that although they were indeed beautiful, they both enjoyed Nathan’s tree most.

“That is a wonderful event and I’m really happy we got to enjoy them.”

“I usually give the event a miss.  I have to say, it was great fun with you.”

As they headed back to Nathan’s Porsche, Emma broached the subject she was most concerned about.  “Have you given any thought to accompanying me home for Christmas?”

“I’ve already cleared my calendar and I’d be delighted to share the holidays with you.”

Emma stopped, wrapped herself around him by way of thanks. “I’m very happy, Nathan.  I’d really like you to meet my zany family.  I will warn you to prepare yourself, because literally, almost anything goes.”

“I’m sure I can handle it.”  Nathan smiled broadly.

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