I’ve never been a fishing fan
Baiting a hook not in the plan


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I’ve never been a fishing fan

Baiting a hook not in the plan

Watching as that little worm squirmed

More than I could take and confirmed

A fisherwoman I could not be

As I cried for that worm endlessly

You don’t have to bait the hook I was told

Just come sit with me, coffee and rod hold

You’ll find it relaxing and calming too

I found for me that was abjectly not true

Please never ask me with you to go fishing

Within moments you’ll be sincerely wishing

That you were somewhere else indeed

Please go enjoy accompanied

With all the bait rods and fishing hats

To make your little heart pitter pat

I’ll never be a fishing fan

It’s never been in the plan







9 thoughts on “Fishing

  1. I just started fishing; many times I want to quite but I can’t until I’ve caught one fish. then I’ll say goodbye to a fishing rod for the rest of my life

    1. Both, a ditto for me, I couldn’t do it, but I’d cook and eat if I could. My daughter is deadly allergic to fish and shellfish so I haven’t eaten fish in 21 years. I miss it.

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