Within the next few hours, they managed to get everyone settled after making copious lists of what each needed to grab from home, including presents.  Jenna, Emma, and Angeline headed out accompanied by Nathan and Jim, keys in hand to round up the goods from everyone’s home.

During the trip, Nathan regaled them with amusing anecdotes regarding various trips to Paris, Milan, Rome, and some of the hilarious interactions with would-be buyers of his paintings.  The people that amused Nathan most, were the high-class types among others of the nouveau rich who had no clue about art or what it took to achieve it who pandered to whatever the media currently stood behind.  Admittedly some of the art they compared his work to was brilliant, others not in the same category, let alone league and was like comparing apples to oranges.

As they made their way from one location to the next, some enjoyed coffee, others pop and some partook of a glass of wine.  All in all, the round trip, although took hours to accomplish had been concluded in style, with grace and a great deal of fun.

Nathan was delighted with Emma’s family.  He understood where she got her sense of humour, her compassion and her love of family.  It was strong in each and every family member.

It was nearly dinner time before they’d returned.  Nathan had told Sarah not to worry about dinner, that it was being prepared and delivered since they weren’t sure when they’d be finished.

As they rolled in, catering trucks were unloading.  When they entered the house and everyone grabbed something to deliver to the bedrooms, the feast was laid out on the dining table.  Since Nathan had no idea who preferred what, he’d divided the meal into roast beef, a large goose, plenty of salads and vegetables, bread and desserts.  He asked Emma’s father if he could break out some wine.  Emma’s dad was in complete agreement and before long they were laughing and teasing around a well-appointed dinner table.

Emma’s father watched Nathan carefully.  He said and did all the right things, and obviously had money to back up his every whim.  It was equally obvious that he cared for Emma and she cared for him.  There was time later to get into ‘all that was Nathan’.  He knew some of his family history, although he didn’t travel in the same circles as Nathan’s parents, he’d met them, knew of them and heard about their tragic deaths.  He’d also heard about Nathan’s wild ride toward hell and about his uncle scooping him up.  It appears to have been a good thing.

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